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JoBlo’s Report of Comic-Con

JoBlo’s Movie Emporium have published their report from the San Diego Comic Convention. They’ve given detailed information of the two clips that were shown there and listed a lot of points what the guest speakers had to say about Alien vs Predator:

  • Sanaa Lathan said that her character was solely reminiscent of Ripley in the fact that both women are strong females. Other than that, they are totally different characters with Sanaa having a much bigger pair of hooters.
  • The effects are 70 percent practical and 30 percent CGI. They often used CGI to enhance the practical effects.
  • It was said that Paul Anderson believed that rooting the film in reality within its fantastic premise would make the beastie team-up work.
  • When asked why it took so long for AVP to happen, it was said that they wanted to do it “right”. Anderson’s concept blew Producer Jon Davis away and finally set the long awaited match-up into motion.
  • We’ll get some references to Predator Part One and Two in AVP.
  • The look of the Predator’s space ship in Predator 2 largely inspired the look of AVP’s sets in terms of design.
  • The Predator’s extensive weaponry was jacked up for AVP; expect lots of new goodies!

For the full report, head over to JoBlo’s Movie Emporium and read the rest.

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