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IGN Get Hands on AvP3 Marine Campaign

IGN has just released the first short preview of the marine campaign as demoed at E3:

“The scenario we’re witness to comes from the latter half of the game, with the Marines barricaded in one of the colonies and recuperating from a vicious alien assault. Sentry guns protect the perimeter, with the player activating them remotely from various laptops. It’s a scene that’s strongly reminiscent of one late on in the Aliens film, pulled from the original theatrical release but restored for the Special Editions, in which the Marines use sentries against hordes of aliens.”

Unfortunately there is no gameplay footage or screenshots and the details aren’t in any vast quantity for but it’s a nice tease. Check it out. Thanks to That Yellow Alien for the news.

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  1. Hunter-Hunted
    Rebellion AVP 3   support directx 11    look video  here  Leading game developers discuss the benefits of DirectX 11 gaming, and their excitement around bringing new DirectX 11 games to market working with AMD.   Cant wait end of the year  comming  the new windows 7 with directX 11 support also  the  Radeon HD 5870X2 is 2 x faster then HD4870X2  Avp3 on 1920x1080 full detail 100fps
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