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  1. HAD0K3N
      >:D  spoiler,  the picture of the pred homeworld is scar sitting in his chair he recieves a distress call selects a mask from a vast wall, and jets off to kick alien butt
  2. Flash Gordon
    They killed them off very easily in the first movie.  2 at once! WTF is that? Even as "legendary" as the Broken Tusk character is in the comics.... he does in fact die.   :(  
  3. Flash Gordon
    A true ending for this movie will not show bias toward either of the species. (Though I am a diehard Predator fan!) The predator must die to level off the many aliens he is going to kill.  A wise choice is not to favor one side over the other in order to appease both Alien and Predator fans.
  4. Anonymous
    the brothers suck butt BUTT BIG FAT BUTT they kill wolf he is a legend and they frekin kill him then frak them!!! if u dont post this with in 6 threads ur favorite toy will get broken OWNED NOW POST!!
  5. PredKing_Luke
    ahhhhhhh i cant believe how cool that 5 mins was cant wait until the whole movie. all the new tech and footage in that five minuits was so kllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   8)     8)     8)     ;D     :D     ;)     :)     :)     :o  
  6. Deco
    I heard Decimation Proclamation, I wasnt overly impressed. There are parts of it that are literally just taken from Aliens, and the first 1/4 of the song in, is very Predatoresque. Why o why cant we have the big Chanting choirs for the great battle scenes.
  7. Optimus Maximus Virus
    The predator homeworld picture looks so great! Its so awesome, I like the fact it looks like the space jockey's chair, im not sure what the bros. are going with this....just cant wait for this film   :D    Jan 18th is too far away    :(  
  8. Deco
    Creeper,   Thats defo a predator sitting there mate, you can see the dredlocks. Furthermore the red box like thing looks like a screen and it is pointed in perfect perspective to where the predator is sitting, as if he is watching it. Perhaps its some sort of security tower? Anyway sure we'll see when the movie comes out.  Praetorian.  Perhaps the predator ship  from AVP crashes on earth and the homeworld get word of this. Cut to the homeworld where they elect the most cunning of their kind to hunt the hybrid and clean up the mess. Que Wolfs departure from the Homeworld and approach to earth???
  9. The G-man
    notice the small red reflection on the chin of the hybrid? I thougt it was the Triangle-dot-laster of the pred but that would not make sense ... maybe just a red light reflection xD
  10. praetorian
    1st we will see the chestbuster scene (re-shoot) then im think the ship from AvP arrives to the predator world, (maybe spaje jockeys too, or least a reference) predalien hides and in another ship where the facehuggers are in the cargo bay, when this ship goes to earth the predalien kills all the predators and crash in the earth, wolf arrives in another ship    ;D    well im think this is the order, but ill wait to see the final product    >:D  
  11. will76216
    if u kids remember from previous articles with the strausse brothers they said they had a surprise for real fans of the movies, now with the homeworld pic i think it has to be the space jockey, just a thought.
  12. bonafide1498
    The pics are cool. I already saw them earlier today. I was wondering why is the Pred homeworld in the movie? I heard that a bunch of Predators get killed at the beginning of the movie aboard a ship when the hybrid busts out of scar(the ship from the end of AVP) Does this ship crash on Earth? That doesnt make sense, cause in the trailer the ship that crashes has face huggers in canisters that bust open when it hits earth. Unless the hybrid and the facehuggers are all on the same ship. Also, the elite predator in this movie (they call him "wolf") Has a scarred up face and is missing a mandible from one side of his face. Hes a vet of the alien fighting game! This movie is gonna rock! Check out this figure of the pred... -figure-NR_W0QQitemZ120193669815QQihZ002QQca tegoryZ348QQssPageNameZWDVWQQ rdZ1QQcmdZViewI tem
  13. spunkmeyer
    I'd like to see no ties to the space jockey.  The Jockey, always creeps me out when I watch Alien.  It's difficult to explain but it's mystery has alway been so interesting and a touch disturbing to me.  In my own mind I've got ideas of what the space jockeys are and I'd hate for them to be included in a brief scene just to link the 2 franchises even further. I think an entire movie based around the jockeys should be the way they're explored.
  14. JTN1138
    I like to think the predators are just predators in all their greatness, and the space jockeys are these great intergalactic beings that roam the universe for things, [Neither ever came into contact with the other].  They live to oversee life in its many forms, almost as if they were gods.  And one day the aliens were discovered, being the most powerful evil force in the universe they ultimately brought about the demise of the Jockeys.  The Predators in my eyes represent what humans are to god and the  devil on that epic scale of events.  The predators face great challenges because of the nature of the jockeys and the evil that is represented by the aliens.  This is how I see the events of this Universe.
  15. pretrixalated
    two thing s might happen here,  either the movie will leave you with a sence of "man that felt just long enough and I would'nt have it any other way" or "I felt it was so good that I would have whanted another 20 min" anyway this movie is gona be ultimate baddass!!!
  16. Deco
    perhaps the planet that Ripley and Dallas and the crew visits in the future, where they encounter the space jockey, is the fallen predator homeworld. Overrun by aliens, the space jockey is a predator? That would be a neat wrap up
  17. thegodfather
    Oh man still gotta wait till January the 18th, fudgeballs, but this is surely lookin like a fan wishlist that should have been the first film (wish Grid would turn up for fun lol)   ;D   But seriously this really is gonna hopefully kick ass like 300
  18. Dual Blade
    When I look at that world I can only imagine the brothers reflecting the world much like that of the armor, a modify, transformery type world ...  ... NOW I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT IN AVP3, THE HOMEWORLD OF THE PRED.   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  19. Dual Blade
    The more I see these shots the more epic driven this movie is sure to become ...  ... The glimsp shot of scar (with chest buster) ... ... The introduction of the town, Gunnison plus its its inhabitants ... ... closer look of characters ... ... arrival of predator elite soldier ... ... wood scene ... hospital ... ... sewer scene ... ... soldier troops deploy in city ... ... Geothermal plant (roof top action) ... ... Wolf vs Chet ...  ... AND ALL THIS UNDER 90 MINS??????!!!    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D    epic all what??  P.S. love that Predator world, beautiful.
  20. Starkiller
    looks like a chair and a red screen, looks like the strause brothers are paying homage to the space jockey theme   :D    I hope they are not trying to tie the space jockey, predator & aliens together? because if its not done well, it could just ruin both these franchises lol    :-\  
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