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AvPR Site Updates

I’ve been meaning to post this for the past three days but kept forgetting. The AvPR Website has been changed. There’s a new quiz feature as well as cast/crew and production notes. You can watch two of the previous TV Spots we’ve seen on there. There’s also a new wallpaper and I also extracted this image from the flash.

20071213_05 AvPR Site Updates

Not keen on the new site myself. The loading times are just plain ridiculous and the loading screens just give me headaches. Thanks to the numerous people who posted about this.

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    matbe the 2 seconds flash back of the 1st movie will be a lot better than the original   :P   and maybe wolf come back hunting in 2207? or whenever alien prequel with space ships time and bishop again...
  2. Sgt.Hudson
    man yall havent even seen the movie yet. how can we be sure he is dead or gonna die. he seems tough one little tail stab wound might not kill him
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