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First Look At NECA’s Aliens Series 5 has posted a first look at NECA’s upcoming Aliens Series 5, showing off the latest incarnation of the Ripley figures, her Aliens varient:

“This Summer NECA continues their popular 7-inch scale Aliens action figure line with the release of Series 5. To be solicitated later this Spring (around the time Series 4 releases, roughly late March/early April), Series 5 will debut with:

  • Ellen Ripley – As seen in Aliens w Flamethrower/Pulse Rifle combo
  • Bishop (Torn in Half) – Packed with an Open Egg and Facehugger w/ Bendable Tail
  • Genocide Warrior (Red)
  • Genocide Warrior (Black)

Pictured is a first look at the headliner figure of this Aliens-focused wave: Ellen Ripley. The prototype head sculpt shows off Ripley sporting her short, curly hair style as seen in the movie. The full figure will recreate her look from the climatic ending of the film (pictured below) as Ripley hunts down the Xenomorph Queen in her hive. The ’86 Ripley figure will come complete with her iconic M240 Flamethrower / M41A Pulse Rifle combo weapon.”

130215_01 First Look At NECA's Aliens Series 5

The article also talks about the various other figures soon to make their way into the hands of collectors courtesy of NECA. The Power-Loader that NECA keep teasing us with will evidently “release this Summer as well to coincide with Series 5’s release“.

And even more exciting for myself is the news that NECA will be following in the footsteps of their Predator line and releasing figures inspired by the old Kenner series: “Randy Falk stated that “We are also working on our Kenner-inspired designs for (Aliens) Series 8 or 9 that you will see sometime in 2016.”

Be sure to head on over to to check out their article in its entirety.

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  1. Vark_
    Just in case you missed it (and I had), I found an old tweet from Randy (february 15th) saying that the eggs will also be sold separately in a Weyland Yutani 6-egg carton packaging.

    3 opened
    3 sealed
    3 facehuggers

    For approx 25$
  2. PRJ_since1990
    Looking forward to more Alien goodness! Randy did mention a Marine with a Smartgun on the Twitter account a while ago, just not for a couple series. So maybe 7 or 8. We all know they can easily go until Wave 15 or so... video games, comics and not-as-of-yet likeness rights...
  3. Mister Skeezler
    I don't see anything really wrong with this wave. Ripley is a huge win for our collections and Bishop (with egg and facehugger) is something I never thought we'd get, so I'm elated.

    It would be nice to get the brown xeno instead of the red one in this wave, but I'm happy to see more xenos being released. I might actually pick up a few black ones. And maybe a red xeno for Big Red to have on a leash.
  4. Rabbit2100
    Quote from: Gridseeker on Feb 15, 2015, 09:19:20 PM
    Quote from: khas on Feb 15, 2015, 07:21:59 PM
    I insist on what I said in the topic of "Neca Aliens". This series 5 has little variety of characters. Shoud have included Weyland commandos...

    That was a very lazy movement from NECA, releasing again the Aliens from the Genocide pack but this time separately? Well, I hope the Weyland Commandos would be in series 6.
    Also iirc one of the big selling points of the 2-pack was that it would be the only chance to get the Black variant warrior. The red one is pretty cool but I wouldve rather had just been able to purchase the black one on its own instead of spending double for the red variant. They definitely could've done so much more with this series.
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