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Predator Coming to Mortal Kombat X?

The Predator could soon be killing the likes of Scorpion and Sub-Zero in the upcoming fighting game Mortal Kombat X. A report on suggests the character will feature in a DLC Pack for the game in June along with Dillon, who was played by Carl Weathers in 1987’s Predator. The actor reportedly allowed them to use his likeness for the game. Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon has been hinting at the Predator’s inclusion since last year.

 Predator Coming to Mortal Kombat X?

You may remember the Predator was also featured in DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts last year too. Mortal Kombat X will be released on April 15, 2015 on all platforms (minus the Wii U).

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  1. DUB1
    I was being facetious when I suggested Dillon, Hellspawn28, though I really wouldn't mind him with my suggested variant.

    I don't think Reptile would talk like that. Here are some ideas for Predator vs Reptile intros.

    1) Reptile drops from above, behind the Predator who turns around, and Reptile decloaks. The Predator cloaks, then decloaks, to which Reptile snarls in shock.

    2) The Predator decloaks, so does Reptile, who snarls, and the Predator roars as if to say "Come on!"

    3) The Predator, already decloaked, pops out it's wristblades. Reptile says "You're not the Predator, you're the prey" and the Predator replays "You're the prey" on it's recording device.

    The Predator vs Kitana
    Predator: "This will be easy" (from Jade's MK9 intro).
    Kitana: What?! How dare you use my friend's voice!
    Predator: "Too easy"

    The Predator vs Scorpion
    Predator: "Get over here!"
    Scorpion screams in rage and throws his spear, which the Predator dodges.
    Predator: "It's official, you suck"

    Just one more: Predator vs Goro.

    The Predator shows off a trophy to Goro. Goro grabs the trophy with one hand and crushes it to powder, and smirks at the Predator while flexing his arms. The Predator roars with fury and pops out it's wristblades.
  2. Hellspawn28
    Dillon as a guest makes no sense since he won't feel special as a guest. He will likely have a cameo in Predator's vs intro similar how Moloch's head is in Quan Chi's intro. I wonder how the battle intros with Predator would work? I can see Predator vs. Reptile working like this:

    Dillon is stand still then the Predator, cloaked jumps down onto the battlefield, then uncloaks himself and kills Dillon.
    Reptile: You too can turn invisible huh?
    The Predator raises it clawed fist into the air and roars into battle

    or Predator vs. Kano:

    Predator, cloaked jumps down onto the battlefield then removes his mask
    Kano: You are one ugly motherf**ker!
    Predator begins to roar into the battle.
  3. DUB1
    Quote from: Hellspawn28 on Feb 23, 2015, 05:18:18 AM
    At least Predator is a warrior character and fits into MK unlike Freddy.

    Freddy was awesome. "Fitting in" is so overrated.

    Just for detail's sake, I'd really like to hear the announcer say "finish it" when the Predator loses. I also think The Predator should be a sub-boss, along with MK ones like Goro, fought at random like MK: Armageddon's sub-bosses.

    All three of the Predator's variants should be based on Predators from the movie, like a "Super" one that adds the hounds and net traps to it's moveset, or one based on the Jungle Hunter where it's armed with nothing but wristblades and the plasmacaster, or a "Serpent Hunter" one that adds Chopper's large dual wristblades and Scar's Shurikens. A pity the Predator could only get three variants.

    You know, if we actually did get Dillon as a guest, here's a variant idea for him: Single-handed, where he fights with only one arm. He use his severed arm as a melee weapon.
  4. RakaiThwei
    Quote from: Hellspawn28 on Feb 23, 2015, 05:18:18 AM
    At least Predator is a warrior character and fits into MK unlike Freddy.

    Agreed. Although while there is a low chance,  I would like the Predator's appearance, assuming the rumor's to be true, to at least be quasi-canon in MK lore. It would be nice to know that there is one more universe where Predators happen to canonically exist outside of the main Alien-Predator franchise. I mean the Judge Dredd universe does have Predators existing canonically speaking. And so does the long forgotten and abruptly ended Agents of Law series which Dark Horse did.
  5. DUB1
    I wonder why the Predator still hasn't appeared in any fighting games as a guest. Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, and many others where it could have been fun to play as. I definitely hope it'll be one of MKX's guests.

    If it does make an appearance in MKX, the Predator needs to mimic the dialogue of other characters. I can already imagine it's intro vs Scorpion, where Scorpion nabs the Predator with his spear, says "Get over here!", the Predator cuts off the spear with it's wristblades, and then says "Get over here!" right back at him.
  6. Hellspawn28
    Spawn is also rumored for MKX and the Kombat pack mention two guest characters. It's possible that the Kombat pack will have both Spawn and Predator. I doubt Dillon will be a playable character since he would be a solider type of character and won't feel special as a guest. My guess that he will show up in Predator's vs intro before the battle starts.

    So far this rumor has no source to back it up. I will believe it until I see it.
  7. RakaiThwei
    Quote from: Darkness on Feb 20, 2015, 05:45:04 PM
    They apparently had Freddy Kruger as a playable character in the last one. And Jason is also rumoured for this game.

    In regards to Freddy Krueger, he is an in-house franchise for Warner Brothers ever since that studio had purchased New Line Cinema. So really, Freddy Krueger wasn't too much of an issue to get into the Mortal Kombat reboot game. It's easier to get an in-house name franchise character than one who belongs to a different studio.

    As for Jason Voorhees.. I haven't heard much rumors regarding him. I believe he now once more belongs to Paramount since New Line returned the rights of the franchise to Paramount when they did the Friday the 13th reboot/requel. So again.. different competing studios aren't going to want to cooperate too much with each other when it comes to promoting characters belonging to different studios.
  8. RakaiThwei
    I want this to be true.. I really want this to be true but Ed Boon said that the Predator has a 36.8% chance of actually appearing on the game. Not to mention Maximillion Dood said it right, the Mortal Kombat and Predator franchises are owned by two different competing studios. And with Shane's Predator movie on the way, why would Warner Brothers want to promote for another movie belonging to a competing studio? Some food for thought there.

    As for Carl Weathers lending rights to his likeness and Al Dillon appearing in the game.. I will laugh if he actually does appear in the game. Seriously, if he does appear with the two machine guns in hand.. I will laugh! Not in a bad way but rather in a happy and perhaps bewildered manner too.. But there is credibility to that rumor as Dillon sort of made an appearance as an alternate costume for TJ Combo in the Killer Instinct reboot game. So.. it's a possibility.
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