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New Aliens: Colonial Marines Wallpaper

Sega has released a new promotional Aliens: Colonial Marines wallpaper today featuring the Alien Queen. The image was first revealed via the Official Xbox 360 Magazine recently and now it’s available for everyone at the Sega blogs. Make sure to click here to find your desired resolution.

8339328293_de0f9e5f8c_n New Aliens: Colonial Marines Wallpaper

On related news, The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) have published their rating summary on the game. You can read it here.

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  1. Falk
    The Queen looks cool.

    She was designed by the same guy who brought us the T-800 endoskeleton, another cool looking design.

    She is consistent enough with the normal adult Aliens and was well received by the Audience.

    James Cameron isn't on the level of HR.Giger, but he is none the less a good artist in his own right, and has a tallent for visuals in movies.
  2. CainsSon
    Am I the only one who just doesn't think the Alien Queen is all that and a bag of chips? I dunno, it was cool to see in Aliens and all but it was climactic in that context. In retrospect, it's design is just not as interesting as the Big Chap, is it? Yet, every time the release another film, it seems like they are just determined to throw a Queen around like she's the end all of all and it just doesn't pack the punch does it?

    What I like most about the Alien films is when they show us something new. The Queen was done once Jim Cameron shot his load at the end of Aliens.
  3. MrSpaceJockey
    Never saw issues with the high heels. It a world with penis heads and vagina mouths, something small like high heels fits quite well the super thin, corset-like waist and feminine nature of the queen.  :P

    Much more appropriate than the big dinosaur feet given to the AvP queen.
    okay nice pic
      But its now time to get the ball rolling with a PLAYABLE A-CM DEMO!
    for all of us to enjoy its been a long wait for for some of us here
    we deserve a playable demo.   
    Dead space 3 demo due out soon so SEGA/GEARBOX get on with it!! plz

    38 dayz and counting till the sephora reaches orbit with lv426

    oh by the way wheres the count down clock for A-CM gone on this site??
    it was there a few months back  ???
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