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Sega Looking for New Developer has just posted up a new article stating that Colonial Marines isn’t cancelled but maybe seeing release under a new developer:

“However, I’ve just spoken to a source in a very good position to know what’s up with both games who told me that they’re definitely not canceled. Production is expected to continue and the games, both of which are well into development, will come out. But quite possibly not with the developers they’re at. “

This collaborates the information I’ve recieved from my own sources. However, just to build on what I’ve heard: The RPG isn’t being canned. It is merely postponed while Obsidian concentrate their work on Alpha Protocol (the other Sega game they are working on). It is Colonial Marines that is in danger of changing hands. As you may have all read in various other articles, Sega is “reviewing” the quality of the game and my source is saying that Sega aren’t too keen on what they see.

So we’ll see. Just keep an eye out, here and various other gaming websites, for more news as it comes. Thanks to Cellien for the Variety article.

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  1. KrazeD
    Gearbox hasn't made alot of games, and are still a fairly new company. But I am sure they have learn't from their mistakes, and from what we saw in Game Informer it looks great   :)   I hope they still have the game in their hands, it is their baby after all!!! If another developer does take the game production over, I hope it is everything GBX promised and more!!!
  2. JayHy17
    You guys, this is a good thing. Do you want a junk game or a good game? Sega is doing the right thing. Cuz Gearbox dosnt push out good games we all know that from Brothers in Arms.
  3. Spoon
    funny how every news about the aliens franchise is just going to hell.     Nothing is promising at all.  What a shame. Aliens on blueray..  blueray is dead technology, more sad news.
  4. Space Disc Jockey
    Damn, that sucks. The early screenshots looked incredible...I guess they cant match the gameplay to the graphics, or maybe those graphics we saw were just pre-rendered/concepts...anyway, if Sega is looking for a new dev, I'd suggest Starbreeze AB, or Monolith, for sure. Starbreeeze makes the Chronicles of Riddick games. Man, I hope they don't cancel this game. I've been waiting for an Alien game like this for a loooong time = (
  5. Griffith
    @tvp   maybe you are one of those guys who enjoyed Alien: Resurrection and AvP-R storyline and ended up with a greaaat smile..and yes bitching around makes me feel better because I know that I'm not the only one pissed off about a game that should be the greatest game of all.  You don't like it?.Don't read it
  6. Slugga
    true what tvp says...  bitching on here dosnt do any good! unless it makes you feel better ahahah....  anyway, such a shame its being proponed...the way sega is going seems very downhill....theyre games get worse and worse, they get a chance like A:CM and they seem to be failing to see the opportunity....
  7. tvp
    u guys need to calm down and stop bitching i hate coming on here and viewing all these pussy-fied comments like "That game took forever to come out....and it ended up being trash!"  or..."No, not f**k them. If they think it's crap, then I appreciate them not giving it to the public." and.."This is bullshit. I don't care anymore as n3m0 said this is like a sad and disgusting AVP soupe opera ...see you next weekend on Aliens Franchise curse of an endless tragedy "  seeing this crap makes me wanna punch somebody in the face. if ur pissed who cares take it out on the source not in the comments..btw get a life
  8. dave1978
    Exactly what i have been saying all along!   Gearbox wernt, arnt and never will be up to the task!   They take twice as long as any other developer to release a game!  just look at the Brothers in Arms hells Highway debacle.
  9. Griffith
    This is bullshit. I don't care anymore as n3m0 said this is like a sad and disgusting  AVP soupe opera ...see you next weekend on Aliens Franchise curse of an endless tragedy
  10. Riptr2
    I just wish someone from Sega would calm this cacophony and tell us exactly what is going on.   I'm tired of coming to these sites and just finding more rumours that seem to rile the fans up into a frenzy. I'm sure we'll see an official snippet of news soon, we just have to wait...hopefully not too long.
  11. Splinter Cell
    I just want this game . For f**ks sake i just want this game . Games like Jumper get released but an Aliens game gets so much shit ?
  12. Bio Mech Hunter
    Oh son of a b****! CM better not end up in Rebellion's hands. Or there will be blood.   >:(     :'(   Monolith get's my approval though.   ;)    If Sega is saying they're not keen on what they see, that might mean the quality is too good for them. lol I swear, with the kind of games they've been releasing, it's plausible. They better not gimp The Conduit.   >:(  
  13. JD
    Maybe by keeping the fans waiting sega wants to create demand for the 3 games. Fine take your time but give us something good. There is a good possibility that the end result may be three games from the AvP universe on the list of games of the year 2010! But we dont want any of the games canned. This might just bring back the lost reputation of the AvP franchise.
  14. Hicks_0998
    AvP was a top notch game, ya cant argue with that.  A good quality game comes from dedication and hard work and hopefully both A:CM and the RPG will be the result of many hours hard work.  I'd hardly call AVPR game for the PSP of good quality...even though it was from Rebellion.
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