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  1. Hell Alien
    Hey gorilla alien, its not out yet, the only way to have the xbox mag 1 month earlier that the rest of the world is to live in canada ( my case )or the US and to subscribe to xmagazine. Its the only way to have thing before others. As for the pcj game, it wont be exactly like grand theft ya know, but more like an hybrid of Metal Gear solid 2 and grand theft auto.But I dont think that you will steal any weels in the game ya know.   Try to imagine that, a predator rolling in a old ford !!    ;D     :D     ;)  
  2. Bishop
      :)   I want more news on PCJ man i want to play that game so bad its like Vice City and True Crime street of LA heading towards a SCFI corse
  3. Hell Alien
    Ahah!. Yeah bringer, I have that mag to but since I dont have the things it take to post it, I was keeping it for myself!   :D   I wanted to post a report on it but forgot about it trying to find ways to keep galaxy alive. Anyway we can always count on you for this kind of stuff bringer, you rock. Keep the goood work   ;D   Even if the game is not that good( wich I doubt ! ) it will be so fun to kick some serious ass with a pred ya know.
  4. Bringer of Death
    Ya bro its only being released on Xbox and PS2, but whats cool is that if I read right onr of the main guys responsible for the AVP PC games has got alot of say in this game, wich is a good thing because those games on the PC r really cool.So I can easily say this game is looking sweet,now well have to wait to see how the gameplay is.
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