Latest News’s AvP Review have posted their review of Alien vs Predator. It’s not good and it’s not bad – the general vibe I’m getting is that it’s just an OK movie. From the posts I’ve read in the forum, I’m not very happy at all.

“The effects vary in quality, but they are generally good. I was particularly impressed with the CGI Aliens. They looked great. There are some great shots of the warrior Aliens as well as the Queen. You get to see her in full battle action and it was quite spectacular. Shots of her and thousands upon thousands of swarming Aliens really made me eager to see a purely Alien sequel. I’d really like to see what they could pull off with new technology. The Predators looked best when their masks were on. I didn’t like their faces as much when they removed their masks, but this was a rare occurrence. Their ships were also portrayed in a cool stealth manner.”

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  1. Bster144
    To damn fast of a movie. My opinion is that it is the WORST Alien and Predator movie for the separate franchisees, but it was an ok movie in its self.  The Dialog was bad (not Star Wars prequel bad) but bad.  The whole PG-13 thing shafted any swearing or violence, and the preds looking like linebackers.  All I can say was ok but it could have been muck better.  Thank you Paul for but the potential of this movie
  2. ismguy
    yeah baseman 
    that part where scar jumps and stabs the bitch in the head was a badass move.  dont you wish they all moved like this.
    well some will call me stupid but i just went and saw it again with my other friends that arent as fanatical as i am but hey i didnt have to pay any money.  well i still stick to my opinion from previous post.  one thing to add was that people who havnt watched any of the scenes for download (i doubt there is anyone) but dont watch anymore.  a lot of these scenes are kinda critical parts of the movie so dont watch unless you want to see cool stuff you are gonna pay for.  i think the special effects, mainly the aliens, the predator cloaking, and especially the queen are the best by far points to this movie.  hats off to woodruff he is a badass.  he will have a job after this movie.  not sure about PA and producers.  from what i gather most like the fx more than anything.  what do you guys who have seen it think

    oh yeah does anyone here, that read the book, think they will take more of that version into making the directors cut dvd.  i certainly hope so, mainly what im talking about is the chestbursting and the fighting seemed more complex and faster than the movie.  one other thing i wish they would have shown was more alien hive interaction with one another and showing them plotting and being a bit more intelligent and using more communication.  there was some but i think they could have went into more detail
  3. SaNdMaNxX
    i wont give no spoilers but i liked it alot  the films alot i enjoyed it just that u can tell that the movie iz missing many scenes and well the pred were better with teh masks on but o well it was really good i liked it    ;D  
    man i hope the people that gave this movie bad rating are wrong,man i waited 10 years for this film to come out and man i hope its not from those 2 clips i saw of the alien and predator fighting wherer great! how the hell is this movie that bad!
  5. Baseman
    I saw the movie last night at midnight.  You should all see the movie for yourself. --Spoilers-- Acting: better than what I expected.  Not academy award winning, but way better than resident evil and Fast and the Furious junk.  They were believable, sometimes funny. Some folks were just there as victims (no lines whatsoever)  FX-  The effects were awesome.  I would say they are as believable as the originals, if not, even cooler.  A lot of cool weapons, the Aliens and the Predators looked awesome, The reason the preds looked like guys in a suit was because...they are guys in suits.  They did look like predators from the first and second movie.  Scar's face wasn't bad, but it was bad ass.  The way the preds vision was, great.  The aliens moving everywhere, down the halls, up the pyramid, along walls, on the queen, were all great.  Story- was cool, but i'm still wondering about how a sequel would work into the whole Aliens fighting predators.  the queen--totally awesome.  What I would have liked to see more: I do like the fact that it is fast paced and action packed (definately not a boring movie) and there are a lot of suspenceful moments, but I would have liked to see more Alien fighting Predator action. The Preds could have put up a better fight.  I understand they were teens, but c'mon dude.  Celtic puts up a good fight,  but c'mon dude.  Don't get me wrong, the Aliens are bad ass in this movie.  But I would have the predators been more slick.  They seemed caught off guard.  More Pred action needed.  But the movie was still cool.  The coolest moves in the movie were by scar:  
    So scar is chillin' when a face hugger comes out and he cuts that fool in half.  THen another alien, who I saw hiding this whole time, sneeks up out of the wall Aliens style, and creeps to get scar, and like scar knew he was there, and without looking, cuts his head off ..."TIGHT".  Another scene, when they fight the queen, Scar comes out of know where and does this dope jump and stabs her in the throat w/ a spear.  TIGHT!
    I gave this movie a 7.5 out of 10 I am going to go see it again.
    WOW G-dog talk to me man what is this stuff im hearing from you? you sound like you really really hated the movie, thats scary man, im going to to see it tommorrow,and i hope its a good movie.... im hearing from almost everyone!!!!!!!!!! that the movie sucked!,MAN RESIDENT EVIL DIDNT EVEN GET THAT MUCH OF BAD RATING,talk to man!!!!! :confused
  7. J
    So basically what your all saying was that it   was good but not mind blowing - crazy ass wicked right??     still got to see it thought   8)  
  8. Saint Sinner
    I know why people are complaining about Scar's face -- it's very different. But it had a lot of detail, something I wasn't expecting at all. I thought it would look all "plasticy," and it didn't. The extra teeth and bigger mandibles, including the length of the face, give him a very different look -- but you get used to it, especially in the shots where he begins to "roar" and stuff. I liked it after I got used to it.  The Elder also looked like a bad-ass and the McFarlane figure is WAY off, IMO. He doesn't have the extra teeth from what I saw, but he had something near those fangs I think that I didn't notice on the previous one's. He wasn't the barbarian-esque trophy-whore Elder in Predator 2 (still one of my fav Preds) he was more regal, almost like a king. I definitely dug the end sequence.
  9. OberonQA
    Ok... I'm off to see this movie (decided to catch the 5pm showing instead of the 3pm showing).  Before I go though... let me say one thing.  This movie is called Alien vs Predator.  Considering the title, one cannot expect startling revelations or top-notch storytelling.  Each of the Alien films added something to the Alien mythos.  The same can be said about the two predator films (it wasn't until Danny Glover received an ancient pistol that the Predators came to earth many times.)   With this film, what did you all expect?  Did you expect to see a King Alien (or Praetorian if your fans of the games)?  Did you expect to see earth-shattering revelations about the Predators?  If so... you've watched the wrong movie.  Wait for Alien 5 or Predator 3 if you want that.  This movie is about Aliens and Predators fighting each other.  It has never been about anything else but Aliens and Predators fighting each other.  All this commentary on bad acting, poorly designed Predator faces, ultra-fast Alien gestation cycle, etc is pretty juvenile in my opinion.  It's almost as if all these bad reviews are from people that fell victim not to the 20th Century Fox hype machine... but their own hype.  It's almost as if they made assumptions about what AvP should and should not be and when they saw the movie, the were disappointed because it didn't have what *THEY* thought it should have while completely ignoring (or at least disregarding) what the movie DOES have.  90% of the reviews I've read follow either this theory or the "Anderson is a jackass because ####" theory.  That's all fine and well... but these people really need to take a long hard look at other "Vs" films.  Godzilla vs <<whatever>> or the slew of "Vs" movies Universal put out in their heyday.  None of those movies were thick on story.  They were thick on action because that was the point of the movie.  ACTION... not STORY.  Enough ranting on my part... I'll come back and write my own review later on this evening...

    And btw, the Aliens have a gestation period of a couple of 6-9 hours.  From the time Kane was facehugged to the time the chestburster came out, about 6-9 hours had passed (1 hour walk from the Derelict to the Nostromo lander, 4-5 hours repair on the lander before leaving LV-426, and a few hours once the crew is back in space.).  In Alien3, it was about the same length of time (from the time the dog was facehugged to the time the dog-Alien was born.)  In Alien Resurrection, the "hosts" were facehugged during the day (lots of activity on the Auriga at the time the cargo arrived) and were "born" that night (the crew were relaxing and the captain of the ship was polishing his boots in a military-derived ritual before going to bed).  I have no idea where the idea of an Alien taking a full day to go from facehugger to chestburster came from, but it's not accurate.
  10. AdamJZ
    What is wrong with the world!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this movie, I was expecting to come home to positive reviews. but as ripley says  "Did IQ's just drop shortly while I was away?"
  11. El Diablo
    MILD SPOILERS....  I agree that the Lex/Scar team-up was poorly done. Visually, it didn't have the impact I was hoping it would. Whenever the camera had to add Sanna Lathan in the same frame as the Predator he looked like a man in a suit, especially during the "running" scenes. It also happened too quickly and too easily and seemed way out of character for a Predator that just slaughtered many of her human comrades. Once they formed an alliance the movie kind of went downhill for me. Still, it wasn't a horrible movie (some of these reviews are getting savage) and at it's worst it is simply mediocre. The lamest parts to the movie were no worse than that of the Devlin/Emmerich sci-fi of Stargate or ID4. Entertaining but not a classic by any means.
  12. Revenant
    >>>>SPOILERS GALORE<<<<<  After just watching the movie...I have this to say.  I am a huge fan of the Alien series, and a pretty big fan of Predator. For an indicator of how long I have been a fan of the series, I will tell you first off that I saw Aliens when it came out on video tape in the late 80s and saw Alien 3 in theatres, I obviously saw Alien after its mid-70's release, and it scared me like few movies have ever been able to do since. I saw Predator later, and very much regard it as a good movie, in that it told a well thought-out story, had excellent characters, and an original plot, not to mention a great villain. Both of these series of movies were obviously adult-oriented. AVP, however, looks to me like it was tailor-made for fans(or recent fans) of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This movie is obviously made for kids ages 8-15, because I believe they are they only ones who will be writing positive reviews of this movie.  I believe a making a good movie means telling a good story, and telling it well. This movie has neither a good story, or, as it seems, a good story teller. What made Alien and Aliens stand out as excellent movies was the fact that Ridley Scott and James Cameron are superb story tellers, which means they make movies that resonate with the audience. The characters in the movie(AVP) are, at best, instantly forgettable, and the dialogue is stupid, unoriginal, and gives no indication any of the characters have a personality. Anderson makes a very feeble attempt to get you to care a little about Lex and Sebastian by giving them each(and a few other characters) painfully boring monologues about "My dad died on a mountain, blah blah here, clich
  13. Ermac
    Still crying.

    I think I'll buy the uncut DVD rather than see this watered down version. It's just not meant to be viewed like that.  Yet one can't help but fell sorry for Paul Anderson. At least he tried. I'm gonna cry again...
  14. leftcoastpunk08
    Okay now here is my AvP movie review: a very low 7 out of 10  Good: The story was good, the acting wasn't terrible (though some lines towards the end of the movie were cheesy) The SFX were excellent, the action was top notch, the human deaths were pretty okay, even though it was toned downed for Pg 13. The movie wasn't boring, the Queen was awesome. The predator's cloaking and new weapons were great. The flashbacks were sweet.  Bad: The whole Lex teaming up with Scar was poorly executed. The predators didn't move like predators half the time. (Though I liked the sequence when the Preds looked at each other and started running through the hall of the pyramid) Only a few alien and predator battle scenes.  Overall the whole movie from the beginning towards the end of the middle was awesome.  THe whole teaming up thing ruined the predator's image. Worked well in the books but was poorly done in the movie. The good thing is, the last battle with the Queen saved it for me.
  15. WTF
    well personally I know there are more pred fans than alien fans.  The whole f**king theater would cheer when the pred kill an alien.  It's kind of the same way again for me. I'm a sox fan and everyone is a cub fan.  Its like the world is against me.  But does it really matter that the preds died early?  Preds i guess to everyone  is way better than alien. WRONG.  Alien in the pc game can kill with one tail it.  Just because preds have high powered weapons doesn't makes them better.  Think of vietnam.  We were superior but we lost.  Aliens can wipe out a planet with in a week.
  16. jevjnd2000
    I would say that it's about a 6 or a 7, certainly not the classic that the first predator is.  
    They also did not do any justice to the predator they killed them off so fast.
    .  Maybe a sequel will be better, it wasn't a bad movie, but surely not what we all hoped for.
  17. ismguy
    hell alien ill agree with ya on most of your report.  very thorough.   the sets where amazing.  they did a great job of making a mixture of cultures in one pyramid.  also the fixture that held the queen looked very Giger like.  The preds where ok.  not as agile as i would have like to seen them but they did have fairly different styles.  the unmasked ones looked fairly ok too.  the aliens style of movement was excellent.  they crawled, creeped, pounced, and over all kicked the most ass in the movie.  they definitely didnt go down easy.  the queen is the prize of this movie in my opinion.  they must have spent most of their money there.  and the sets.  the queen was amazing in movement and style.  very very very scary.  this was the only time during the movie i was on the edge of my seat with excitement.   the character evolution wasnt done all that well.  It started doing fine then just kind of tapered off.  the predator invisibility was awesome.  there is a shot of blood on invisible claws that just rocked.  another excellent job was the alien sticking the pred through and lifting him as his cloak fades.  this was a beautiful CG shot that i think should go down as one of the coolest ever.  to bad there werent more this good.  my two biggest complaints though: 1: the alien life cycle.  a big WTF.  it only seems to take minutes.  didnt use to take atleast a day.  or so.  right?   this really made me take away credibility points.  not sticking to something like this was a big no no.   screwing this up for time restraints.   aweful.  2:another is the gore issue.  i dont like excessive gore.  it makes a movie seem cheap and just downright corny.  i didnt mind this was gonna pg13, i said hey give it a chance.  but they really should have included the alien gore we are used to.  it just didnt seem like the same genre of movies.  also the cutting of the shots to omit the gore really messed with the tempo of some scenes.  the gore that was shown i didnt dig either.  just kind of silly stuff.  so that is my two scents.  Euro fans need not worry its still pretty cool and if you are a fan you will like most of the movie.

    btw.  i hate when people say the book was better but i have to say this about the AVP.  if they would have stuck to that screenplay I think even critics would have gotten into it a bit more.
  18. Growler
    Well after seeing the movie, I'm a bit disappointed in my opinion.  The first half of the movie was good, the effects where great, the Aliens were amazing, but the Predators were the ones who were lacking.  Scar's animatronic facial features and overall design could have been done way better my Stan Winston.     SPOILER:  I guess what bothered me the most was how sudden the other Predators died.  Celtic put up a good fight, but the first Pred didn't have a chance.  Human gore was lacking also.  Chestbursting was the only real gore, but even that had limited blood.  No skinned bodies, decapitations, or jaws punching through human faces.  If anything, I felt the movie was over too fast.  Only an hour and 27 minutes.  It seemed as though A TON of footage was cut from the movie.  Perhaps all of the cut scenes would have satisfied one's taste for gore from a true Alien or Predator fan.  5 Predators in the hunt would have made the movie more appealing, even if the creatures without their masks looked nothing like the 1st two Predator films.  END SPOILER::  My only hope is that a director's cut DVD will be available in the future.  Till then, my blaim for my disappointment goes mainly to FOX and not so much as Anderson.  If the director's cut is just as disappointing, then Anderson will be equal with FOX on my shit list.
  19. G-Dog
    So far, all the gripes and groans that I read about AVP are stupid. Oh the acting was horrible, the aliens were dumb! the preds were weak and looked like they didn't know what to do and were snuck up on too easy!! wah wah wah, the movie was short! it was a funny movie! the preds lookes fake! AAAHHHH!!!! fuc-kiong retards! ok, have people thought that these are TEEN PREDS fighting and ultimate fighting machine that from "birth" know nothing but survival???!!!!!!!!! maybe the reason why the preds got snuck up too easy was because THEY ARE TEENAGERS AND ARE GOING THROUGH A MANHOOD RITUAL!!!!!!!!!!!! the preds in pred 1 and 2 weren't snuck up on maybe because they were ADULTS and EXPERIENCED!!! as for the acting, this isn't an academy award worthy drama, its a sci-f**king-fi monster mash movie! what did you expect? romeo and juliet verses and shit? god people are so f**king stupid, I swear I am going to chocke someone if they lauch while watching AVP when I am in there or start saying stupid shit without thinking about things first!!    >:D   It was a funny movie?? ok that must of been some idiot kid or something..........the fights were stupid and not long enough??? The only thing I think that is kinda messed up WITHOUT SEEING the movie, is the look of the Preds wthout the face mask (scar). Just doesn't look right to me for some reason. that and the running time, I do get the feeling its a bit short andI haven't seen the damn thing yet! a few more hours for me! oh and the fact that they are in antartica and they are running around with only a jacket and exposed skin....hmmmm.........a little messed up on that part..........What else did people bitch about........oh yes... the characters weren't well developed before they died!!??? WTF????? I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT KNOWING THE PEOPLE'S F-KING HEART TO HEART LIFE STORY!!!!!  jesus christ, all the reviews I read over the net from yahoo, to the bastards at AICN, to other sites.........god damn people.......AVP wasn't worth the $$ because it wasn wasn't like alien(s) and pred 1.........   ???   there are so much other stupid shit that I am not going to bother bringing up............I can simply say this to those that haven't seem this movie..DO NOT pay attention to those bad reviews. See the movie for yourself and don't let people discourage you......f-k everyone and the movie critics because you know what? this movie isn't made for the movie critics.......I expect them to bash this movie......
    i been hearing alot from people that the movie sucked, im damm near ready to kill paul but not yet,just tell me this better than his last film be you know resident evil,and was it as good as ALIENS 2 and the first predator film from a scale to 1-10 where does avp fall into.   ???   please give me some good news because i will get fired from hollywood if this movie sucked! i dont know what ill do but ill think of something.
  21. HellAlien
    You guys wants a report of avp here it is.  Was avp good ? Yes ,  is it the movie blockbuster? No, it will not beat spidey 2 at all. read to know why. Is it a flop ?  No, it was good but with flaws How many preds? 3 how many aliens ??  about 15 or so. not hundreds exep for the flashback.  So what about this movie, alot of spoilers r following.  so did i loved avp ? yes it was good, very good. But the movie is only 105 mins. better than 87 tho. but that is the main weakness of avp, is lenght, i will come back on it later.  So first, the props.  theres alot :  1- good action, the fights were rough and tough. it was very good to c those freaks getting 1-1 and the humans r doin something too.  2- the thrill, was it present? yes , we had some nice  shots when they r in the whaling station. they built in some stressfull situations. and in tha pyramid it was also good  3- the cgi, it was amazing, damn it was great. The aliens , the queen, the preds effect all of it was near perfection.  4- THE QUEEN !!!!!!! man she was something, at one point she is vs scar and lex, and she gets a spear thrue the neck, she then falls on a house, man it was almost like godzilla, she was huge and beutiful to c.  she was perfect, looked alot like a t-rex too ,eheh.  she was amazing.  5 the preds, they were awsome, they were not that goofy in these suits. they stood tall and they were great.  6- the aliens, man, they were something to c , woodruf was awsome in the role of the alien. he was great.  7- the story was also good, it was well done and well rendered.   8- some lil humorous moments, it was not too much nor too lil. it was ok.   9 the plot did a good job, it wasnt perfect but they did something good.  10- Saana was great, i couldnt say that she was better than Ripley tho, she was great but something was missing. But overall she was great.  11- SCAR!!!!!!! what a pred man he was tha man. He did some very nice moves, he was cool, strong and everything, at one point, an alien was crawling on the wall beside Scar, he was at the level of scar, looked like he was goin to do a headbite , but then, scar with the same shuriken he used to cut the facehugger in 2,  stroke th alien head with it. He didnt even looked at the alien, you just saw half of his head falling on the ground. it was so cool.   well here r some few pros for avp now to the cons.  1- the main thing here was the lenght of the thing, it was too short, we felt like pushed to the end of the movie. They should ha done it a 2.30 hour movie.   2- There r only 3 preds in this, and 2 r dying quick. very quick, we r soon with scar alone. Grid is killing gill pred then right after he goes for celtic, the fight was awsome, but it was the only one we saw of a pred vs an alien. lol. again the lenght of the movie made it impossible for 5 preds, so they cut it to 3.   3- The text, the language, the replies. It was kinda lame, Why? well when they get trapped in tha pyramid, they imeediatly begins talkin of their childrens and all. Lame. And like every holywood movie, they r love storyies in this. Lex and Sebastian of course r gettin really friendly with some lame text.  But, we cant pass it. love is everywhere eh, even in antartic where there r monsters and all. They dont kiss or anything, but you could tell that they were goin to become great friends in this. ANd theres also the others that r saying things just for saying things. Anyway, some part were good others were bad. The texte would had needed bit more in it. But again the lenght of the thing made it this way. 4- again the speed of the thing is annoying, they did all of it so quick, like Adele gets facehugged, then maybe 5 mins after, the hugger is dead and she is awake, and right after the chestburster is coming out. All that took maybe 15 mins in the movie time. Way too fast. And the aliens r growing like in 15 mins they r full grown and all. It wasnt right. Like i said we felt pushed to the end.   6  The way lex team up with scar, lex is killing an alien with the spear like we all know, so she killed the alien, who was a very smart alien !!, he fainted death to try to make a last move on lex, a head bite, but he missed a lil 2 inches to get to her, and then he died. Very smart lil critter, r.i.p. my friend. lol.  then lex is up, the pred takes his spear back and is gettin away when Lex says to him" wait you son of a bitch im coming with you" then Scar turned around , face lex, lok at the dead alien, look at lex and he is on his knees makin her some weapons with the tail and the head. So thats it, they r running together and all. lame.  but there is no thing as the pred is scaring lex and then he is laughing. There is none of that at least.   7-humans have guns and they r not saying exactly why in the movie. its weird. as soon as something happened you saw all of them getting guns out. it was bit weird to c.   8- we dont c thrue the eyes of the aliens. I would had loved to c that but we dont.  Anyway i think i made it here. Others r goin to add things to what i said above.   And now for some good spoilers.  Well, first i loved the way they did the preds ship. It was awsome, if some of ya guys played starcraft, the preds ship was bit like the carrier of the protoss. it was awsome.  Also, i loved the elder pred altough we only c him at the end. His face was great, very cool. He was a mixted thing of the preds in P1 and 2. He was great.  the preds weaponry was also good, they had spears, the shurikens, the casters the dagger and by the way, the armor and wristbaled r melting, but nothing else is melting, nor the spear or the shurikens or the dagger. and the shuriken was a perfect weapon in this environnement, the disc would had been too slow.  The shuriken was used on the queen by scar 3 times, throat, crest or crown, and again throat were hit by the shuriken.    It was so great to c that queen and all the dmg she had, she had 2 spears in tha throat, 1 spear litteraly thrue the head, and she was still kicking pretty hard. I dunno how they could had killed the queen, with what they had. She was dragged in the dept wheh scar was able while the queen was gettin the spear out of her head, to drag her a bit, just enough that lex was able to fix the chains to a huge water reservoir that the queen bashed while lex was under it. then it falls gettin the queen with it.
  22. ur mom
    ps. theres almost no blood in this film watsoever, even when places where blood shoud'v been there. im not  a big fan of excessive blood shed, but still, zero blood takes the authanticity out of the film; not that theres any to begin with
  23. sexualpredator
    jus saw it guys. good things and bad. this is not an older-style movie. very modern and very similar to jurrasic park. the aliens were done very good. i think PA favors them over preds. its a very childish movie and at the same time has some cool adult stuff. it seemed very short and rushed. longer running time and an R rating would have done a lot for the film
  24. A Longtime Fan
    I've never really posted on here before, but I've been keeping up with the info on the movie through here.  I feel it necessary to say that the critics are over-rated and never give the fans the reviews they'd hope for.  Honestly, go see the movie and judge for yourself.  You won't be wasting your money.    I got to see it today and I was more than pleased.  I got three or four good scares out of it even when I was expecting it.  Some of the physical features of the creatures have changed, but it's a change; nothing can really stay the same if you want it to be better.  When the critics say the predator should have kept his mask on, they were sort of right, but it's just because the Predator's face looks different.  You can see it in the trailers, so I'm not ruining anything.  Anyway, it stopped me short at first simply because he has more teeth, but I got used to it and could justify it like he's another clan of hunters, just like how the first predator had lighter skin than the predator in the second movie.  It's like different breeds of humans: we're not all mirror copies of each other.    Paul Anderson did an outstanding job paying homage to all the different forms of Alien and Predator media: the old movies, the games, the comics, etc.  It's definately a great step in the history of the two species and I definately would expect to see more a few more movies based on these creatures, and off of this story.
  25. Saint Sinner
    I'm sure the DVD will contain some cool goodies.  For the people outside the US, don't worry about the negative reviews. I liked the movie, and I'm finding that a lot of others did too. It's a mixed bag -- sure there are things missing, things that could have been done better, etc.. But in the end, it isn't worth latching onto. I found AVP entertaining and enjoyable to watch despite its flaws. Hell, out of all of the people who you thought might HATE the movie, Harry Knowles isn't one of them.
  26. JTrebat85
    SPOLIER & MY REVIEW  I saw the midnight showing.  It was better than i expected coming from Paul Anderson.  But I hate to be critical The Predator didn't look right.  It looked much better in the first film if you ask me.  Im not talking about the masks and stuff when looking at there mouths and mandibles it just didn't seem the same as the orginal.  The orginal version which Stan Winston created was very good.  It seemed more real.  My other problem was the predator space craft the interior does not match the interior from the previous films.  No Orange glowing walls.  It seemed like the Bridge of a star destroyer from star wars without the computers.  I liked the Aliens but I wish that they would have them walk upright like humans sometimes.  To keep it close to context with the first film.  The Predators visions are different.  It was blue in the first film to spot humans now its red.  and green is to spot Aliens. and my only other problem their was alot more cgi toward the end of the film.  The Alien Queen wasn't that menacing during the shots with cgi.  Now I can understand that Cgi helped alot.  But I think it would have been better if they used a model for a few of those seens and get rid of some of the cgi.  I give the picture a C+ to B- range.  It was Certainly better than Predator 2 and Alien Resurection.  But it wasn't that great.  It has to be Paul Andersons best film hes ever made in his hole career.
  27. thebiggestpigme
    all i can say is wait for the dvd, the movie itself was alright, i might see it again sometime. The movie feels to rushed for it to be the final final version, and it cuts out some of the stuff i was looking forward to from the book.
  28. eXhale
    well, so far this movie has worse reviews than van helsing, which is in my "top5" of all time bad movies... seems like some greedy people at fox and one bad director have destroyed the whole thing... and i'm not going to do them the favour of going to cinema and finding out if the movie is really that bad... by the way... can anyone tell me about ONE really good movie by Fox published in the last 12 months?
  29. ur mom
    i saw the movie, it wasnt as bad ass some reviews, but its not good eithr, its just a rly plain, painfuly plain film. many scenes remind me of WWE smackdown, velociraptors from jurassic park, even the Godzilla from the american version.  most ppl rnt even given names so u no they'r gona die. there is no suspense in this film and some of the aliens looks clearly CG,  espcilaly the queen in the snow.
  30. eXhale
    well, so far this movie has worse reviews than van helsing, which is in my "top5" of all time bad movies... seems like some greedy people at fox and one bad director have destroyed the whole thing... and i'm not going to do them the favour of going to cinema and finding out if the movie is really that bad... by the way... can anyone tell me about ONE really good movie by Fox published in the last 12 months?
  31. OberonQA
    I'm going to be seeing it today at 3:00pm.  I'm going to see it with an open mind, expecting to see Aliens and Predators beating the crap out of each other.  Nothing more... nothing less.  ;-)
  32. AJ
    oh my god the movie sucked if your a true predator fan by heart, i dont give a damn about the aliens that much, the movie, besides the awesome special effects , wasnt all that good.
  33. Arabian Night
    well I finally saw the movie,  I enjoyed it but flet it could have been alot better, some of the thing the predator did was just wrong, and a REAL pred would never do, the fights are amazing and is really what saved the movie for me.
    I'm going to see the movie today at 1:05 and I'll post reveiw of the movie on this site. I have my douts and hopes for this film, one gave the movie a 13 of a 100, but I'm a huge fan of Predator and I'll problaly find it to excellent and fun.
    HEY ON YAHOO THE MOVIE ISNT GETTING SO BAD REVIEWS ABOUT B TO B- IVE SEEN IT FLUCTUATE  half of the reviews given an f all mentioned how the hate anderson and resident evil       sounds like a conspiracy to me  i think this movies plot line is to advanced for any viewer who says hey lets go to this movie tonight and they get lost and say this movie f**king sucks  i think that thanks to darkness and this website and the backstory that has been revealed on this site from all the news and discussions will definitely allow us to better enjoy and review the movie  hey darkness i agree put up a review section if you could  for you sake haha
  36. Midian_After_Dark
    Hey Darkness....  Any thoughts on s review section for the Fans to post their own reviews? You are going to get flooded with them in a few hours.  Just a thought...  ^v^ MIDIAN ^v^
  37. Thomas
    The bad reviews dont bother me so much. I'm still looking forward to seeing it! And because this movie is sort of "on its own" and seperate from either the Alien or Predator movies I dont think it will damage either series. It should not be compared to any of the previous films....its a whole new concept and it should be viewed and reviewed taking this into consideration. I dont care whether it adds anything to the series since thats not what its supposed to do, in my opinion. As long as I come out of the cinema thinking "Damn, that was good!" then I'll be more than happy.    ;D  
  38. predguy22
    Well, regardless of what people say I'm still going to watch this movie. Possibly many times. So what if people don't like it that much? I know I have a different sense of taste and I don't really mind that there have been changes. It's a different time, a different director, hell, it's a whole different thing. This movie could be considered a franchise on its own and I'm not going to pout about it. I'm going to milk it as dry as I did with both the Alien and Predator movies.  So maybe the movie isn't EXCELLENT. I never expected it to be. I just want a fun movie that shows me what I've always wanted to see: aliens and predators on the same screen and doing what they do.  Considering I have to wait 3 more weeks I think I'll probably find a way to watch the movie sooner since I can't wait any longer. Hopefully I'll get to go to a special screening in my country.
  39. christor!!!!
    Well thats good that it has been compared to the better Alien 3, rather than resurection.  The thought of the queen leading her army to battle sounds amazing!!!!  ps anyone noticed that site access is very slow lately???
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