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JoBlo’s Report of Comic-Con

JoBlo’s Movie Emporium have published their report from the San Diego Comic Convention. They’ve given detailed information of the two clips that were shown there and listed a lot of points what the guest speakers had to say about Alien vs Predator:

  • Sanaa Lathan said that her character was solely reminiscent of Ripley in the fact that both women are strong females. Other than that, they are totally different characters with Sanaa having a much bigger pair of hooters.
  • The effects are 70 percent practical and 30 percent CGI. They often used CGI to enhance the practical effects.
  • It was said that Paul Anderson believed that rooting the film in reality within its fantastic premise would make the beastie team-up work.
  • When asked why it took so long for AVP to happen, it was said that they wanted to do it “right”. Anderson’s concept blew Producer Jon Davis away and finally set the long awaited match-up into motion.
  • We’ll get some references to Predator Part One and Two in AVP.
  • The look of the Predator’s space ship in Predator 2 largely inspired the look of AVP’s sets in terms of design.
  • The Predator’s extensive weaponry was jacked up for AVP; expect lots of new goodies!

For the full report, head over to JoBlo’s Movie Emporium and read the rest.

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Comments: 23
  1. J
    Boi!    You know from the many positive things about this movie I THINK  it could just about reach the level of Aliens ...   ... perhaps even topple Cameron's masterpiece.   maybe!!!!!
    man i feel sorry for you UK guys october, man that sucks, well we HAVE ONLY 12 days not even 11 days left,my god 10 years ive waited for this film when i first saw that big fat AVP comic book, man it was such a good  book,10 years man<10 F__KING years! and now its only 11 days left,man its going to be hard for me to sleep at night waiting for this movie to come out ,YEAH! MAN AVP BABY LET ME HEAR YOUR WAR CRY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Melmac
    The only reason Aliens was better than the original Alien movie is because of the Queen.  If things go right with this movie, the Queen alone will make AVP a monster hit.   8)  
  4. Variable
    No Nidza you are way of lol. J is right. What we have all been waiting for since our introduction to the AVP franchise. Its coming in a few weeks and we are all ready for it. Believe me guys I feel for all you guys over seas that have to wait to see it. If you want I will juice you up with plenty of detail.
  5. HellAlien
    lol that queen should had win there vs that power loader but who would had kill it? newt? bishop?  Now we will c what she can really do. eheh, im dying to c that.   Celtic, ther will mostly be some red blood in it, but not as much as the novel stated. WE will mostly c a headbite with maybe a spear goin thrue someone splashing bit blood. But i dont think that we will c more than that. Might be wrong tho. But im sure that there will be some in it. J, yup yup. 13 days man. ehehe
  6. J
    I can't believe the film of the decade is less than month away.  Well at least for you folk over in America and Canada.   ;)       October .... October .... October, sigh!
  7. Variable
    Yea man. They seem to be happy with it. It did seem like they wernt true fans like us because they used the words Alien 4 and there was no such thing called that, and they compared the chicks hooters. The queen seems to be the ultimante bad ass. Seeing her fight a human with out a powerloader is something Ive been waiting for. Rock and roll. lol
  8. CelticPredator
    ok someone said there is no human blood at all....thats a question i would ask, or can one else tell me if this is true? anyway yes that queen looks very good
  9. J
    Your not wrong there admiral max, When that scene of the cross Alien - human hybrid slaped its own mum like that ( and that was a pure bitch slap folks) I jumped up in my seat, not of the fact that it was scary but the fact that the queen had gotten taken out like has got to be the most tragic thing to ever occur in sci-fi history. I personally cried when I saw that happen, I still wellup when ever I see that scene hoping that I can some how magicaly alter that particular part, alla ALIENS style.  Her Majesty will play a more DEADLIER role in this movie.  LONG LIVE THE QUEEN BITCH!   ;D  
  10. Jonesy
    "...blow my pop-tarts...laughing like a's chestburster good...blow our Mcnuggets" Lol, that was one of the stupidest articles I think I ever read. It sounds like some old guy wrote it trying to sound cool. man was that ever weird.  He seemed to like the clips, except for Sanna, which is kinda odd - how could you tell from a small clip? But I dunno if I could trust this guys opinion anyhow he seems so strange. Sanaa's a babe; thats about the only thing Im sure hes right about.
  11. HellAlien
    Well that is good stuff. more spoilers again and again. Its great. Well they r not really spoilers, just confirmation of what  we would had think. Eheh. That queen will be awsome to c. Finally, the queen in all of her greatness.    Eheh, and each time i c that oick( the one of the alien on top of this page) I alwasy laugh, he look like a gremlins with his lil feet like that.  lol i had to say it.
  12. admiral max
    the queen is the alien movies was the best character in my eyes i did not like the look of "her" in ressurection she looked like a peace of shit to be honest and then dieing by the hands of that "THING" WAS A EMBARISMENT. but in this movie she will kick ass and alot of it i beat she is very pissed of being locked in being fed liquids to make her lay eggs i would be hehe   :)  
  13. Somebody
    I think that all this i great. However, don't you guy s think that will all these screeening, they are makin ghuge spoilers?? I mean, we already know how one fight will end....etc
  14. abdul
    I am intrigued by all of this. I hope this wont be the stuff they talk about on the fox special. New revealings would be nice to encounter.   :)  
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