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ComingSoon AvP Movie Report have published an article on the Alien vs Predator movie and gives a basic outline of the story but also gives their account of the so-called set “problems” reported by Ain’t It Cool News. Take a look at these paragraphs:

“What I can tell you is that while touring the sets, and even running into some of the actors at the hotel, everyone and I mean everyone is excited about working on this film. The “problems” with the creatures, reported on another website, are no more than the problems you would normally have with a big effects sci-fi shoot. The Aliens are NOT “silver.” They are the slimy black creatures that reflect whatever light they happen to be in that we’ve all come to know and love. There are design changes (the hands are larger) and occasionally a robotic alien, puppeteer off camera, is used for shots that involved repetitive fast movements or teeth to shoot out.

The reported ill fitting Predators costumes were in my opinion the second hand reporting of someone who caught glimpse of a stand-in or stunt man being helped off the set. The actors who play the Predators, while they may appear to some to look a bit dull or unimpressive outside a soundstage or under the harsh florescent light of a creature shop, look great through the lenses, and in the end that’s what matters.”

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  1. Digital Ghost
    Totally sweet that they are FINALLY gonna make the AvP movie! Only thing that concerns me is will it really be any good as compared to the rumored first script they were going to use back in 1987 when the idea was first concieeved. What i had read at a few sources is that th emovie was to be eventully based off of one of the novels "Aliens vs Predator:PREY." If they had continued to do this it would have been a spectaculiar movie, with lots of room for a sequal, where as the novel series has 2 sequals, Both of which are amazing!!
  2. Mark Illstone
    there making an alien vs predator one which is cool but will there be a number to because there have been to games and will it be an 18 like all the other onesits really cool because it comes out 4 days before my  birthday seeya alien vs preator lovers   ;D  
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