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Report on AVP at Starfest

For those of you that knew, Lance Henriksen was one of the guests attending the AvP presentation at Starfest last night and some more AvP footage was shown. Here’s someone’s account of what they saw which was sent into

“I just saw the AvP presentation and it was AWESOME! It showed footage from the film, which looks sweeter than hell, and also a cast featurette (Lance Henrickson was there). I got a promo coin that says AvP on it, and has Aliens & Predator on both sides; a promo hat that says Weyland Industries on it. The footage featured clips from the movie that have never been shown before, it showed the Predator’s weapons and what they look like. And it had a quick little scene with the three preds on the top of the pyrimid fighting the aliens. I’ll get you the pics shortly. Is that cool, or is that cool?!”

And as for the theatrical trailer, it should be put online any day now judging by the rumours on forums and the emails I received.

Update: Pictures of the cap and coin have been released. On next page.

20040418_01 Report on AVP at Starfest

20040418_02 Report on AVP at Starfest

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  1. Interesting Point
    First off, I just want to say that I am not a basher of this film.  I am going to give it a chance, and I hope it will be entertaining.  But all I heard before was that the AVP project kept being put on hold because of the costs would be tremendous and the technology wasn't available.  A movie of this caliber was not possible to make and we would have to wait a while.  O.k. fine, I can accept that.  But from what I have seen in the "trailers" and the "making of" videos shows me that this movie could have been made back then.  What in the world is so different here!?  And I know we haven't seen much yet, but still...this stuff could have definitely been made at least five years ago...hell, even ten.  This really bothers me.  Why the wait??  I want to see grand scale massacre with Aliens, Predators, and Humans fighting everywhere.  I don't think this will be that type of film.  So my complaint is, why didn't FOX give us this film years ago darn it!!!?
  2. Predboy
    A Predator isn't a human, Shaneus. And the Predator is the ultimate not the Aliens. Also I will admit like you did with the Predators, Aliens are good, but Predators are the best. What I just said is 100% true.
  3. Shaneus
    Hey ya mumma Not a chance mate. A pred is just a big strong human he lacks the speed required to take an alien in close combat with only a wrist blade. You wouldnt see Danny glover killing no aliens with a pred disk. Pred is good but alien is the ultimate.
  4. Growler
    to Predgirl:: "Being killed by an Alien is much to quick for me make the guy suffer slowly."  Girl, i think i love you.  lol just teasing.  My whole point there was to trip him to slow down the Alien.  I don't care how fast he dies, just as long as he stays alive enough to keep the Alien busy from chasing me lol.    To Aliminator:: Alright, i admit, I'm 26.  And I do at least sleep in the basement of my parents place ONLY when i go back to my hometown on vacations.  Which is mainly once a year.  Where I'm stationed at, I live on my own.  I started living on my own as soon as i turned 18.  Nothin beats it. I'm not offended, i'm just setting my story straight.  I've been a fan of Predator since it came out in '87.  I wasn't really a fan of Alien till I saw Aliens.  When the vs. comics came out i was then hooked.  Not obsessively hooked, but into it like I'm into football.  I've waited a long time for this movie like everyone else on this site.  Since my days in high school when i was your age.  And that's my story.  Damn, i got all personal about myself and shit.  How the hell?  lol    ???    I'm anti-STAR WARS by the way.    ;)  
  5. Predgirl
    When does the Man of Fire movie comes out because my step mom is going to see it maybe I'll ask here if she sees the AVP trailer.  Usually they will show some trailers that oline in the same factor like for example the movie is rated R or maybe of what kind of movie it is or maybe because its produced by the same company for the making of the movie.  Just giving some suggestions why it will be shown with the Man of Fire movie.
  6. Galmorzu
    Yeah Bringer, that was it.  Thanks.  It's a tough call, because I would really like to see how Ripley's story finishes in the Alien franchise, but at the same time, I'd really like to see another AvP if this one turns out pretty good.
  7. Bringer of Death
    to GALMORZU, I believe that it was in fact Ridely Scott who described that same idea as his plot for ALIEN 5, that the 'Space Jockies' WOULD COME TO EARTH WITH THERE WAR WEAPONS'ALIENS' and seed the earth with there eggs.Sounds pretty sweet to me and also I thought I read some place that Sigoureny mentioned that same kind of story and that we would see the aliens home world again and or were the Space Jickies come from.She also said that she wasn't to interested in coming to earth for part 5 that it would be better to go far far away in space.Well I guees its all riding on whether AVP does well or not to continue with the other single franchises, heres hoping it all goes smoothly   ;D  
  8. Galmorzu
    The comics have said a lot about the jockies, but the only semi-official tidbit we have on them is something Ridely Scott said to the effect that they created the aliens as weapons of war and apparently the derelict in Alien was one carrying eggs that had some aliens get loose.  I can't remember if he was the one who suggested that in the next alien movie the jockies would come to earth and seed it with aliens or not though.
  9. Shaneus
    I like Sinners theory about a villian pred because obviously if your after honour gained from battle you wanna kill the hardest enemy definantly an alien. And to kill humans instead would be easy therefore dishonourable. But in that line of thinking perhaps it will be a pred (celtic) backstabbing our doomed good guy pred.

    ALso brainteaser for all my fellow Alien fans any theories/knowledge as to the background on the pilot species. I have theories but no sound knowledge has anyone got info ? Are they like an ancient species wiped out by aliens ? Did they make the aliens ? What are they ?
  10. Saint Sinner
    Didn't they just move back Man on Fire's release date?   And about the "teamup" -- we don't even know whether the Predator she teams up with has taken part in slaughtering a few of her friends. Could be the Celtic Pred taking these kind of liberties for all we know. He strikes me as somewhat of a villain.
  11. Galmorzu
    Is this whole deal about AvP's trailer being attatched to Man on Fire legit?  I really hope so since I think it's about time they get word out, but Man on Fire is suprising as the movie to do it.  It just doesn't seem the type of film that would typically have a preview like this.  That would be great if it did though, since I know a lot of people hoping to see it this weekend.
  12. flonge
    Aliminator: Nice idea about AVP2 being in the city... And I hope they rate the movie R because it should be gory since all the other movies are... Anderson: I still doubt your skills... I hope the new trailer shows that I'm wrong...
  13. Nidza
    Errrr you are right,a saw no clocking of the pred which,I think is the coolest thing in both the game and the movies. Oh how tall are the guys who act the pred? And where can I get that cosutme ? PREDMAN TNAANANANANAANAAN   ;D  
  14. Aliminator
    holy crap, bunch of avp fans are older than i thought!!! join SEALS and AIR FORCE....(stun)i hope you guys are not like star wars nerds who are 40-years-old nerd who live in a basement with their parents.......just kidding, no offense!!!  PS: i think avp 2 movie should be in a city like predator 2.
  15. Predgirl
      :-\   Your all still worried about the outcome of the movie boy at least I'm being positive about it.  Yes I agree with Growler there about the team up situation.  What choice would Lex have in the end if she needed to survive in the whole ideal is to team up with the Pred, but not trust the dude though.  Like the old saying goes keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. I love that line even when a bad guy says it.  I don't know more about that outcome though that will happen in the movie.  At least she didn't team up with the Aliens now that would be weird to my eyes at least.  At the end of what you said there Growler I wouldn't go as far for him to be killed by an Alien, but trip the dude or try to knock him out and escape with my life and just leave him there in cold yes make the dude suffer in the cold.  Being killed by an Alien is much to quick for me make the guy suffer slowly.  Now I'm being a little devious here hehehehehehehe.
  16. Growler
    to OldEntish::  damn, i was standing on the view of a Predator joining a human, you're looking at it as a human joing a Predator.  You have a very good point.  Why would someone see their friends get slaughtered and then team up with the enemy?  That would be like me teaming up with terrorists.  As i think about it.  If I were hunted by Aliens and the only ally i could have is an enemy?  I'd team up just to survive.  I wouldn't trust the f**ker at all, but he wants to live as much as I do.  So if i couldn't make it on my own, you're damn right i'd work things out with the enemy.  When it comes down to the wire though.  We're getting chased by an Alien with the door closing a head of us...  If i still can't trust the guy, i'm tripping his ass so the Alien can have him.
  17. AdamJZ
    The last surviving human joins up with the last survivng pred, because the alien queen will kill them if they dont.  also THE TRAILER IS COMMING OUT EITHER TODAY OR TOMORROW, I GOT INFO FROM A GUY WHO WORKS AT THE STUDIO, HE SAID IT WOULD BE RELEASED ONLINE BEFORE FRIDAY AND PREMIERING THEATRICALLY WITH MAN ON FIRE!!!
  18. flonge
    One of the cool things I was looking forward to in this movie was to see the huamans come across a war between Aliens an Predators, now if there are going to be alliances, lets hope this happens at the very end with a **ll of a good reason! Anderson is making me nervous with all these ideas, arn't there enough things to explain and reveal in this movie as it is.Watch Aliens and Predator, and Terminator 2, Good scfi,action trillers dosn't need to complex turning points. How bad would it be if the police would had joined Arnie to destroy T1000 at the end of T2. Maybe a bad example, but If there's a good idea behind the movie, why not keep it clean and let the action be really good and simple. I'm going to have nightmares about Anderson and his bad ideas...
  19. OldEntish
    I too agree about Lex joining the Preds. Who in their right mind would join an alien society bent on hunting? Not to mention hunters that killed all her friends. Plus she's a girl so she'd be pissing in her panties like a little miss girly.
  20. Growler
    to Shaneus::  The comics you said you have read, were they by chance the "Deadliest of Species" series?  If so, yeah, i agree that story did suck.  I could barely even follow it due to the short attention span i had while i was reading it.  The Original AVP comics are personally my favorite of any Predator or Alien comics.  Darkness has a little refrence to them on the very top left of this page where it says "comics."    Yes a girl even teamed up with a Predator at the end of the original series, but in that story it makes sense.  One, the humans found the lead Predator knocked out from a crash.  Not knowing what the hell it is, being the compassionate humans that we are, they took him back to medical and nurtured him back to health.  So yeah, that makes more sense for that Predator to team up with a human since it was a human that took care of him.  That Deadliest of Species series though?  What the hell were the writers thinking?   ???  
  21. Saint Sinner
    Well, in the premise it says the Predator is "doomed" -- so obviously hunting the sole surviving human is meaningless at that point in the movie, the trophy wouldn't matter and neither would the kill. So the Predator is either simply trying to survive, or he is indebted to the human in someway. That's all I can make of it so far. If you're referring to the Predator being "unstoppable" ...well, if he's doomed, he obviously is quite stoppable, and I'm sure he's going to sacrifice himself to save the human chick in the "Queen" battle. If you mean that SHE might be unstoppable, I don't know how to approach that. Both Ripley and Dutch survived "against the odds" in their respective movies (except for the 3rd Alien movie) so who knows. "Whoever wins, we lose." Even she survives, the humans haven't won anything. It's AVP, not AVPVH. They're the main event, we're just the bait. Paul Anderson on Howard Stern said this isn't Freddy VS Jason, there WILL BE a definite winner.
  22. Shaneus
    Yeah as i found out from this site right after posting that.   I still think that the idea of lex and a pred teaming up is a bad idea i have read some of the comics with the pred chick and they sucked  come on people they hunt us for sport. Did a pred end up shaking arnies hand and saying lets be freinds when the s#%t hit the fan ...... If this is gonna be another BLADE with an unstopable main character who kicks the crap outa everything its gonna suck. The best thing about alien and pred movies is the realism. No one is unbeatable.
  23. Saint Sinner
    Shaneus; you should probably do some reading up on the movie. It isn't set in the Alien/Aliens timeline, it's in present day, set on Earth.
  24. Saint Sinner
    It is true that Lex teams up with a Predator, but there should be a perfectly good explanation for it. If you know/knew anything about the AVP comic books or novel, "Prey," this is what Anderson is sort of paying homage to.  Also, I'm very convinced now that "Celtic" is going to be a villain Predator. Since some ideas seem to be following the books, I can see the human kills mainly coming from HIM, and it being looked at as dishonorable by the other(s). Just look at Celtic's mask/helmet, it says it all. He's also the one it MAINLY shows in many of the battles. I'm willing to bet he's the gutsy, arrogant one of the bunch trying to gain prestige.
  25. Shaneus
    Hey all Shaneus coming all the way from down under this site rocks !!!! I have been a huge fan of AVP since i saw the alien skull in pred 2 and just the thought of the two going at it in a movie made me quiver. But i read at that lex is going to team up with a pred and become a hunter please tell me its not true. Also the inclusion of bishop means this would have to be set between alien and aliens. Any idea of an official time setting. Cheers mates AVP Rulesssss Go Xenomorphs !!!
  26. Predgirl
      ???   Wow all of you are threating in a way well not all of you.  Give the guy a chance at least for what I have seen its looks pretty good to me.  Probably its taking so long well it does take a long time to make a movie depends what they got within the movie.  Just look at LOTR movies I heard it took over three years for all of the movies to be finished and they turned out good except the last one at the end it kind of dragged on and on a little they could of shorted it oh well.  What I'm trying to say is at least Anderson had the luck and chance to make this movie happened.  If it wasn't for him then we all be waiting another ten years to see the movie.  It took ten years to decide to make an AVP movie and finally someone took up the chance to make it happen.  All the other directors were afraid to do it becasue of the story the had to create.  I think it is good to be original than doing the same thing for maybe new fans to the movie.  I have one friend who never seen the Predators movies and I personal had to make him watch them and he liked them.  Now he is a new fan of the movies there you go.  About the Predator looking different well what would you wear if you were in Anartica or somewhere really cold.  And besides these are new Predators they all have to be different to because well maybe different clans or something just as an example.  Wow I'm on a roll here all of your opinions are good because your worried about the movie being bad or good well don't worry I'm just pleased they made one for us to enjoy.    8)  
  27. AdamJZ
    If this movie sucks, by all means give him a slow and painfull death, do not snipe him. but Paul knows that there are a bunch of psychotic fans out there who will hunt him down and kill him if he makes a bad film, he wont let himself be killed, he will make a good movie.
  28. cookies
    yup just like the starwars films which ended up sucking becuase we were waiting sooo long and we thought it would be just amazing but it wasnt. Now i hate paul andersons movies SOOO MUCH.  Only think i really like about him is that he knows which pred a alien movies were the best and hes getting all the info of those movies.  I love how hes keeping it to the orignal style and sounds which i really happy at becuase i hate change soo much which each pred and alien movie does which SUCKS.
  29. ALIENS
    THIS WHOLE THING DRIVES ME TO DRINK,i think paul is making a mistake to make people wait so long because the more people wait the more they want the film to be better,and BETTER<AND BETTER,i mean maybe its a realy realy good movie,but man he shouldnt take that chance.
  30. flonge
    Let's hope you are right AdamJZ. But if Anderson screws it , I will personally snipe him with my plasma cannon and dig him a grave into the deepest point of inferno, and then smoke a sigar and watch P1, and A2. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!
  31. AdamJZ
    Screw you guys, the pyramid idea is brillant, if they made it any other way it ould suck, what make a aliens with predators in it, or an adaptation of the AVP novels, that would be completley unoriginal, this movie is done by the same screenwriter who wrote the HellBoy script, that was an excellent movie by the way.  the new pred designs are orignal mixing some elements from the movies, games, and comics.  this movie takes place on earth which is also very new to the alien franchise. and the fact that its not just putting predators into the alien universe is good too.  I have enjoyed all of Pauls work except for maybe mortal kombat (which was still entertaining)  but resident evil was good, and who cares if its clastraphobic, an alien movie is supposed to be clastrophobic, it has huge, open antartic landscapes and small chambers of the pryamid, this movie is a mixture of some very great things of the previous films.  the pyramid feels like a predator version of the derilict ship from Alien, and also the Landscape of antartica has the desolate feel that was soo good in the first two films, now if you think that this movie will be forgottin like some popcorn flick, you are wrong, AR sucked, yet alien fans and others alike remember. this movie has a good director, a good writer, a great special effects crew,  and great actors. you might not be firmiliar with the actors but I am, and they are all talented.  this movie will be remembered as one of the coolest sci-fi movies ever, and also T3 was pretty good, not as bad as you were saying, but this will be better, I loved Soldier, Event Horizon, and Resident Evil, they were all memorable sci fi movies, and AVP will be Pauls best film yet.  You will see, and besides, AVP was originally going to be directed by the director of Batman Forever, now that would suck, and also it was going to be based on the books, which would suck more (the books are great, just not to be made into a film.) you should be greatful that this movie is even being made. this is the biggest budget so far out of any alien or predator movie, I dont get why you think that 70 million will not be enough to cover all of the stuff that you mentioned, it would cover that and much more.  You will see, YOU WILL ALL SEE!!!!!!!! BOW DOWN BEFORE YOUR GOD!!!!!!! PAUL ANDERSON!!!!!!!!! ALL HAIL PAUL ANDERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES AND BEG FORGIVNESS FOR DOUBTING HIM OR YOU SHALL ALL PERISH IN FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. flonge
    I really hope Anderson makes it, but I'm afraid that the sneak previews have dissappointed me much. I was hoping for something A2 type of marines not some young unknown actors. The predator seems a bit computerised and modern, I would prefer the wild style as in the first movie. I'm missing their cloacking skill and some agile shots of the predator running and climbing... I'm also afraid of AVP turning out to be a claustrofobic "Studio" pyramid picture. Andersons movies/pictures tend to end up with loose edges when it comes to acting and details in the enviroment. The slow-motion shown in the preview is also very oldish and boring. The pyramid figures seems totally false and the dark style is ok, but sometimes you feel, its being done so to hide the poor details in the rooms. I haven't seen any really good action on the previews yet either. There is much to build on there from A2, and the predator. I hope Anderson uses a combination of the two movies to create some fast-paced and scary action. The CG seems to be good though, but please don't mess up the aliens, I agree with many here that AR was bad when it comes to design. A3 was a worse though. Predaliens I'm afraid would be too much, there are a lot of things to make in this movie, I hope Anderson realises his limits and dosn't push it too far. He has to make the alien, acid effects, spiderlike material on walls, eggs, facehuggers, A Queen! , Predator, with 3 cannons, spears, their shurikens, their selfdestruct plasmabomb thing, their vision, some cool fights between the two, some enviroment effects, pyramid fight with 91483 aliens, predator ship shot, both outside and inside, chestburster shot, some faceless predator shots, pluss alot more I have forgotten, but sure is going to need alot of work to polish, which I do hope Anderson has realised. To be hones, I'm afraid this movie has to have a better budget to be successfull, and I as I said I really hope Anderson makes it, but if the theratical trailer isn't twise as good as the sneak preview. I'm afraid this will be a flopp to me. I have always had my visions of this movie since I saw the P2 ending, and if this gets to be a "Terminator 3" alike project, I mean a movie that is easily forgotten but with some entertaiment, then it isn't enough for a hardcore fan as myself I'm afraid. Whatever happens I'll surly see this movie a hundred times on cinema though.
  33. Predgirl
    Hello I've been checking out this site for awhile now and pleased with what you done with it keep up the good work.  OK to subject matter I can't wait to see the movie that I wish it was here right now.  When I heard about boy I thought my heart was going to explode.  I'm a big fan of both, but mostly Predator.  I hope you put up the new photos soon and I'll check back in to see some more updates as and in the main site of the movie.  So far I have not got any new email update about the new theartical trailer yet, but like you said probably this week.  If anyone is curious how I get news about the site is I registered for it so I get updates in my email.  You probably did the same right hehehehe its that simple.   ;D  
  34. Insert Witty Name
    I can't wait to see the Xenomorphs (Aliens) rendered with modern CG, and it would be cool if they featured some 'PredAliens" from the game!
  35. Majin Jekku
      8)    "So it's just Weyland Industries now is it, as opposed to Weyland-Yutani? Odd." - Weyland, as in Weyland-Yutani.  To answer your question, I believe Weyland Industries merges with a Japanese company by the name of Yutani ???? or ???? Yutani.  Something like that.  And, the merger results in the Weyland Yutani Corporation.  n_n;  Which is eventually consumed by Wal-Mart.  Or so said that guy in Alien Ressurection.  But, we'll just hope he was being sarcastic.  ;-;
  36. Killer_Kakashi
    I'd like to point out something that i don't think some of you have noticed about the alien figures. they aren't completely the AR aliens. if you look a the legs they don't have that extra knee. I think mcfarlane used a very similair mold of the upper body but changed the legs to be more human like. since thats what they are like in this film
  37. cookies
    Im all for this movie but change sucks. I hate how they have to change stuff becuase it has to be something new.  WHy not make the humans have laser beams attached to their freaken heads?  crazy ass looking preds and aliens that look like resarectioncrap.     Hardcore alien and pred fan (predator as being my favorite movie.. even if poeple ask me whats my fav i say pred, and this was for many years)  Fan of aliens since i was a kid.  I hate change the original designs looked the most realistc and the most creative shit i ever seen.   I just cant get where those 4 foot wrist blades come from?  they extract from where? are they wolverine? do they come from inside their arms?   Still most anticapated movie of all time for me so its only complaints coming from hardcore fan.  Im not easly pleased so peace to everyone im not starting a flame just MO.

    U know what i hope its just mcfarlane toys that used the body parts from the resarection alien toy becuase i was looking at them both and they look the same.  I really hope the alien doesnt look like that in the movie becuase im really not happy with it.  From looking at the toys and pics from movie seems like mcfarlane changed everything to crap.  I mean the cannon is so high up when in vids it looks normal.  I hope those side blades are not in movie becuase wrist blades and spear is enough.
  38. ALIENS
    From watching all of the trailers,i think that paul has the right idea for the film,the lighting is very good,dark and blue ish very much like  james camron shoot his films.Paul, from what i have seen,has put together film that is 80% of the way the film should have ended up.I like what i see,and i know for a fact,that this is going to be his best film he has worked on,"some" of his past films he has done havent been so great,but if he scores high on this movie,and put all of the elements that this film needs in order to be a great AVP movie,then it will end up working for the FANS! and for paul. If paul does great with this project, then i also think people will end up trusting him more when future projects come up.   ;D  
  39. OldEntish
    If it's coming out this week, shouldn't the official site have some sort of advert in the trailers section saying "Full Trailer Coming Soon"?
  40. Daffy_McGinty
    "...And it had a quick little scene with the three preds on the top of the pyrimid fighting the aliens. I'll get you the pics shortly. Is that cool, or is that cool?!"  I... think... I'm... having... a... heart-attack!
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