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  1. Guest
    I agree on Michael's comment about just having a pistol at the beginning of the game, thought it would be nice to split up as a group with marine AI's and would be able to choose your weapon speaciality at teh begining of the game
  2. Guest
    Um the first 10 minutes of the marine story seemed like a cheap cut out form the avp2 game's campaign.  Only difference better graphics, and different characters.  Like when the guy turns the power off then aliens all come after him.  That is just like the damn same thing that happens in avp2 marine campaign, so much for being scared lol.  Cheap sega, no new ideas in that head.  I hope that it is the only thing they copied and pasted in from the avp2 storyline. Other then that still looking forward to it.  Hope it comes with modding tools for maps and skins, if it does not then that is just a big downfall for the game.  Looking forward in playing the game on a new 2010 labtop with dual processors, wireless keyboard and mouse to a HD TV  ;D     ;D   Also I suggest to get the latest video card available for your PC's  computer manufacturs thats were I am getting  mine for 2010, more powerful then the PS3(video card couple years old ya know technology lol).  If your planning on playing hardcore on this game for online sake I suggest PC, plus you do not have to pay to play online, plus PC is more flexible with modding tools and add-ons if it ever comes to that.   ;)     If just like playing single player mostly I suggest the game consoles.  Anyways I hope the rest of the game lives up to its expectations or MAYBE exceeds them by some miracle lol.
  3. michael
    the marine didnt open the bathroom stalls, thats where the worm would have been, sheesh they didnt even leave the poor rookie a pulse Rifle? some crew!   >:(  
  4. alpha defekt
    Will I break my controller from gripping it so hard from the extreme tension? Yes.....yes I will. The motion tracker is gonna give me the spooks if it give false non threat movements like that. LOL.
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