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Predator Homeworld?

Okay…so it’s been a few minutes since I posted a last news post. Now we’ve got another, specifically on the likelihood of the Predator homeworld showing up. Shock Till You Drop has posted up an article with what they claim to be inside info:

“Says our source, the Strause brothers – who have already impressed the hell out of us with an action-packed trailer loaded with grue – will give fans a long-awaited look at the home world of the Predator species.”

You can view the entire article here That all said and done, I guess now is the time to reveal that we found out about the possibility of the Alien or Predator homeworlds showing up several months ago. However, as far as we knew the idea was scrapped due to budgetary reasons. I guess the extra pennies Fox cashed out were for the homeworld.

Edit: I was just looking over the info we recieved on the possibility of homeworlds and turns out designs were done for both the Alien and Predator homeworld.

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