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New Predators Clips Released!

Quite a few new Predators clips have been released online. The first one is called “Over here” which features Nolan’s first appearance. Then “It’s here” which is a big shoot out at one of the predators. That’s followed by “We’re the game” where Royce explains why they are on the planet. The last clip is called “Rude Awakening” where the characters first land on the planet.

 New Predators Clips Released!

There’s also this Max Exclusive Set Tour which contains some new scenes. Thanks to ace3g and 369 for the news.

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  1. Anubis78
    Seriously. It looks AMAZING!!! And how could u not like it?!! its predators killing people!!! thats goning to be AWESOME!!! And supergay person u dont know what ur talking about!!! HAha :D
    im confused how could people complain? There honestly was no evidence that this movie will be bad or good, everything seemed from what we seen canon to the first film. So lets just see the film before discusing it.
  3. PyroAcid
    both of those comments were stupid. don't reserve full judagment befor seeing it. go see it 1st. then bitch then get over it and move on.
  4. Spawningcarnage
    Ok, the supergay comment is immature...sorry for anyone who may take offense.  

    Seriously though, they were making fun of the movie and the Director!  That's very bad marketing because Now I DON"T want to see the film.....
  5. Dr.Pred
    2 of the clips were deleted probably since it wasn't intended for them to be released :-\ The studio tour video is there, and the Rude Awakening clip as well since IGN was the one that released it :)

    The Predators craze is increasing with all these clips and info its getting me even more excited for the movie I can't wait it looks AWESOME!! ;D
  6. petefish420
    this movie so far looks fantastic. for the naysayers just try to remember that these clips might not be clips from the final cut, and if that hunting camp scene didn't sell you then you might want to hit yourself in the head with a tack hammer cuz you're a ritard. looks freaking wounderful.
  7. TheShadowedOne1
    :( Damn it! Those damn YouTube assholes removed two of the best videos. The one with Noland and the other at the Hunting Camp! Fans have rights!
  8. r0x0rs
    The Preds certainly cant just drop humans in from that height and not have any way for them to survive, i mean come on, its not fun hunting something thats already injured.
  9. stipliani
    God, I want to watch it so bad, but I have to wait.  AvP & AvP:R were partly ruined for me by the massive amount of pre-release clips...  That is aside from the general crapiness of both of those movies...
  10. AmandaT800
    So cant wait to see this movie looking very very aswome and love the score anyone know when the soundtrack/score comes out i see in other sites they say until july 26 or something hope it could be sooner,,Or i thougt when a movie comes out dont the soundtracks of a movie come first them movie idk??
  11. Invaders
    I'm so glad they're using elements of the orignal music along with the new score. Epic as f**k! Can't wait to see this... Is it coming out in the UK on July 8th too or is it still sometime in August in the UK?
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