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AvPR Official Site Updated

The Official AvP Requiem Website has been updated. I’m having some problems though. Sometimes, the new site will load, and other times it won’t.

20071004_03 AvPR Official Site Updated

There’s a Downloads link which funnily enough doesn’t work for me either. Apparently, there’s some wallpapers on there. The website also has the release date listed as the 26th now, a day after its previous release date. Thanks to Yellow Alien for the news.

Update: The three wallpapers can be found in this post on the forum.

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  1. ArielAleXCo
    ok. I figure it out... they are doing beta-testings... so they put it to se if the site works, load... time people was loading, stats for user. etc....   I saw it late at night... actually very early in the morning 12.45am so... maybe its a testing only.
  2. Jango1201
    I wonder if anyone else agrees, by the look and sounds of the website, the title and the posters, it is looking like a remake of the first one, i dont think this will do good to say the least because poeple who were hyped by the first movie (ex. non alien fans) and thought it sucked are not gonna go and see this film. I think the advertising approach is bad, anyone else share my thoughts?
  3. zen
    Indyclix should make AVP hero/horrorclix like what they did for the B.P.R.D. set.As it is the pred ya get in the Queen pack is built for heroclix just by the colors on its dial!.That whould be great to have a unique Yeyinda,or an experianced Tichinda!.Now that whould be awesome!   ;D  .
  4. zen
    Only (roughly) 83 days untill the movie release!.Plus its Oct,so by next weak they'll probably start showing the trailers on T.V.!!!!   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  .
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