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  1. ADC
    Unknown. I'd contact them directly at the cinema or phone and ask for their press office. If there's a Facebook page for Slovakia Imax they may be able to help. Good luck.
  2. Gruyères
    and I know that you do  ;D

    I agree with Space Sweeper. This has an eerie, old school Alien feeling. From the chosen pic to the design itself. Seems like the promotion machine is still well-oiled.

  3. boostedlsj
    This is awesome! For sure going in the only room of the house which is "mine" (The Garage). :D

    Even happier I live in the US.....jk guys love ya all!

    Even cooler my Fiance is almost as excited as I am to see this movie. Which is weird because we both are mainly Predator fans. I might be more excited for this movie than I was for Predators but I guess it isn't really a ALIEN film for the most part so that may be why. I mean I highly doubt I would be this excited for another Alien installment.  Also the fact that it's a Summer Blockbuster with a huge budget may be making it more appealing.

    OH YEA OH YEA!!! (I'm giddy with excitement right now) This will be my first 3D movie. I have never wanted to see a movie in 3D because it always seemed too gimicky plus the films that are in 3D are always lame......including Avatar  ;)

    I have not doubt this will be a kickass movie and might be the single best Cinema experience I have ever had. Bring on June 8th!!!

  4. Billy_mx
    jUST GOT MY TIX RIGHT NOW!!! cAN'T WAIT!!! And to me it seems a lot of the disapointed people are just becuase they hoped to have everyuthing answered here. I f I remember well, lots of ppl at first bitched that a movie about the Jockies would "kill the mmistery" of the background of the Alien. And now they complain about being left wit more questions. Unsatisfied Divas like J-lo I say! I AM EXITEEEED!!!!
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