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Alien Saga Unfinished?

Following up on Weaver’s recent idea of having an Alien 5 without any Aliens, MovieHole has just released a little article after they got the chance to talk to Weaver:

“And, you know, I don’t think we have a deep, pressing need to finish the saga although it does definitely feel unfinished to me. And I think if I wanted to go and have a meeting with Jim about it, I’m sure he’d be game”.

Usual stuff really. As expected she also takes the chance to slag off the recent AvP movies (that’s our lass  :amuse: ). But to quote Dreamcatcher, “same shit, different day”. Read the whole thing at MovieHole. Thanks to DazAvP85 for the news.

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  1. Matt a lot of people on here said...there have been rumors for years and a lot of this stuff is just not credable anymore. It is true that Cameron was interested in another Alien but when he saw how god aweful AVP was he forgot about it. Not sure if he's interested in it now...maybe Avatar will spark his interested in another space-based film....  As for Scott..I love the guy, I really do. But lately I think a lot of his films have fallen short. A good space film by him would be great. With that said he is doing "The Forever War" which will take him back to space and science fiction. I personally dont believe either of these guys will do another alien film. The franches has been f**ked up and damaged too much I dont think either of them would want their names attached to what is now a failing franchise.   A TV series would be cool but would have to be written well. It could work...I know it could. There are some amazing TV shows out there. Battlestar, Band of Brothers, Lost, etc. If written well with a feasable story and some decent people at the helm I believe it could work. To be honest I wouldnt put it past Fox to make one...we have a Terminator series now. Just a matter of time before we see another film (be it good or not), a tv series or both.
  2. Rudy Ripley
    Weaver would love to do a Alien sequel if the story is new and fresh.And that Weaver would go back to the Alien home world and find out how the creatures were created and why they were let out.She had brought up that whether Ridley Scott or Jim Cameron would do the next Alien, well..,Cameron had written the fifth film script but when he saw AVP 1 he enjoyed and dropped the A5 script. Weaver would again make a fifth Alien with Mr. R. Scott. She would love to go back into space one more time than earth because its very unsafe on our planet.She says space is better and exciting. She's not ready for earth, yet, well she made it back but she wants to return to the home of the zenomorphs. There will not be a Alien TV series at all.
  3. Rudy Ripley
    Better idea: ever think of having Alien 5 as a remake? Just a suggestion. It don't have to be Weaver in the spot. It will just be the aliens, the company, the space jockey/alien ship and that planet.
  4. Rudy Ripley
    The ALIENS story about the alien ship that crashed landed and Burke led the colonists inside,that story must be solved somehow, in a fifth film being a prequel or something. Why those creatures were let out. I really heard it on the commentary on the end of the 1st Alien disc in the Quadrilogy.
  5. Vakarian
    No Ways A Aliens TV Series Would Just Flop Fox Would Accept It Only To Make Money And they'll Give it to some f**king dodgey foreign director like they did for A:R  Christ I Would Rather Just Have A Aliens Movie Without Weaver Coz She's like a pensioner now The Alen Clone in ressurectio really was crap..
  6. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    o.k. MI Trooper. We both bet she wants to make money, of what i got from en/wiki/ about what Siggy said, is whether she says is true or not. I also want a Alien 5 since the nineties too, i couldn't believe what was mentioned.We/she want a A5 then there should be A L I E N S in the film one more time.
  7. Xenomorphine
    A television series was already considered, back in the nineties, but got dropped on the justifiable realisation that each single episode would cost far too much, if they wanted to get them done right.
  8. MI Trooper
    Rudy: A spin-off? But then it's not an Alien5?   :-\   Siggy wanna make money. That's all. Wow, i'm so sure Alien 5 will flop so badly, if Weaver and Scott are involved. These both morons will be the last coffin nail for the alien franchise. Great. Just great.    ::)  
  9. dachande89
    At Clockwork horror, not all of the Alien novels are terrible. The new ones, yea, but the older ones were great. Especially Earth Hive series. But the Pred novels have been amazing now. Turnabout, Flesh and Blood, and South Sea to China were great.
  10. Rudy
    On December 5th this year,Weaver hinted in a interview with MTV that S.Weaver and Ridley Scott are working on a Alien spinoff that it will focus on the chronicles of Ellen Ripley than the Aliens. That what was the agreement.There can't be no more of those species, only the female clone 8 Ellen Ripley, that  might figure out why she's a... well you know...a stranger. This is only about Ripley
  11. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    Alien(s) TV without Weaver, and it would see how the alien ship got there. The beginning of the "beep" the those things got loose, if we need Rip, it just.. we really don't her,when it starts as a prequel tv series before Rip (Weaver).Rip is home now, back to Earth. even though she's let say "fully human" once again.
  12. RakaiThwei
    I've come to be conclusion that whatever Weaver says is utter crap and nothing worth believing in.   For YEARS, we have been hearing about ideas for Alien5, Ridley Scott, James Cameron--yadda yadda yadda, insert further rumor rambling, and nothing is holding any water to it whatsoever.   I'm sorry, but Weaver is just... well... not credible at this point anymore.
  13. Dual Blade
    Rudy M Alapag Jr, you hit the nail on the head, BIG TIME ON THAT!    :D   thats exactly what fox should do, the Alien tv series .... now that would be something. It would big ... IF DONE RIGHT ... start with nine episodes, then it could follow on after that ...   I would concentrate and focus more about Weyland and Yuntani, This could all be the events before the first alien movie and it would be more concerntrating more on the exploits of the company rather than the alien ... save that cookie till last.  I reckon that would be the beginning of something new ...   ... What you guys reckon, I think it be pretty cool myself    :D  
  14. ClockworkHorror
    The need to do without the theatrics in Alien Resurrection, which was basically Buffy in Space.  If they do it with Ripley again it should hark back to Alien, Aliens, Alien3 where she was normal. NOT superhuman.  As for the Aliens novels, most of them are terrible. TERRIBLE.  Canonically, the movies are the only thing that should matter. If they do it right they won't set the 5th movie chronologically (If they do it at all), and should put it somewhere in and around Aliens/Alien3.
  15. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    how about a Alien TV series, you guys didn't even have a second thought about it? Well, who's gonna do it? Do it without Ellen Ripley, or if after Alien 4, she said "i'm a stranger...etc." we don't need her, she made it back to earth. "End" of story.
  16. Xenomorphine
    Actually, that's the same quote as before. It's a section from the same interview, just eliminating certain other parts.  The only thing it has her aparently dismissing for definite, is Cameron's own involvement.
  17. Dallas 224
    So funny...Well I m ready for an AVP 3 or a Predator 3. I hope It ll come. Great franchises finally... Without bullshit from Hollywood expensive star... Alien franchise end at the 3 to me. RIP
  18. dachande89
    Aliens Original Sin was pretty bad so Im not gonna take their explaination. Especially when they had 7 chest bursters come outta one guy. If they make a new film great, if not I can deal with it. Its just this maybe crap going on for so long thats annoying. Either shit or get off the pot.
  19. Rudy M Alapag Jr
    if she wants to make a alien 5, she needs to be in it. she wants to find out about how that alien ship got there. (she said from the "Alien Commentary" in the scene where she sleeps and fades away onto the end credits).if it doesn't happen, then i'm sure that i'll keep on the Aliens novels,and will it end? well,Rip says: " i don't know, i'm a stranger to earth myself" - A Resurrection. Aliens Original Sin explains all. don't need to take my suggestion.
  20. xor_ew
    Well... It's funny: words like "we're talking about" etc. have been started to be boring a two years ago. These times I had some hope to see good next Alien movie but now...? Add some news about Alien wthout Aliens and we can expect shity "No-Aliens 5: Boooring Memories of Ellen Ripley"    :-\  
  21. Dual Blade
    I seriously believe in one thing ...  ... Alien 5 WILL happen, fact! (well my fact at least    :D  ) ....  ... the question is WHEN ?????? They should redo it similar to the terminator Salvation, with a bigger bugget (if Signorney Weaver isn't in in) they will be able to afford to do it well ... BRING James and Ridley Scotts invovment (and I reckon Danny Boyle and Thomas Paul Anderson - there will be blood) and their on to a winner for sure.
  22. beeko
    i think she thinks she owns the franchise or something just because she thinks about another movie doesnt mean FOX will do it . remember they only gave avpr 25 million for the whole film , she will want that amount just for herself and some how i dont think FOX will give alien 5 an 80 million or so budget, not for a movie that is now 5 sequels in
  23. Chris P
    Nice, I agree with Wager, "I'm geting bored with the 'we're thinging about it..' comments."  Weaver says she wants to do more Alien films, I say just do the stupid thing!  We want a new ALIEN film, so give us it!  Although, it would be REALLY hard because of AVP exposing the ALIEN a bit too uch in a "wrong" image.
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