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  1. ADC
    Unknown. I'd contact them directly at the cinema or phone and ask for their press office. If there's a Facebook page for Slovakia Imax they may be able to help. Good luck.
  2. boostedlsj
    This is awesome! For sure going in the only room of the house which is "mine" (The Garage). :D

    Even happier I live in the US.....jk guys love ya all!

    Even cooler my Fiance is almost as excited as I am to see this movie. Which is weird because we both are mainly Predator fans. I might be more excited for this movie than I was for Predators but I guess it isn't really a ALIEN film for the most part so that may be why. I mean I highly doubt I would be this excited for another Alien installment.  Also the fact that it's a Summer Blockbuster with a huge budget may be making it more appealing.

    OH YEA OH YEA!!! (I'm giddy with excitement right now) This will be my first 3D movie. I have never wanted to see a movie in 3D because it always seemed too gimicky plus the films that are in 3D are always lame......including Avatar  ;)

    I have not doubt this will be a kickass movie and might be the single best Cinema experience I have ever had. Bring on June 8th!!!

  3. Billy_mx
    jUST GOT MY TIX RIGHT NOW!!! cAN'T WAIT!!! And to me it seems a lot of the disapointed people are just becuase they hoped to have everyuthing answered here. I f I remember well, lots of ppl at first bitched that a movie about the Jockies would "kill the mmistery" of the background of the Alien. And now they complain about being left wit more questions. Unsatisfied Divas like J-lo I say! I AM EXITEEEED!!!!
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