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Release Date For Predator CE

It comes as no surprise really but Fox have delayed the release of the Predator: Collector’s Edition DVD set until August 10th – obviously to make the most of the Alien vs Predator movie. DVDAnswers reports:

“Fox have officially announced the region one release of Predator: Collector’s Edition which is being released to coincide with the upcoming Alien vs Predator movie. The disc will be available in seperate anamorphic widescreen and fullscreen editions from the new date of the 10th August. Each of these should set you back around $26.98 a pop. The disc itself seems pretty much identical to the region two special edition, with the exception of promotional material for Alien vs Predator.”

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  1. AJ
      ;)   not so sure bout this...ive got the SE 2 dvd of predator. this is exactly the same. How eva much i love predator movies...its a con.  and also..when are they gonna make a friggin Predator 2: region 2 dvd!!!! i need it!!! (vhs sucks!)
  2. roger that
    i have predator special edition 2xDVD and there nothing different between old SE and upcoming CE.   damn, i call this a bloody fare collection
  3. flonge
    Always nice to see an Arnie movie! I'll probably buy this one. It's as good as it gets. Action/Thriller/Sci-fi/Horror movies are the BEST!!!  P1,P2,Aliens,T1,T2,T3 and so on...
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