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Aliens RPG Title Page?

Now this is a cracking find by forum member XenoVC. He stumbled across these two pictures on DeviantART in the profile of an Obsidian employee:

20090208 Aliens RPG Title Page?

Now if you look closely at this picture of an Obsidian office you can just see the title screen for the RPG. And looks like Xeno uncovered the original version of it. Plus this artwork which is apparently the plain version of the menu interface. And here is the artist responsible.

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  1. Xenomorphine
    I was replying to 'Moviefan', Hicks - I have no idea about the specifics of the mechanics. :)  Neither this, nor 'Colonial Marines' particularly interest me, at present, because neither are going to let you play as the creature, apparently.
  2. Hicks_0998
    Yeah I know that Xeno, all I'm saying is how would it work for the aliens universe? Would it be like Fallout 3 or Star Wars KOTOR? Trust me mate I've played my fair share of RPG's over the years.
  3. Xenomorphine
    Role-playing games... You do more than just shoot things; you create a personality for your gender and often their age, gender and likeness, on top of that. You then interact with other characters they meet. Many responses and encounters then spin off from your reactions during that.
  4. Moviefan939
    oh...I have a question for you guys. Im not that familiar with RPGs. Would it be like Resident Evil? Not sure, Id appreciate it if somebody told me. Thanks!    :)  
  5. Moviefan939
    Im looking forward to Aliens: RPG. Aliens: CM is my highly anticipated game, but this one has alot of potential too. If they do the story right, add as much tension and features as CM, then they have another hit on their hands, and LOADS of happy fans.    ;D  
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