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Predator: Concrete Jungle

Vivendi Universal have announced their game line-ups for E3 2004 and they’ve finally told us what the mystery Predator game is called and what it’s going to be about:

“Gamers will hunt down their prey in an urban killing zone as they take on the legendary role of the lethal Predator within this 3rd person action extravaganza. The intergalactic hunter has its sights set on Earth in this new console game. In Predator™: Concrete Jungle, the gripping tale of the fearsome alien’s history on Earth unfolds between two separate time periods, first the 1930s and then in the 2030s, as the Predator embarks on a mission of revenge upon an organized crime empire and its leader who seek to conquer all Predators…” Continued on the next page…

They don’t mention anything about a PC release but you can read the full report on Gamers

Update: I just visited Gamespot and they’ve revealed who the developers are – Eurocom Entertainment. Also the official Predator Concrete Jungle Website has been launched and features 4 screenshots. There’s two news reports on Gamespot and IGN with some new screenshots. PlanetAvP has also posted a small Video Clip (17.2MB) of the game from E3 2004.

20040507_01 Predator: Concrete Jungle 20040507_02 Predator: Concrete Jungle

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  1. Cheeky Chops
    I'm glad predator c j is out on the ps2 and xbox but it would really sck on the gamecube an pc    ;D  plus i'm a BIG BIG BIG predator fan
  2. Bringer of Death
    Half these guys are just pissed its not for PC and in 3rd person wich I would rather have any way like I said before I'd rather SEE the Pred rather than just arms anf hands like in the fps games.   ;)  
  3. Rusty Nails
    Naw it doesn't look too shabby at all. :D  "Predator: Concrete Jungle will be released in the fourth quarter, carry a suggested retail price of $39.99, and an ESRB rating of !!Mature!!." Ooh I can't wait for this game!  -Rusty Nails
  4. Bringer of Death
    Rusty Nails, Go to planet avp.My page freezes up every time i try to copy the link 4 u.I think there are 6 all together now, anyways go there and youll find them.Looks pretty cool to me   ;)  
  5. Bringer of Death
    To the person that said this game probs wont be good because vivendi universal is making it and they make bad games, the make some pretty good games like Simpsons hit and run, Metal arms,Baldurs Gate 2 outlaw golf/volleyball,all the Crash bandicoote games.There also comming out with the Chronicles of Riddick game that looks amazing, fight club, Leisure suit Larry, Red ninja and the Van helsing game.So I think anyways that this game should be pretty cool   ;)  
  6. Aliminator
    i agree with Darkness, stupid companies kept trying to make stupid third-person-action, such as starcraft ghost, enter the matrix, etc.....those are so dumb, why cant they just make their own traditional game and stick with it, geez, bunch of money hungry wannabees.  Also, i want to point out about xbox, they dont suck, but only good is enhanced graphic than ps2 but because xbox cam out 2 YEARS after ps 2, and most xbox are crap, most xbox games are on pc, such as splinter cell, rainbow six, halo,etc, unlike ps 2, it has final fantasy series, tekken series, virtual fighter, socom, resdient evils, silent hill, AND PSX IS COMING OUT!!! (PSX is enhanced ps2 like gameboy advance sp) but I KNOW PS 3 WOULD OWN XBOX BADLY!!!
  7. shakermakerman
    i not have my hopes up,, i mean aliens vs predator exstinction was really bad in fact i bought it taken it back then bought it months later second hand just to add to my collection.   ???     ???     ???  
  8. Predator2004
    ps2, xbox, gamecube who cares? at least we'll be playing it when it comes out so i don't care i have a ps2 and i'm going to play, everybody wins(prbably not for those that do not have ps2/xbox )
  9. Dachande663
    Has anyone acutally read the book - Predator Concrete Jungle. Its well different to the proposed storyline for the game which sounds pretty crap. I think will be another one of those rip-off games that only survive cause there related to something good. Take away the name predator and I bet you have a game that no one will want. I hope it never makes it to the stores!
  10. Predgirl
    All you people over what console or PC to use in the game.  Well in my opinion it doesn't matter to me if I play with PS2 or PC or even the Xbox the graphics are basicly the same maybe just enhance in using one of the consoles.  The controls are usually the same it just depends what controler your using or the keyboard.  If you play the game in two different consoles it basicly the same on how to play it.  Just be happy that they make a game for you to enjoy not to determined what format to use for it.  I have both versions of Legacy of Kain Defiance and the only thing that was different was better sound and sharper image that all.  And for those who don't like PS2 or Xbox well thats ok, but about PC  well I don't play games on it well for one you have to install it and wait for that.  If you are online still and forgot to log off something might pop up while your playing and you have to pick what game you can put on your computer.  Unlike the consoles you put the game in and there you go ready to play.  So please people just be happy they made the game than complaining about the consoles its all the same to me.  Don't get me wrong here I just like for once to here something positive.
  11. Bringer of Death
    Thanks guys, ya i probably have carpol tunnel for sure now!   ;)   just crakin.I'm glad there are some SMART people on her that I can agree with   ;D  .Indeed Xbox is the sh#$ and i cant wait untill those games come out, i'll prob. never leave home with all those!
  12. Bringer of Death
    all u guys mad  about who gets what , Xbox is the BEST system out right now period, better graphics, more power, built in hard drive, downloadable content, xbox live, custom soundtracks, in game dolby digital, HDTV 480p compatible, bump mapping real time lighting effects.WAY WAY better than PS2 and Gamecube.It even shows it with this game in the fact they went live w/xbox and has downloadable content.Pretty much 99% of the games that are on playstation then get revamped for xbox BLOW away the PS2 versions,GTA 3 GTA VICE CITY,MANHUNT,.etc..Then games that are origonaly on Xbox then get ported to PS2 like the Tom Clancy series looks very week in comparison to the Xbox versions.Now I will agree that the FPS AVP 1-2 games look and play amazing, I do also play alot of games on my PC but for consols you can't get any better that the Xbox especialy with games comming like Half life 2, Doom 3, Halo 2 , Fable,Thief deadly shadows,chronicals of Riddick, Unreal 2,Jade empire, Star wars KOTOR 2,Mechassult 2 and games that are out now like Ninja Gaiden,Splinter Cell 1-2, Rallisport Challenge 1-2,Deus Ex( orig is better on Pc)Star Wars KOTOR, Project gotham racing1-2,Ranbow six 3,Mechassult,Counter Strike,Wolfenstien,Top Spin,Armed and Dangerous,Crimson Skies,TOCA Race Driver 2,Breakdown,DOA AND DOA beach volleyball,Midtown Madness 3,Panzer Dragoon Orta,Soul Calibur 2 etc.Those are just XBOX EXCLUSIVES i'm still leaving out a shit load of other bomb games .Some of those I mentioned have made there way to the other consols but deff. dont look and play as good.Also Alot of those games I mentioned were infact origonaly on the PC and may look better than all the consols but i'm not talking about PC games I'm talking about the Consol games since this Sweet Ass looking Predator game is infact FOR the Xbox/Playstation2   ;D  .@ COOKIE man how can you like you Gamecube better? are you like 10 years old or something?just joking but because thats the age about 75% of there games are aimed at.Dont get me wrong though there are a COUPLE of Gamecube games I like ,Mario Cart and um ......Mario Cart and ......Metroid Prime...Metal gear solid.....Viewtiful joe even though I didnt like that 1 to much it's still a cool game thats all i can think of right now but I'm sure there are more?   ;D  
  13. Darkness
    It just annoys me that Fox keeps reeling out poor console games. The graphics do look good in the IGN screenshots but the only genres I play on these days are first-person shooters and management/strategy games. I probably wouldn't get it if it was released on PC anyway.
  14. Rusty Nails
    I find that a little odd for an AvP fan (and I suppose you're a gaming fan too, but I don't know) - but maybe that's just me with my high expectations on everything concerning AvP. :/  -Rusty Nails
  15. Darkness
    QuoteYou're not the least tempted to play this one, Darkness?
    Not at all. I never had any interest in it when it was first announced and I stopped playing on my PS2 a year or so ago. No Alien or Predator game can be successful on its own - only AvP can.
  16. Surt
    As a matter of fact I am glad tis not for PC, since this aint going to be anywhere near 'decent'. Speaking of which, AvP 2 is just a mediocre game...could be ALOT better.
  17. Darkness
    Seems like a waste of time to me. This game will effectively be worse than AvP Extinction and you'd think Fox would have learnt their lesson after that but it seems not. It's probably a good idea it's not getting a PC release - the controls would be a problem but it's a shame they're going the same route as AvPExtinction.  They keep aiming these games at consoles which is a complete waste of time. AvP3 is what people want - as a PC-exclusive. This will be one rare news post that I'll be making about it because I don't really see the point in the game. And AdamJZ, are you kidding me? I don't like console games at the best of times but god, there shouldn't be anymore A/P/AvP games released on there.
  18. feebee
    theres not that much difference in graphics xbox and playstation2 ( gaybox )   ;D    this game is gunna be GTA but pred in it, orrrrrrrrr
  19. AdamJZ
    Im pretty sure they cancelled it for the pc, and Im glad, I think the more AVP console games the better, I personally liked AVP:Extinction and I think this looks even better.
  20. Bringer of Death
    I'm sp glad I have Xbox that game looks fu#$ing amazing just seeing those 2 shots.They realy stayed true to the Pred design I'm glad.Also I doubt it will look that good on Gaystation 2, that cloaked screen shot looked bomb, as did the pred.That 1 looks like hes just coming out if cloak mode and about to cut someone in half with his smart disk.Man I can't wait to rip people apart in this game.It better play as good as it's looking   ;)  .I to wish they had both Jungle and city landscapes.Have the 30'2 in the city and 2030 in the jungle a  stalking hightech mersinaries team or whatever like in Pred 1.They better have more than just the Combi stick, disk, wrist blades and most likely shoulder canon as weapons, I want to catch bastards in the net and shoot that spear tip thingy(pred 2) and that wrist canon(pred 2).They also better show you collecting skulls and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of GOOOOOORRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE   ;D  
  21. Cookies
    same idea for alien game would kick ass! First person shoother with only humans and aliens.  Make it realistic where humans have to use technology to win and aliens just kick some human ass.  Make it on doom 3 engine and youll be wetting your pants from how scary it is.  Man i hope fox interactive buys the doom 3 or even halflife 2 engine to make a avp game or something.  Personally i rather see human and aliens only since preds are boring to play since games limit them so much because really they are WAY more powerful then humans and aliens.
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