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Predator Homeworld?

Okay…so it’s been a few minutes since I posted a last news post. Now we’ve got another, specifically on the likelihood of the Predator homeworld showing up. Shock Till You Drop has posted up an article with what they claim to be inside info:

“Says our source, the Strause brothers – who have already impressed the hell out of us with an action-packed trailer loaded with grue – will give fans a long-awaited look at the home world of the Predator species.”

You can view the entire article here That all said and done, I guess now is the time to reveal that we found out about the possibility of the Alien or Predator homeworlds showing up several months ago. However, as far as we knew the idea was scrapped due to budgetary reasons. I guess the extra pennies Fox cashed out were for the homeworld.

Edit: I was just looking over the info we recieved on the possibility of homeworlds and turns out designs were done for both the Alien and Predator homeworld.

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  1. YutaniDitch
    'This is getting better by the minute'...   ::)     Introduction of Predator or Alien homeworld in a CROSSOVER movie, not in their respective franchise movies...?  This, together with the MTV interview, really made my mind about the movie and going to see it...
  2. Blade-N-Burner
    It's about time we see something different! The Predator homeworld will be an interest site to see. Let's hope the directors did their homework on this one. It will probably be portraid early in the movie for those of us who can't wait to catch a glimps of "Our Friends" daily life in their hot tropical world.
  3. ali
    i think the brothers are either gonna make the franchise better or worse.  Simple as that.  From the looks of it, they might bring the series to a bloody good trilogy that has to have one bad part to it...similar to the alien trilogy with alien 3 bieng the worst and ressurection a major dissapointment.
  4. YautjaWarrior
    This could be either an extremely good or extremely bad thing, all depending on how they execute it. I'm excited but if they f*** it up fans are going to be SO PISSED. Plus, there wasn't a big budget for this movie... so hopefully they didn't just throw together a piece-of-crap model for the home world.
  5. scarface
    oh, and if you read the aliens omnibus the aliens DO have a homeworld...rim is that homeworld.that was the bloodiest rampage of the alien timeline and history. I WANNA SEE RIM!
  6. scarface
    the alien homeworld better be rim or im gonna be throwin some serious s*** strause's way. and i hope the predator homeworld has some unforseen battle with bunches of predaliens battling on the planets surface and the ship that comes to earth is an escape ship...good times   ::)  
  7. SHREK
    this is startin 2 get juicy now    ;D   i admit i was starting to think this movie was gonna b not as good as i was thinkin after the redband trailer but now..... this has restored my faith
  8. Predhunter
    I think the aliens could have a homeworld. Perhaps their world is dark humid and cold, with an adverse atmosphere that it favours chemical reactions, originating acid blooded beings. The aliens wouldn´t live as drones nor chestbusters, but as facehugers originated by other facehugers by egg putting and . It would be a very inhospitable planet, so the aliens would be pratically the only species existing there. The only way the alien species have to evolve is to place an egg (parasite) into other species (with some luck from another planet) so  that it could escape those adverse planet conditions and evolve into a drone...Or maybe the predator species got them out of that planet...I think both hypothesis could be plausible...
  9. admiral max
    i know this is off subject but i just analyzed in more detail a bit in the trailer if you look closely you can see the predator trying to wrap his wip thing around the predaliens tail but with 1 flick of the tail takes it out the predators hand and the whip flys of to 1 side must be strong lol
  10. Chris
    "if u don't already realise everyone:  1. the world is going to be the predators 2. its going to be shown at the END of the movie AND 3. because its happening at the end of the movie, its going to set up AVP3. Because The Bros. have said that originally the pitch for the movie was in space, but obviously that didnt work, so there leaving that idea for AVP3.  the end."   Completely right! I think this will gonna happen ...  Alien dont have a homeworld ...  greetz
  11. 666
    soundz interestin' i hope they do it well, and its short and quick an maybe a flashback or wotever, oh and i hope its scary and dark, dat wud be cool!   I hope they dont show the alien homewrld coz' i belive in ridley scott's theory, that the space jokey's created the xenomorph as a weapon, (bio-weapon) but the ship crashed landed on LV-421 and then the nostromo finds it..  let see what happens and not think too hard or deep into it
  12. Shadow
    I think it's a ''bad idea'' the fact we dont know much or anything about the home worlds is the reason why the original's are good, but I suppose they want to leave it open for AVP3 & its kind of what some fans want, it keeps them interested in there favorite creatures.
  13. carnalien
    as mentioned earlier i agree that the the pred hw (if there actually is one shown) will only be shown shorty, most probably at the start to introduce the movie, or at the end to leave it open . either way im not losing sleep over it. as for the alien hw, i wouldnt mind a flashback showing how it all started there, but i think if it was visited in the present it wouldnt be all that interestin
  14. Optimus Prime
    Chet? nah im not feeling that! scar,celtic & chopper was o.k, the wolf is good! oh well its a inside joke! and not an official name so thats a cool  Peace to you all
  15. Optimus Prime
    I believe it will be the predator homeworld, as it is cheaper and easier to do. I hope they dont show too much, not knowing and wondering is alot better, like the alien homeworld.  I agree with some of the comments about not being on the homeworld too long and the whole honour thing and humans as friends. Oh well as long its relavent and its executed well, should be good, please dont be comic book'y.  Rock On!
  16. Xerxész
    Why is it so sure? "A new world" doesn't explain that it is the world of Predators. Of course, it is quite obvious, but not sure. It could be an other world/planet at the beginning of the film and the scene shows how the facehuggers get on the Predator ship that will crash later on Earth.
  17. Brodator
    if u don't already realise everyone:  1. the world is going to be the predators 2. its going to be shown at the END of the movie AND 3. because its happening at the end of the movie, its going to set up AVP3. Because The Bros. have said that originally the pitch for the movie was in space, but obviously that didnt work, so there leaving that idea for AVP3.  the end.
  18. Sulaco
    Sorry Harms... that predator was on the hunt... and please drop the P.Anderson story! I thought they were more like intergalactic pirates, hunt for pleasure, kill for sport, silent, invisible... invinsible... But my opinion aside, good luck with it Strauss bros.
  19. Xerxész
    Hmm...could it be that the directors and Fox spoil everything until the film comes out?    ???   Are there any stuff left what won't be spoiled? This is just a question you don't have to answer...
  20. GueRoux
    Yeah..ok. A predator homeworld will be cool if it's done right. I do have confidence in what the bros. are doin so far so I'm confident they'll deliver something special and different.
  21. demonicfirefly
    I cant wait for it, to see the pred world that was shrouded in mystery,but its kinda  a double edged sword imo,i mean i kinda like the idea of not knowing. as for the aliens, the guy who created the alien wrote that the planet they landed on in alien was their homeworld,but there is a lot of suggestion of them just being a created bio-weapon.
  22. The Chibi Kiriyama
    It can be a good thing or a bad thing. Worse that happens is that too much is shown. Best that happens is that all we get is some glimpses of what may or may not be where the Preds are from. It's all subjective- we don't even know if this is the Pred homeworld he's talking about.
  23. warchant-D
    my only problem with this supposed hypothesized scenario is the simple fact that if we thought it's cranium was huge already, (as comments depict via the trailer)if it does indeed become a queen or whatever, then  I'm horribly afraid it's dome is going to become of rediculous proportions...were talking like honey i blew up the kid like...especially weird having the roundish frontal lobe like the predator and the dreds...MASSIVE!!! lol    :-[  
  24. Edward Brock
    I'm not really that much excited about this. Why do people have this urge to overexplain things? What's wrong with keeping a bit of the mistery? Besides, the notion of an Alien homeworld doesn't even make sense. They're a species that depend on the existence of hosts to survive. If they have a homeworld, it just means that there are no hosts left in it.
  25. JaredK21
    I figured if they were going to show a homeworld it would be the Predator's. The Alien homeworld needs to be saved for its own movie. The directors are smart not to touch that part of the franchise (if they didn't in fact add it). It's just too big and important for an AVP movie.
    I think its kind of cool that we dont know what the world looks like, but will still be cool to see it. Just hope they don't show a whole lot of it.
  27. SuicideSquad
    it all depends on the execution, i wonder if they can pull it off the right way. i just hope they don't focus on the honor thing. the original predator was just an evil badass interstellar hunter who found it too easy to kill unarmed humans. back to the roots i say.
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