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Report Back From Comic-Con

Frequent AvPGalaxy visitor, Gr8kabuki, visited the San Diego Comic Convention last week and has just submitted his report on the event and the Alien vs Predator footage that was shown there. Here’s an extract:

“There may not be much human blood but there will be gallons of green and yellow pred and alien blood. During the battle a predator gets impaled on an Alien tail and it’s pretty graphic. The MPAA has always thought green blood is ok for the kiddies and it looks like it will be flying around by the gallon in this. I think that human kills will be masked with pred vision, etc.”

The report is very well-written and takes an insight into the negatives of the footage as well as the positives. Take a read on the next page…

—-Begin Report—-

The USA Today article was accurate in its description of the reaction to the film clips. The gigantic “Hall H” at the San Diego Convention Center was almost full so there were at least 5000 people in the audience. Many of these had stayed from the Resident Evil 2/ The Grudge panels (with Sarah Michelle Gellar in attendance) that had been shown immediately prior to AVP presentation.

Sanaa Lathan, Lance Henriksson, Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff all came out and talked about the film a little. They really didn’t say much that hasn’t been discussed before. Two scenes were shown (a) the exposition scenes where Weyland explains the nature of the expedition which then cuts to a verbal confrontation between Lex and Weyland in his cabin (b) the first battle between aliens and predators.

The bad:

1. During the battle clip, humans were simply knocked around by predators so there was no blood. I think that this is what can be expected throughout the movie. It would be nice to see blood flying but I don’t think that it’s a very realistic expectation from a business standpoint. This is a movie aimed at teenagers and the studio will not jeopardize this. It’s not Anderson’s decision. I don’t get the over reaction with the R starting from the internet community. Personally I like R movies due to nudity and blood but I don’t get upset if a film has less T&A and blood to avoid NC 17.

2. During Lance’s speaking time he over emphasized the supposed motivation of the character. “The guy is a billionaire, he made his money in robotics, he’s dying and what’s to be remembered for a positive contribution “etc. To me these are just plot details and indicates a weak script. What the character does is not motivation …why he does what he does and how he feels because of it is motivation. Lance is an awesome actor and intelligent man so I imagine he had to dig deep for something to work with and that was all he could come up with.

3. Alec Gillis stressed the fact that Anderson is a huge fan of both franchises who’s goal was to make a great action film. He also told me this prior to the panel at his book signing. I got the feeling he was already rationalizing why the film will not be groundreaking although he has not seen it edited

The good:

1. There may not be much human blood but there will be gallons of green and yellow pred and alien blood. During the battle a predator gets impaled on an Alien tail and it’s pretty graphic. The MPAA has always thought green blood is ok for the kiddies and it looks like it will be flying around by the gallon in this. I think that human kills will be masked with pred vision, etc.

2. The fight was great and ended with Scar kicking major ass. Aliens 1 predators 1 after the first round. There were about 5000 people in the audience and they went nuts. The only drawback was the cheesy cuts to human reaction shots. They were too long and too frequent.

3. The cast members and fx guys were also genuinely excited to see the clip. All claimed to have never seen the edited clip prior to it being shown there.

4. This was not a crowd of pro Anderson fanboys who clapped at everything shown to them. After an Anacondas: Hunt for the Blood Orchid clip, the hall was filled with boos. Before the AVP clips rolled people were screaming things like “Bring back Fincher!” but after the fight was shown everyone was pumped. This will be a hit for Fox.

5. Sanaa Lathan- Freaking gorgeous. I hadn’t been a big fan until I saw her in person and she is very, very hot. What’s more encouraging was how her performance came across on screen. Her acting was understated and believable. I had been worried because the trailers and novel have her coming across as some kind of bad ass super chick ( Like Milla J in RE2). Ripley only seemed this way to me in AR. In the other movies she acted and reacted like a real person. From the little bits that were shown, Sanaa made Lex seem believable.

That’s my account. Hopefully you can use it on the site. I was able to meet Gillis and Woodruff at the signing For the AVP Creature FX book. I asked them why there were no pictures of the Predburster and Gillis told me that Fox prevented some things from being used at the time the book was published. They then signed the book , an Alien 3 mask and a mini poster I picked up at the show.

—-End Report—-

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  1. mister xenomorph
    so the aliens will just make funny faces at humans and not head-bite them or impale them or shred can u not have blood when a human comes face to face with an alien? predators might not be intrested in hunting humans at that moment. predators could punch a human in the face or net him with out killing him, but how does this work with aliens. HUMANS MUST DIE IN THIS MOVE!!!
  2. G-Dog
    ??? LOL!   ;D   Good one Sentinel, I expected the same response from you, you're so fu-king lame and predictable! just made 10$ off of you!!!    ;D     ;D     ;D   let me guess you're next response........  oh good one gdog man, didn't see that one coming pokemon lover, go see you're show you litttle kid, don't wet the sheets man, bla bla bla man, boo hoo hoo son.....   shut the F up you gimp! bet you're balls haven't even dropped yet and you're acting all bad, boy don't make me cyber bitch slap you!! hit 22 years old then come talk to me.... LOL!!   damn J, I thought my shit was long.....    ;D  
  3. true AvP fan
    could it be that fox finally heard our damn cries, maybe they said listen, that stuff that we just cut out, put it back in there.  Maybe G-Dogs letter got to them, and they started thinking, or maybe i'm just ludicris for ever believing they were going to come to their senses and make this film right. Still, there is nothing wrong with a little wishfull thinking, but wouldn't it be something else if this got re-rated to an R movie.  Damn that would be fire. Who agrees?
  4. tribalcore
    ...agrees with true avp fan. and also even the Rated R version of spawn there really was no difference so if AvP comes out with a rated R version on DvD it will just have a couple extra curse words no spinal rips or skinned bodies. and that comment the guy makes "you ugly son of a ....."    so gay it aint even funny.    me taking a shit is  gonna be more violent then the human gore
  5. Bringer of Death
    Whats this about fox re rating this movie? is this just someones hopes or is this the new rumor going on now?.Sentinel im glad someone is pissed over the same shit i am, I mean how do you expect to pull off real life situations with a pg 13 rating when the people in this movie are stuck between two fearsome creatures that want to ripp them to shreads? I mean come onn like i said before them not being able to say F#$k and swears like that is rediculous because if you think about it , if you were in there shoes and about to get eaten or a spear wipped through you chest you think you would be cursing like a mad man and dont you think that the f word would the least harsh word coming out of your mouth at a time likr that? I know I would be crursing like something out of an NWA song!   ;D  .But the good thing is they may not be stingy in the alien pred gore, wich is a good thing.
  6. true AvP fan
    i believe, that some day, not to far from now, they will start to show the uncut versions of all movies, on regular cable, even the NC-17 movies.  In reality we are all growing up in the most graphic of times, i mean, you watch the news now a days, and you may get sick to your stomach from some of the stuff they show. Back in the day on tv, they couldn't show a married couple in the same bed, slowly they began to get closer, and wear less close, and etc.  So why is this movie taking a step back, lets continue to progress, i didn't grow up bad, and i started watching these movies when i was so young, why because my father liked them.  Movies don't make a kid good or bad, it's how they are raised.  This movie should be gory, violent, bloody, and language crazy.  After the movie the little kids parents can sit them down and say, now that you saw that movie, i don't want you using any of those bad words that were in there, that's all it takes, a little good upbringing.
  7. topman
    Todd Mcfarlane was pisssed off with the studio for releasing spawn as a pg -13!! if he took control of AVP he would fight FOX for it to be a R rated or higher certificate, i know he would!
  8. SCAR
    I have a question???IF AVP is gonna be 13 in US does that meen that it will be G in CANADA,coes in the US u had BAD BOYS rated R,THE MATRIX AND T3,but here where i live in CANADA it was 13,so?????
  9. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    yea, I still gonna see this movie in theatres. I'm so hyped about it, and I really need to see, since these are two fantastic movie franchises and they finally meet each other    ;D  
  10. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Cool _-={ Predator }=-_!    ;D    It's just stupid imo. We live in a real world, we already see blood on TV in the news broadcast. I mean even here in the Netherlands we saw the corpses of Iraq on tv, burned etc. Okay, with these things I can understand it.  But come on, no red blood, jesus. Red blood is part of our body, every kid knows blood is red and has already seen it a couple of times before it goes to the movies. Green and yellow blood is okay, because that's not realistic, but red blood, no, let's don't use red blood, maybe the audience will think this movie uses real-life ideas, come'on, that would be fake. No red blood, otherwise they think it's fake. No, let's just use green and yellow blood, so the audience will think it's real and not fake....    ???    Stupid FOX!  [yeah, I'm a little bit pissed of about this, okay it's just a movie, but NO to red blood and YES to green & yellow blood doesn't make sense to me...]
    god dammit! no human kills not even one head or leg comes off!   ???   why the f**k do the preds have those big ass blades then! man i better see alot of green blood and alien gore flying all over the place,there better be alot of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!,i mean alot it! i better see a pred ripping those aliens apart! like i said guys if they dont push the pg-13 limit it will be stupid.then again if its rated R G-dog might see it and have adverse effect on him at night, g-dog try not to wet the bed again!,thats the 5th time i changed your sheets man,this is not cool man.   ;D  
  12. G-Dog
    Nope. FOX will want to get more $$ out of this film as they can, expect the DVD version to have the deleted scenes/director's cut version. Its a business thing.....

    Hey Predgirl, got this info from abdul, running time for AVP is at 134 minutes, about. He got this from his friend who works in a theater and has all the listings of movies that they are getting for August.    8) 
  13. _-={ Predator }=-_
    To predgirl thats awesome so im guessin u r round 15 13 right? cause most girls round my age act like that which gets really annoying but anyway there should be a movie where the aliens win then another avp the preds win so everyone is happy for their umm...bloodthirsty creature for the humans well lets just make a big nice body count for them    >:D   MULAHAHAHAHA

    im with maurice when i was in colorado bout 5 i cut my hand my whole entire arm was covered in blood and i laughed wasnt scary at all it was funny but people think im abnormal sooo it depends on the persons brain...   ???  eeeeeeewwwwww
  14. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    I fear they will not release an extra director's cut just because we want to see blood and gore. I have a feeling the theatrical release will be the only version released on dvd...
  15. Sam04je
    How many humans are gunna be on this film? i cant see every death shown in a predator view!! anyway i surpose this is good news that there will be at least Green gore in the film, better than nothing.
  16. Zoidberg
      :)   Let's hope they have enough material with human blood&gore included so that the DVD version will be R or a director's cut. It just feels a tad bit unrealistic to have a human crew coming up with abominable creatures killing everything in sight - in a claustrophobical pyramid - and then to have them left clean dry. It is neither realistic nor pleasing. In fact, it feels a major let down. If the movie will not later be released on DVD as a "human bloody" version, then the human deaths of this film will very much have a feeling of insipidity about them.
  17. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    "The MPAA has always thought green blood is ok for the kiddies and it looks like it will be flying around by the gallon in this." WTF?! Green and yellow blood is okay, but real-life related red blood not. In what kind of world do we live? Let's stay close to reality and add some green and yellow blood, the kids will like it and think it's normal, why red blood is too scary, come on fu<kers, every kid has seen blood on its own hands or fingers when it played a little bit too rough on a playground. I mean, when I was young (talk about 8 yrs. old, I knew blood was red and it didn't scare me.) Jesus. What a load of bull$hit!
  18. Mike
    I think if AVP has an amazing mind blowing story and answers our question, why do preds and aliens hate each other so much then i think were in for an epic masterpiece and yeah the movie is called AVP i would much rather see aliens and preds going at it cause weve seen the humans die a billion times, they get there head bit off and there skulls ripped out i'm new to this forum.    ;D  
  19. SandwormPhish
    I really wanna see that clip..  Anyway the PG-13 movie rating doesn't particularly bother me because you can get away with an awful lot on a PG-13 (Tremors, Hellboy, Indiana Jones, etc)
  20. Baseman
    At Comic Con, The guys that worked on the costumes and played the alien, said that hopefully, there will be a sequel.  So, the movie will probably have some semi- open ending.  I think, the humans might snag an egg or something and somehow that will work into the whole Weyland-Yutani thing trying to use the aliens as Bio-weapons.  Maybe Yutani will be introduced in this or the next movie.  Here are how the aliens get into the sequel, how the hell are the preds gonna be in the sequel? Let me think about that one.  I'm sure I can come up with something cool.
  21. HellAlien
    Hey adamjz, great man. congrats. You could ask a pred to help ya heal ya bruises. Eheh, with the health kit they have, they could easily heal that rash of yours.   ;) 

    I hear ya on that one man. The queen is gonna own this movie. SHE will be the star, not that poor human of lex, eheh,. Finaly some queen action after 18 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Man did we disurv that queen ya think ??!!!!!!!!!! ahahaha. I love my mother, NA mean my queen. lol i know.  This is gettin pretty exciting. 2 weeks now !!!
  22. Galmorzu
    Yeah, the critics are going to be brutal, but you know what?  I've been dying to see the Queen in action since Resurrection.  I was so disappointed at how useless she was to its story, and how she didn't do anything.  After reading the book I'm getting so excited about *really* seeing a Queen in action, especially in a way that's even more intense than she was in Aliens.  Two weeks to go!  Well, two and a day     :D  
  23. HellAlien
    Well they traded the ketchup for the mustard and the relish. Guess its not so bad. I think.  Anyway this report is very interesting. Even tho the script seems bit shaky, it will be fun. Its a shame that they did it for the teens. And its some kiddy stuff to see relish and mustard all over the place.  Im sure that we will c some VERY bad crittics on this. But it will do alot of $$ anyway.
  24. Galmorzu
    Not bad.  It's a beautiful area.  Hopefully the weather was kind to you, because I can't imagine doing that if it wasn't.  Congrats again.
  25. AdamJZ
    Hey guys,  Inspirational AVP story:  I just got done hiking MT. Timpanogous, the third highest mountain in Utah.  I left 11:00 yeasterday night, and got home at noon today. a very hard hike, at an elevation of 11,000 ft.  but at the summit is a little metal shack, full of grafitti.  most of the grifitti was people's names and the date they climbed the mountain.  there was a signature book in the little metal shack with a pen, so I wrote my name, the date, and the AVP symbol (I wrote it big) then I even ecthed it into the rock up there.  I came home with about 5 blisters, sore legs, a bad rash near my crotch, but I was worth knowing that each time I look at that mountain, which overlooks the city that I live in, I will think of my hard hike and AVP,  *sob* *sob*  The Mountain I climbed:  anyway, it is good to be back in civilization and I am also glad to hear that there will be plenty of alien and predator gore, I think this movie will be better then AR, and Predator 2, but I dont think it will beat the others, but it will still be great, and a new begining for a new franchise. I have no doubt there will be a sequal, I mean loads of people saw it at comic con, on, AVP was the most visited movie page, and on yahoo movies, AVP was the most anticipated release of August with %53 of the votes, second was collateral with %19 of the votes.  this movie will rock!!! I cannot wait!!! only 2 WEEKS LEFT!!!!!
    well at least we can finally see alot of hardcore action violence between the aliens and the predators. wished we could see hardcore violence against the humans in the movie but at least we finally can see the alien and predator battling each other to the death. i still think AVP should been R or NC-17 but fox the shitheads wants to target a younger audience and i put all the blame on fox and also on paul anderson for not taking up for the fans if he was a true alien and predator fan. but i am going to see the movie and if i love AVP i am gonna see it 2 more times. i am a huge fan of both the alien and predator movies and i'm sure this movie would do good for all of us alien and predator fans on this cool site.    8)     :)     ;D     8)     :)  
  27. Baseman
    My bad, I didn't know if that was Elder or Scar.  But Celtic did kick some ass.  SO did the alien.  Crazy. HEy...where is Broken Tusk?  (ya don't think he is in the movie)
  28. Predgirl
    To Predator yes I'm a girl and probably the only girl who comes on this cool site.  No you didn't offend me.  I probably the only girl so far who is into this kind of stuff than girly stuff.  I rather see an Alien or Predator movie any day than some girly movie.  I need some kick a$$ action of suspense.  So I'm more of a tomboy than some girl that watches soap opreas everyday.  At least I get to see the big battle of the century of the bada$$es on the big screen. So yes I'm a girl.
  29. Galmorzu
    It's great that AvP was brought up on the Daily Show, and without even being the butt of a joke either!  It seemed that his statement got some cheers from the audience that weren't just a result of an applaud sign.

    Nope, the one with the piercings belongs to the Elder.
  30. Melmac
    Many people(including myself) wanted a R-rated movie with two of greatest Sci-fi franchises in movie history.  Well it's not going to happen.  Either way, it's still will be great to see them both back on the big screen.     :)  
  31. _-={ Predator }=-_
    yeah at least he was honset but at least theres an avp movie i always wished there was after i played the game r u a girl predgirl?lol i didnt mean to offend u if i did
  32. Predgirl
    Well at least this guy was pretty honest with his report about AVP yeah.  I just wish we all really knew how long the movie is going to be now.  I have an idea if any knows someone who works at a theater should ask about AVP time for august.  I would ask someone at my local theater, but I don't know anyone there just an idea. GO AVP    ;D  
  33. _-={ Predator }=-_
    lol yeah as long theres human blood in the decision im with scar

    yeah thats a point somebody but i mean if ur desperate resort to ketchup or cut down on the aliens or somethin
  34. Somebody
    Paul Anderson had about 70 million dollars to make the movie....think about that....that's not enough to make an excellent movie, but Paul is famous for doing so much with so little...
  35. _-={ Predator }=-_
    yeah thats a good point too. but its funny imaging someone bout to die unless the predator tells them what to do human:scar what do i do? Scar: clickity click'n click human:what the hell does that mean?!?!?!?!
  36. _-={ Predator }=-_
    oh that explains alot but why name it anyway i mean its like what do we do now scar and all u get in response is a bunch of weird and different pitched clicking noises like that tells the person alot
  37. Galmorzu
    Scar was given to the pred by Lex due to a distinguising feature, and Celtic was a name created by McFarlane toys, so neither name was created by the predators themselves.
  38. _-={ Predator }=-_
    yeah who would name their kid celtic yet alone scar i mean why name them at all they dont speak our language i think    ???   but what does celtic mean anyway?

    and the last time i heard the name scar was lion king human killing machine named after some poor pathetic lion dont mix i mean it ruins the chemistry
  39. _-={ Predator }=-_
    yeah thats what ive been talkin bout hamster just for once i wish the humans would just get killed and hve the bad guys win or the aliens or preds because i mean its like that in every movie with some foreign creature the humans dominate

    well fari 21 its rated pg-13 because theres not as much human blood now if the movie wanted the fans way with human limbs and intestines goin everywhere then it would be rated R but since its just xenomorphs and preds gettin massacred they dont care

    if the directirs actually pulled there heads out of their butts and listened to the fans and all it might actually be an awesome movie it would be nice if the predators and aliens just tied and the humans didnt make it so they should hve more humans in it so there can be more humans dying and being made into kibbles and bits by the preds and xenos that would be pretty cool cause thats basically what everyone wants right?
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