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The Predator Joins Mortal Kombat X on July 7th

For those of you still playing Mortal Kombat X, the Predator will be joining the character roster on July 7th if you’ve already purchased the Kombat Pack DLC pass or you can buy the character separately on July 14th. Earlier this week, some X-Box One gamers realised they could inadvertently download the character a little early so there’s been a flood of gameplay footage on YouTube. Here’s one showing the Predator’s Fatalities, Brutalities and X-Rays:

There will be three different Predators to choose from. The Hunter Predator has a nice little gadget that stuns the opponent and hangs them upside down or detonates. The Warrior Predator features a self-destruct mechanism which damages your enemy while dealing a little damage to yourself. Lastly, we have the Hish-Qu-Ten which has the ability to fire plasma shots. The gameplay is actually pretty faithful to the character. The Predator can cloak, has heat vision and has his various signature weapons as well being able to bleed green blood when he’s injured. Look out for the character on July 7th.

Update 6/7/15: Official Trailer has been released:

IGN have got the release specifics:

Predator comes packaged in the Predator bundle, which also includes three skins: Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion and Carl Weathers as Jax. These will be available tomorrow, July, 7 for those who have the Kombat Pack, or purchasable for $7.99 from Tuesday, July 14. Anyone wishing to purchase Predator on his own will be able to do so from that date for $4.99, while the accompanying skins will also be available separately for $3.99.

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