NECA 1/4 Scale Alien Big Chap (2015)

Release Date: December 2015
Manufacturer: NECA
RRP: US $99.99 | GBP £90

The NECA 1/4 Scale Alien Big Chap is a 22″ figure from NECA released in December 2015. NECA originally released a 1/4 Scale Alien figure way back in 2008 but NECA have done a new version for 2015 with new toolings and paintwork. Firstly, the 2015 figure comes out of the box almost fully assembled barring the rear dorsal tubes. The colour scheme has been changed from a metallic black to a richer black/brown colour. The creature’s dome has been given a makeover with new paintwork, the jaw almost fully closes and you have translucent tendons and gums have been added. There is a couple of different variants out there of the 2015 Big Chap – the way the translucent mouth appears on the figure seems to be closed more on other versions..

Official Description

From the original 1979 movie that shocked audiences and jump-started a legendary film franchise, the Xenomorph known to fans as “Big Chap” gets the deluxe treatment! This incredible action figure stands over 22” tall, and has a hinged jaw that opens, revealing an inner mouth that extends for realistic movie action. It has almost 30 points of articulation, including double knee joints and a bendable tail, and extra attention has been paid to all the eerie details that made H.R. Giger’s designs for Alien so mesmerizing.


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