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NECA Alien Series 6 – Alien Isolation Xenomorph Review

We have just uploaded a review of NECA’s Alien Isolation Xenomorph figure from Alien Series 6 by windebieste! Released in December 2015, NECA released their incarnation of the games Alien design in as part of an Alien Isolation themed series that included also included 2 variants of the game’s protagonist, Amanda Ripley.

“Multiple joints throughout the figure serve it well and while it’s essentially a reconfigured sculpt of NECA’s earlier Series 2 Alien, it possesses enough features to set its identity apart. It’s actually amazing how little changes have made this iteration differentiate it from the earlier version. The head, torso and arms will be familiar to owners of that earlier figure but substantial amendments to the legs and tail have been made to associate the figure with the creature that appears in the game.

Considering that the game character shared so many characteristics with its filmic predecessor, I’m totally OK with the way the older sculpt has been retooled for the newer figure. Let’s take a look at the major changes that differentiate this particular specimen of Internecivus raptus from its earlier incarnation.”

windebieste reviews NECA's Alien Isolation Xenomorph NECA Alien Series 6 – Alien Isolation Xenomorph Review

windebieste reviews NECA’s Alien Isolation Xenomorph

Be sure to check out windebieste’s review its in entirety and let us know what you think! If you head on over to our Articles section, you can also check out more of windebieste’s figure reviews!

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