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  1. HLG FaSHiizlE
    We'll really the grenade laucher is attached to the pulse rifle, and the chain gun is really the sentry gun, and the rocket launcher, idk..
  2. oo EniiGmaa oo
    Pulse Rifle does moderate damage, smart gun does  heavy damage, flamethrower good at enemy moral damage, shotgun packs a punch, sniper rifle one shot or two kill, pistol light damage.
  3. druidessingrid
    Smart gun is very useful not just for taking out aliens with alot of health. But useful for taking out predators and predaliens and the queen.
  4. druidessingrid
    You know i dont get, why couldn't they make Aliens Colonial Marines before AVP 3. Because now they are going to start making it after AVP3. And second of all how are they going to top Avp 3 anyway?!?!?   ???  
  5. GummiAnd
    Like Farow said the graphics will be improved in the final produkt.  And as for the smartgun, it would be too powerfull if damage were any higher. Again it's about balance. But I think too that crouching shouldn't have been removed even though I might not use it that much
  6. Farow
    1. I never get killed because of not being able to crouch.
    2. Graphics are currently dx9 on all ports, retail will be dx11 for PC users ( The way its meant to be, no offence, i have a ps3 aswell but think about Counter strike, where would fps be without the pc)
    3. Ive never used the smartgun :(
    4. No comment.
    HI i always play the marine and many times i win.
     1...when suddenly you realize a predator has a lock on you and you hide behind a crate-object one thing you can do as a marine is step left or right and hide-fire.but sometimes you are taller than the crate-object.THAT IS WHY crouching shouldn't have been removed. could have been a tiny bit better.
    3...the smartgun is not us powerful as it should!!!
    pulse rifle takes fewer shots to kill.
    4...for people who have been playing avp1,avp2 since there release date 9-10 years was tooooooooooo long!!!   :(    
  8. GummiAnd
    I agree with all that Olaf says. The weapons that MAY not be in the game would only be removed because of balance. I think that the game seems to be very promising and I'm looking very much forward to it   ;D     Like the graphics too, even though it's not revulotionary like Crysis (2), it still brings a lot of new very nice details!  controls works nice as well considering it had to fit all three platforms.
  9. vwpredator
    @vull   you complain an awful lot... avp 1-2 were awesome and so is this avp stop crying me a river i agree with T.L. it all plays perfect cannot wait only a few more days and we will all be killing it on the sp modes
  10. Olaf
      :'(    People, really. The music is only like this because you're in a strip club. it makes sense to me. It's not like the colonists were like "Oh shit, aliens! Well, hold on aliens, before I die, I gotta turn this music off, we're on a tight budget you know!" It gives you a feel of the aliens came-killed-and took over very quickly. As for game play demonstration, I ALWAYS only watch these videos to see and hear cool shit. The people playing for the video usually are told not to show a bunch of features or whatnot/ they suck nuggets at the game. Watching a video of the alien playing is MUCH different from actually playing the game. Quit your complaining about the controls, because really, they're good controls once you get used to them. As for the predator's lack of weapons (Remember that what we are playing is a DEMO and not everything may have been shown to us.) Though, I find that the net gun/spear gun would be sort of unfair or annoying in multi-player because the net-you get stuck, you're going to die almost 100% of the time and you can't do anything about it. Not fun. The spear gun-VERY quiet/fast/accurate. The predator could just sit and wait for some fool to go grab a weapon or turn a corner and SHANK, no skill kill. There are ways to work around that though, if you look at AJL mod for AvP2. The speargun was made so you had to reload after every shot and that your targeting system would turn on before you shoot, giving you away and alarming your targets (if they're careful) to back off or die. I could go on, but I know this is a WALL-O'-TEXT post that no one will read. Anyway, the game is fun-don't judge based off of videos of others playing.
  11. vull
    (on the pc) almost every host lags and upon joining a game i have to hear noobs on mic with their speakers blasting because they are too stupid to get a head set. so much echo goes on and shit it makes my hears bleed.

    there is no back vision button like in avp2. its just spam f to try to get to the vision mode u want...

    and as alien or pred if u get hit once u fall down like a puny weakling and get spam smacked till death... u cant jump away... its retarded and lame. avp2 primal hunt is my fav avp game no bs there.
    nerfed only nerfed is the volcity of spear and plasma and its damage marines flash light sucks and just gives you away. and hvy strike takes to long to be effetive the disc is down right nasty 1 hit kill
    best weapon for predator in demo is got to be the disc and cannon 3rd the mines the combistick is just a throwing spear no trackings unlike cannon or disc. the claws are sure fun when sneaking up on peps. marines best weapons is the good ol pulse rifle and sniper rifle aliens hehe  they got best eyesight in the whole game but camo out preds are hard to see unless there within strikeing distence.
  14. T.L.
    Pred is definitely not nerfed. He actually handles quite well in the right hands. I do about as well with him as I do the other two (around 3rd and 2nd place usually), and even won a round with him.

    Seeing other preds in heat vision makes more sense than having a separate pred vision, as we see the predator looking at his hands in the first movie and he's just as red as the humans he's watching.

    Lights can all be broken, I've seen it done.

    The spear (combi-staff) replaces the spear gun. You can't melee with the spear, but it can be tossed to great effect. It serves the same exact purpose as the spear gun, just a little harder to utilize (I'm rubbish with it), but from successful users they say it's infinitely satisfying.
    Also, the targeting laser giving your position away doesn't mean you're dead. If you hit what you're aiming at, it means that's the last thing your prey sees.   >:D  
    There's no plasma pistol, but isn't that what the shoulder cannon's for anyway?
    The only thing I'm sad to see missing is the netgun. Man that thing was cool. Of course, it poses its own balance issues, and the marine no longer has a knife to cut himself out, but still, what the pred has is good. You'll likely find yourself gravitating towards either the disc, shoulder cannon, or the wristblades.
    Nobody got nerfed. They all play wonderfully.
  15. Vull
    avp2 play it and u will see what i mean farow.
    the lazer beam gives your position away.
    the disc is no longer lock on but a straight shot.
    the vision mode (pred vision) to see other preds was taken out and put on to thermal so u can see preds that are invis.. which is dumb because their cloaking device cant be seen by human thermal? makes 0 sense right there.

    the lights mess up vision and you can not break em for some odd reason they wont break for me.

    they dont have the net gun, arm gun, hand gun, spear gun... all i see is disc + stick + shoulder cannon noobs.
    and holding mouse 3 sucks for the stick to fire upon release...
  16. Farow
    How did preds get nerfed?
    If you say combi-stick i will cry.
    and also - marines cant see you in stealth if you dont SPRINT, i found it out on multiplayer.
  17. Slicer Jen
    You guys who are looking down on the disco scene, I'd think you would at least be disturbed by how the xeno freestyle interior decorating kinda took over the place. A dance club in the far future is crusted over by some serious nasty, and with a few human elements thrown in like the music still going and the hedonistic stamp of the pole dancer, you are fighting for your life in the devil's backyard, and the devil forgot to chain his doggies. Sheesh, I was yelling at the screen for the guy to heal when aliens were 14m away and telling him to quit burst firing near the end like a dumbass.
  18. Stuntman
    on the topic comment...using flares wisely in this game will be the difference between life and death. the lighting is the best ive ever seen. make you wish xenos were solid white so you MIGHT see them lol. CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME
  19. Stuntman
    would be koo if you could play as pred before the xenos infest this place and crash a party of marines on the dance floor. like a predator as blade kickin marine ass on the dance the end pred kill the DJ and music and then uses voice mimicry to playback that music while everyone is dead on the dance floor :)
  20. Hugonlam
    I believe in one of the gameplay footages I've seen leading up to this point, You (The Rookie) are sent to meet up with one the squads, you can hear them over the comm and I believe the squad leader is yelling for them to shut the music off while xenos are attacking. By the time you get there the music is shut off along with most of the power and the squad is dead.
  21. cabbageheat
    I think its a great environment.  one that is least expected.  to have endless dark corridors would get old after a while (Doom 3 anyone??) so, having a battle take place, in the unlikeliest of places is really unexpected and creative.
  22. T.L.
    If I remember right, the actual score for the game was recorded with a 30 piece orchestra. Just an FYI.

    The music in this scene is from the environment. It's meant to reduce your ability to hear anything until it's in your face. That's what I've gathered anyway, from a gameplay perspective, which kind of makes it a little more terrifying to me since I try to listen for my enemies as much as I try to look for them.
  23. Ash 937
    Aliens at a disco?  I'm beginning to wonder if the AvP video game franchise will suffer from the same "rule of #3" that so many film franchises suffer under.

    Alien 3
    Terminator 3
    X-Men 3
  24. T.L.
    He REALLY sucked. But it was interesting!

    I like how the loud bumpin' music is supposed to make you not be able to hear anything until it's right next to you. At least that's what I think the design intent of this section was. You can barely hear your squadmate across the comm.
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