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Alien 5 to be “Genetic Sibling” to Alien & Aliens

Ever since Neill Blomkamp first revealed his concept art for his Alien 5 project, art that featured an aged and acid scarred Hicks and Aliens-esque looking Ripley, the question as to how Alien 5 will relate to the saga has been debated online. Talking to Sky News, Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver talk about the new film being a “genetic sibling” to Alien and Aliens:

They don’t specifically state that Alien 5 will be retconning Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, however, it sounds like a strong possibility. It may also be that he is speaking in terms of the tone of the films. Or it may simply be the same sort of approach Nimrod Antal and Robert Rodriguez took with Predators not acknowledging Predator 2.

Update #1 – The video has now been set to private. I’m attempting to find an alternative.

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