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AvP Sci-Fi Convention Report

You may remember a while ago, I told you about the Los Angeles Comic Book & Sci-Fi Convention which featured Lance Henriksen. Over in the Gamegossip Forums El Diablo has just returned from the convention and has written a report there. Here’s the main points:

  • The movie will end with a “sting” that will leave the door open for an AVP sequel.
  • The Space Jockey and his species will NOT be featured in the film.
  • The reason that the cast is so diverse is that Anderson wanted the character of Weyland to pick the best scientists from all over the world to join the expedition. That explains the French woman and the Italian archeologist.
  • There are no plans to make sequels to any of the Alien or Predator films. AVP is the new franchise.
  • Over 80% of the effects featured in the movie are practical.

This confirms then that if AvP is a success, there will be no Alien 5 or Predator 3 so Fox will most likely concentrate on the sequel to Alien vs Predator. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like very good news to me as I would much rather prefer the AvP franchise to develop than the A5/P3 franchises.

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  1. J
  2. El Diablo
    I recently purchased THE BOOK OF ALIEN reprint and found the section that Paul Anderson talks about in the recent Fangoria. Originally, there was supposed to be a pyramid near the area where the Nostromo crew landed on LV-426 (it was obscured by the dusty winds but was revealed once the weather settled). Once inside, the crew finds mysterious hieroglyphics that detail the Alien life cycle. There is an actual Giger painting featured in the book that shows these markings, images that include the Space Jockey creatures using themselves as sacrificial hosts for the Aliens. I assume that they worshipped the Xenomorphs at one time. If they do make a fifth Alien somewhere down the road, I hope they answer some of the questions we have about the Jockey's. By the way, that's my AVP report over at Game Gossip. Lance was a pretty cool guy but he didn't really give us any new info other than telling us about the surprise ending (which makes me a bit nervous). The footage that they screened for us was just the new trailer and the two internet featurettes.
  3. Bringer of Death
    Ya i live in Ontario Canada and its also $6.99 i was going to buy it today but I had to stop myself even though its so tempting but the movie will be so much more rewarding not knowing what willl happen and Hell alien bro dont f around and read that shit man youll regret it in the long run my friend    ;)  
  4. Variable
    We are going nuts over this. One of us will break. I feel sorry for SaNdManxX whos got a damn book store next to his work. Hell, I feel even more sorry for Hell Alien whos got the damn thing in his house. Ten bucks says tomarrow I take off and go get that book. It does have to stop but how?!!!      ???  
  5. Hell Alien
    Dont worry dont worry, I stopped at the end of tha 2 chapter. ( for now, lol ) But I will indeed hide the dam thing cuz if I dont, I will continue reading it. Ill ask my girl to hide it then I will torture her to know where it Im lost. A shit.       Nah Im joking I have more guts than that. I will no longer read the thing. promise. Or Ill go to hell. ( lol im already there. lol) eh eh Anyway dont worry for me. Sand man, be brave, DONT go buy the thing. you can resist my friend. LOL!! we are getting nuts over this!!! man we have to stop.
  6. Variable
    Hell Alien get rid of it. Like I said burn it. You will read it. STOP there. You havent ruined to much for your self. I dont know what to say but STOP! Dont do it for all of our sakes. If you read it others will read it. STOP there before you start something. Damn it I am so tempeted to get up and go get it. ONLY 46 days left if you dont include today. You can make it as can ALL OF US if we dont ever go to a bookstore for the next 46 days. If you work in a book store good luck buddy. Quit. Dont spoil it for yourselves. I know this sound corny but if we support each other we can make it though.  Lets face it we are in trouble.    ???  
  7. Hell Alien
    Ah well forget it. Thanx anyway. I will try to find it by myself.  AND THE DAMN AVP NOVEL IS MAKING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iV ALMOST READ THE 2 ND CHAPTER NOW, THEY ARE IN THA PYRAMID ALMOST AND THINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET UGLY!!
  8. Variable
    I cant help you there Hell Alien. I dont have dates. The movies came first. At leaqst it was like that with the Alien movies. The original Predator the movie came first. That is all I know for sure.
  9. Hell Alien
    I gave the reasons why I did not loved P2 that much. Sure I enjoyed it alot, but was still on my hunger. I hoped more. The pred was not good looking at all compared to the first one, that deceived me alot. Sure tha weapons were awsome the best in the movie industry, but to reassure you all, I loved P2 more than A3 and Res put together. but it wasnt good enough compared to the legendary sequel to Alien, Aliens. I still think today that Aliens is the best holywood sequel ever made. But P2 had potential. I mean in the city!! cmon what a brilliant idea!! Was so cool. But to see what they made of it is deiceving. we saw more in this movie about the pred alot more. But it was not enough. Even tho each time i saw the pred, I closed up to the tv to see closer, and that after each damn scenes that we were seeing the pred I was rewinding it to see it like 20 times before passing to the next scene. But after seeing Aliens, I told muself man I want to see P2!!!! And when I saw it, I was deceived. I dont hate the movie, but I really think that they could have made it WAY!!! better. Thats all.  Anyway can anyone of ya guy plz tell me wich did came first?? movie or comic. And with the dates plz.  Thanx.
  10. uhhhhh
    it used to be that if AVP did well, itd be  no Pred 3 no A5 and an AVP2  if it did bad it would have been P3 possibly A5 no AVP2  however, it now seems that there will just be an AVP2
  11. Cheezyspam
    well I don't wanna beat a dead horse, but no Pred. 3?? There's so much story left to tell, I'd love to see the series take it to their home planet, or at least show more of the inside of their ship.  Aliens is actually my fav. of the 2 species, but even I'll admit that the series is just digging their own grave. however I'd like to see it resolve the story line and not leave it wide open the way A:R did... (At least till they make a stand alone movie without Weaver)  Didn't Darkness just post an interview with Sonny Lundlum (SP?) stating that there will be a Pred. 3 and that "it's coming"? Maybe Sonny didn't have the facts straight... or perhaps FOX changed their mind? Hmmmm....
  12. Variable
    @SHURIKEN, Im not saying that whole thing to you, to the people that said P2 is bad is who I am addressing it to. And yes tribalcore, I have notice what Anderson does at the end of his movies. As a matter of fact I posted that fact a while ago. Dunno if you saw it. Hey ElTiburon, everyone is glad your special forces dad is still alive. Kind of a weird coninsidence though.
  13. tribalcore
  14. Harry Turner
    NO ALIEN 5! what evil people work at fox! screw Predator! and AVP2. the only reason im looking forward to AVP is cause of the Aliens, granted, the predators are cool. but the aliens just do it that little bit more for me :)  NO ALIEN 5! :( also it would have been nice to have seen a Predator 3 and sort out where they messed up with Predator 2
  15. ElTiburon
    I agree P2 was a pretty cool movie...maybe not as good as the first but still really nice. But i think im biased because i love everything that has to do with aliens and preds...  I have no idea about the date...the official site just says august 04
  16. ElTiburon
    Im really glad that Fox is confident enough in this movie that they're planning a sequel. Great! I would love to see A5 or P3 but the whole space jockey thing would probly go right over the heads of most people. Sadly, i think Alien franchise is done.   Ya kno, how in P1 Arnie says : "I knew these men they were in green berets out of fortbragg?" My dad was in special forces at fort bragg and guess what? His helicopter crashed in a jungle in central america. Thankfully, he survived tho!
  17. Variable
    What do you say there about P2 being awfull. It was a big improvement over A3 and AR. P2 was good. Sure Danny Glover wasnt no Arnold but he was ok. Maybe the $ in the movies was...not good but...ok it was bad but were would we be without P2. It cleared up alot and gave the pred more weapons, told us they hunt in clans, may I remind you that it started the AVP thing. The alien head on the wall launched the whloe thing. It made more sence the AR and easyer to follow. Sorry guys but pred2 was good.
    well i believe this is good news, that fox can finally think that they have such a quality product to believe they will make sequels, and not to diss the other movies at all, which i think that fox thought it would either be good or terrible,     the last 2 alien movies terrible, but finally fox thinks they can deliver to the fans now     kinda bummed about predator 3, but it could prevent the predator down fall into crappy movies,     goodbye aliens, goodbye predator,    welcome home alien vs predator
  19. uhhhhh
    woah woah woah! hold on a sec...  this thing says itll be out aug. 6th for us, but i thought it was aug 13th. did they move the realease date UP?
  20. Hell Alien
    Well bringa, I said that P2 sucked cuz of alot of things like the look of the pred, true it was young but man its sucks. And there is too much violence for nothing in this, that what made the movie go in a only 30 millions thing. I mean even A3 and Res were better than that . Sure the movie did bring up some damn good things there like you said the weapons and the alien head in it. But say Im wrong on this, was it the comics that went out first then P2 ?   They both got out in  1990, but wich got out first?? Cuz I think that the comics made avp, not P2. Anyway, the movie also showed us how tough a pred was. VERY TOUGH!!  But the movie had too many cons and not enough pros. And Glover got the first nail in the coffin when we saw that HE was the hero. Its the movie that made the less in the box office of both franchise. Sorry but its a fact that hurts alot. Even tho I think its the movie that brought the most to his monster.
  21. SaNdMaNxX
    sweet info 4 reals........ no PREDATOR 3 damn that suck ballz but o well atleats theres a change for AVP2 and plz no more alien movies there wack and killed it with the last one  the other ones were ok but damn give it a rest with the alien movies ..........i dont mean no offense to the hardcore fans of the aliens....
    people your not going to like what i have to say but FACE IT ITS A NEW TIME AND NEW DAY,the aliens and predator films are over its time now to move on and now move into a bigger forum LIKE AVP and maybe some day avp 2 or 3,ITS A NEW AGE WHICH MEANS BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS.
  23. Bringer of Death
    Sorry there hell alien bro but i have to disagree with you on pred 2 sucking sure it wasnt as good as the first but sequels rarely r, I like pred 2 allot and if there was no pred 2 we wouldnt have been introduced to all the new weaponry like the disk, combi stick, wrist connon, the net, and the little projectile that Danny went after in the rafters, now im not sure were the pred fired that from out of his wrist gauntlet or what and we wouldnt have seen the alien skull on there trophry wall thus mabey never setting up the avp movie itself.
  24. Bringer of Death
    ooman, even though that scene was kinda hard to believe it survived but I guess that shows of tuff and derible the aliens exoskeleton realy is, very strong but on the other hand the preds have an extreamily tuff body themselves, in pred 1 arnie drops ruffly an 600 pound log on the preds head, you figure broken neck and instint death right? wrong thow serverily injured the pred was still alive but was trapped under the log and pred to injured to get it off thus leading to its suicide bomb, in pred 2 we see the pred take 5 or 6 shot guns blasts at almost point blank range then get up 5 min later ass if nothing happened, then gets his arm cut off cordirises the wound keeps going then is killed by a massive intrution to the abdomin by its own smart disk probably tearing through its stomach and other vital organs.Also another point about the alien, in alien 1 when ripley fires that grappling hook of sorts into its chest it was sucked out into space but its body structure is so tuff it didnt even imploed wich is what would happed to a human it was only when it crawled into the rear thrusters of the ship and was insinerated by it that it finaly died.Now i have the novel of alien 1 and in the part the alien infact does impoed once its jetisen out into space but like  i said before the only people who could realy tell us what each species could survive what and how strong each really  are is the creaters of them Giger and Winston.But I'm kinda disapointed in fox for merging the 2 franchises into 1, I mean avp is an alright kinda spin off but i was excited to hear there may be an alien 5 and predator 3 damn it.
  25. Hell Alien
    Eh eh we should do thi once, a major avp war. we should get the date where we wanted this to stand then connect on that precise date then fight to the death. Like we could do this 2-3 days before avp is out. Eh wha da ya think guys. Some are game to face The Hell Alien??? eh ehe eh. Good idea but we need to know how much we would be and all.
  26. ooman
    Alright I have finally devised a way to settle our disagreements with Preds vs. Aliens......TIME TO PLAY ALIENS vs PREDATORS 2  ONLINE!!!
  27. Hell Alien
    No alien5 No pred3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! What the hell???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fox would win so more if they would make these. If avp is successful, they could make those two and wine 3times the money. They are fools. Real ones. Everyone want to see at least one of tha 2. I personally want to see both. Cuz AR was shit and that P2 was shit too. They need to end each of the series with something good. Otherwise they would be fools to let that ocaasion pass. Anyway well see what it will be in the future. But Im sure that we will see some more of those 2. And some more of AVP.  Anf guys, dont start the who will win thing again.PLZ!!!!!!  stop it. Or it will get like last time. And I dont want to see others getting banned cuz of that. 2 is enough already.
  28. Alien Emperor
    No, i dont think that the aliens can resist normal bullets. Maybe only from far but, if a minigun shoot them fram a distance they'r liquid.
  29. Barreth
    This is an old argument... really old... and it's one that is never going to be answered... last time people got on this kind of topic... (aliens vs. Pred) people started getting pissed off... so I say we change the subject
  30. shakermakerman
    yeah but in aliens they r useing armored peicing bullets ans if u read aliens books narmal bullets bounce of them :-D aliens have armor for skin if u listen to aliens and alien rez they go on about what bullets they r using , yes hicks shot one with a shot gun but in its mouth and at close range allso its in the future so bullets will be better
  31. ooman
    Well I look at it this way..... How many time in Aliens have you seen an alien killed with less than 4 bullets?  AND how many times does danny glover shoot the predator and he is just fine?  Also gets his arm cut off and just fine(with the aide of his miracle sheet rock medacine).  I'm pretty sure a predator can take alot more damage than an alien.  Now the thing that takes my cake in the matter is in Alien 3.  How in the hell does that alien survive hot lead?
  32. Spectra
    Well it will be very sad if they decide to go forward with a sole franchise(AVP) and not making at least another Predator movie. I would truly like to own a Predator trilogy. :(
  33. CoNTRoL
    i still want a predator 3. NO ALIEN 5 PLEASE!!! well i dont know if i want to see more AvP, i havent seen the first one yet. i hope the second one is not on earth. but if they are leaving stuff open in the first then i guess the backdrop will be the same. arg!
  34. Spectra
    *well i am dissapointed about them not showing the space jockeys real speicies (even though we all know it was predator) but i think that the predalien that came from the space jocky was killed by the other predson the ship and then they fought the queen but they died in the procces leaving the derilict spacecraft filled with only eggs until humans discover it in A1  another thing that bothers me the synthetic in A1 said that the alien was a perfect organism it was from the company and that means it knew about the predators meaning the aliens are more advanved pyhsicly than the predators!!!!!!!*  Predators aren't Jockeys!   ???     As for Ash saying the aliens being the perfect organism is a real joke imo! Since they were unarmed and have to confront it was the reason for Ash to frighten them; is not that i'm denying they aren't capable but come on, we all know the Predators are physically superior. Aliens though own few advantages over them. First one they have more natural weapons: Alien has claws, jaws, tails and acid when shred in parts.  Predator has claws and jaw. Second one Alien can walk on wall and upside down. Predator can climb vertically very tall trees with his prey on him. We also see the Pred walking on his four limbs while crouching.   Overall the Alien has a little more advantage naturally so to speak.  Predator in the other hand is stronger and more resistant as seen in the trailer.  The difference is made when the Predator use his gears. Now the Alien doesn't stand a chance. The Predator has a wide variety of weaponery(stabbing  and energy weapons) ranging from short to long range. His vision will detect any who try to hide and his cloak will conceived him at least from the humans.   1 on 1 the Pred win if equipped. 1 on 1 without his gears the alien most likely(unless the pred is very skilled)
  35. Sam04je
    This is a good idea naw we don't have to wait for a new Predator or Alien movie to be released because they will be realised at the same time!  And people think they may even mention the Space Jockeys in the Avp sequel.   ;)   I think this is a good idea. DONE FOX!
  36. shakermakerman
    i bet any of you that alien 5 will be out in the next 5 years.. there must be scrips flying about, and like fox oh what r will gunna do now??? i know alien 5 lol we all know even alien was writen before star wars that they only did alien cus stars wars was a success. so dont any of u worry.. i think we need to know the origans of the alien ans space jocky
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