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Alien 5 “Probably” Enters Pre-Production Next Week

Speaking to ET Online at the red carpet for Chappie, Neill Blomkamp’s latest science-fiction film staring Sigourney Weaver due out this week, Neill told them that Alien 5 would “probably” enter pre-production next week. They also talked a little about Sigourney’s involvement in the project:

“Weaver and Blomkamp, who both walked the red carpet at the New York premiere of their upcoming sci-fi collaboration Chappie, stopped to talk to ET’s Jason Dundas, and they both teased the long-awaited project.

When asked about whether or not she was coming back to reprise her role as alien-fighting badass Ellen Ripley, Weaver said she would be retuning.

“There are two factors [Neill Blomkamp] needs: Ripley and the Aliens,” Weaver said.

Blomkamp, who directed Chappie and is best known for helming the Oscar-nominated sci-fi epic District 9, confirmed her participation as well.

“She’ll be in the cast,” Blomkamp said. “She is the Alien franchise, to me, so yeah.”

Blomkamp also confirmed that he will begin pre-production on his Alien sequel as early as next week.”

Sigourney’s involvement has always been “maybe” or “hopefully” when brought up so it’s nice to see the intention is to definitely bring her in. Thanks to The Eighth Passenger for the tip.

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