Predator Weapons & Equipment

Posted by Darkness on March 29, 2020 (Updated: 22-Aug-2023)

This section includes all the weapons and equipment the Predator has at his disposal in Predator: Hunting Grounds. A lot of the old favourites are there including a few new items such as the War Club, Yautja Bow and the Bear Trap.

Predator Weapons

 Predator Weapons & Equipment Wrist Blades
The Wrist Blades are a standard part of a Predator’s equipment and can be used to deal damage against its victims. They can also be used to perform stealth kills if you manage to sneak upon on somebody.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Plasma Caster
The Plasma Caster, or Shoulder Cannon, is a standard weapon in a Predator’s hunt and is capable of firing numerous plasma shots. It’s tied to the Predator’s energy level so it will eventually cease to work until the Predator’s energy level is refilled again. A targeting laser appears where you want the projectile to go and a targeting triangle appears a few seconds later.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Net Gun (Level 6)
The Net Gun from Predator 2 and AvP makes a return in the game. This weapon fires a net at its target which traps on pins the victim to something, It constricts the victim and injures them. The Net Gun only has a limited amount of projectiles.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Combistick (Level 13)
The Combistick is a powerful retractable spear which can be used as a melee weapon to dispatch groups of prey. It can also be used a throwing projectile which can do huge amounts of damage as well as a pinning its victims to a surface.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Elder Sword (Level ???)
This is an ancient Yautja blade passed down from an Elder Predator to help young bloods during their first hunts. You can use this weapon to create several attacks in quick succession.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Smart Disc (Level 21)
This sharp disc weapon can be used as a melee weapon for swift effective melee attacks or can be thrown and controlled with the Predator’s wrist computer.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Handheld Plasmacaster (Level ???)
The Handheld Plasmacaster from AvP Requiem makes a return. This is a handheld version of the Shoulder Cannon and fires fractured plasma blasts.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment War Club (Level ???)
This is a ceremonial bladed war club for players who prefer close melee combat.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Yautja Bow (Level ???)
This is a brand new weapon in the Predator arsenal and is a powerful collapsible bow. Charging the bow will increase arrow velocity and damage to its target. When it hits a target, it can slow them down or pin smaller prey to a surface and arrows can be retrieved to be used again.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Self-Destruct Device
When you are fatally injured in combat, there is a small window to activate your self-destruct device. After a few seconds, a huge blast occurs killing you and anything else in the vicinity.

Predator Equipment

 Predator Weapons & Equipment Healing Kit
The Healing Kit is a essential piece of equipment in the Predator’s array of tools. The Healing Kit has a limited number of uses but it heals a massive amount of health.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Audio Decoy (Level 9)
This device can be placed anywhere and is used to distract prey by making false audio noises.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Bear Trap (Level 17)
The Bear Trap can trap and damage prey if something gets too close it. When the trap is triggered, it throws up an alert.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Motion Detector (Level ???)
This handy device can be thrown onto a surface and it generates a motion detection field. When prey enter the field, it throws up an alert and they are marked for the Predator.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Vision Modes
The standard thermal vision mode is available from the outset. Switching to that mode, it easily highlights thermal signatures so you can seek out your prey.
 Predator Weapons & Equipment Cloak
The Predator can cloak turning himself invisible. Like in the films, prey can make out a cloaked Predator that’s moving quickly as there is a shimmering effect. Using the cloak does also drain your energy level.
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