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Gearbox / Sega To Cancel Aliens: CM?

There’s a couple of stories circulating today on Kotaku and ShackNews that Gearbox / Sega was going to drop Aliens: Colonial Marines altogether. Apparently, Gearbox let go of a large number of employees today because Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway hadn’t sold well. Kotaku also mentions that Sega may have cut the funding on Colonial Marines because they were concerned that the project couldn’t be delivered on time and on budget.

Gearbox president Randy Pitchford has since made a statement saying the game is still in production but a release date hasn’t been confirmed. If the game is still in development, I’d expect it to be delayed at the very least. Still, there’s no smoke without fire. Sure is strange that we’ve seen very little of Aliens: CM and absolutely nothing of Obsidian’s Aliens RPG.

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  1. The Swashbuckler
    This is so typical! Why is it that ever since Alien 3 they can't get ANYTHING right with this franchise?! It's almost unbelievable!
  2. M240Incinerator
    Brothers in Arms: Hells High Way was a KICK ASS WORLD WAR 2 GAME!!!   ;D    I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!!! It is impossible to cancel the game. Pitchford won't let it happen (hopefully). So many people waiting for ALIENS to come out. I say wait and see. If it doesnt cancel, then WHOOO!!! If it does cancel... we take it to the streets and RIOT!!!   >:D  
  3. konradski
    Listen guys, the game is prob about 75% Complete, they are not going to cancel a game which is nearly done designers/makers are not going to walk away if they dont get paid.they will carry on a finish it if they have too.   ps James Salt never said there were any issues with bf2 and you must work for dice in sweden who are devs for  EA who only recently saw their shares drop   erm yes they do and move onto other projects that pay. continuing to finish the project would be an individuals personel choice .you do understand the concept of work and its structure of being paid for a service  were do u think we live , a sweat shop in bangalore  it like saying im going to finish installing your kitchen when you run out of money. well im sorry youll have to wash the dishe,s in the bath.. no money = no worky worky even if you did have a serious disease or illness and dwarf kids who only wore clown shoe,s ill just move on to someone who can pay for service,s rendered  i remember some marvel/comic films that were made then suddenly disapeared never to be heard of .original fantastic 4 and such now only available bootleg and when u see them you too will know why they never saw daylight even tho they were 100% finished
  4. konradski
    @n3m0   man its like this everytime somthing promising pops onto the horizion .they seriously want to nick/steel the  A.I spawn from left 4 dead and temper it down for the game then real terror would kick in  my comments wernt meant to drag anyone down or be condesending hopefully gearbox will pull it off . as borderlands looks fine but then again theyve not been pushing it latley onto us think stalker and other futuristic games this year stole their thunder    :D   time will tell
  5. Xenomorphine
    Also, with still no indication that you'll be able to be one of the creatures, I still don't find myself being masively intrigued by it. Without that novelty, it can very easily just be yet another shooter to buy. The Colonial Marine campaign was always the last one I ever did, in the 'Aliens Versus Predator' games, from a few years ago.
  6. Xenomorphine
    Well, there's nothing preventing it from being cancelled... Just look at that 'Babylon 5' flight simulator, which was virtually ready, only for Sierra to suddenly dump it. They had gone to the extent of aactually getting all the actors filmed and, to this very day, none of it has been released to the public domain. It was virtually done.  Of course, it couldn't be completed by those making it, in their spare time, because all of those involved had gone off to other projects.
  7. Chris
    Listen guys, the game is prob about 75% Complete, they are not going to cancel a game which is nearly done, at this stage of the game the designers/makers are not going to walk away if they dont get paid, they will carry on a finish it if they have too.  I know this because i helped make BF2, and many others games which was in this situation, we would still carry on making it even if we wasnt getting paid!!!
  8. Aliens Fan
    Colonial Marines is the only Aliens property to interest me since the original two films. I gotta say it would be extremely disapointing if this game wasnt given every chance to suceed like it deserves to.
  9. n3m0
    @ konradski  ok my comment on hope and visiting this site was stupid and i admit it... im here daily but rarely posting and "I know it will be a good game" is just my obsession whit Law of Attraction lately     ;D   anyways ur argument stands but im still sure i will not be despoilment  like i was with Fallout 3    >:(  
  10. spinner7478
    WOW, this just keeps getting better and better.  You guys do realize that pretty soon Aliens and Predator will become such a forgotten past-time that soon this site will eventually shut down as well.  I used to always defend the AVP movies, but now I'm starting to wonder if their tepid response from fans and critics is basically killing these franchises.
  11. konradski
    without hope most ppl woudnt visit this site at all  i visit it all the time and it has jack shit to do with hope. more to do with info on somthing i enjoyed and what may or may not be coming out .  i know that it will be a good game ;)   dont wish to piss on your parade nemo but u cant know anything .because jack shit has been released about the title in question ,like ive said in other posts this is a very uninformative release  if your going by a few screenshots/concepts and blurb then your gonna get what you deserve (by the way a game cannot be seen for how good it is from a few pictures it has to be seen in motion and not a set up level by the studio .again people i know got hands on with fc2 canada and were realy impressed until they bought it.and it didnt play anything like they,d sampled) farcry2 is a fine example of somthing that isnt to what was shown  please see ubisoft forums for those of us disapointed by hype and misled on detail and its final execution across platforms(there still raging because dlc now asking for $10 to download extra content on console even tho the game still dosent work and desperatly needs patching before these people start asking for more cash to support somthing broken)  there is hope but it can always be dashed on the rocks of get our money and run   >:D    just like avp 2:rectum lool
  12. dachande89
    Oy, AVP-R rant aside, I have hopes, I want to play a good Alien game on my console, and I really hope this comes out, and doesn't get cancelled. I still have hope, call me foolish, but I hold out hope to the bitter end.
    Children! What did AVP-R teach us?! That even if you see an awesome, bloody, redband trailer the end product can still end up being a giant kick in the f--king balls. You as the fans you can't make that mistake again. Don't get your hopes up at all, especially when it comes to anything that is Alien or Predator. It's not over until the fat lady sings. Until ACM is installed on your PC or you got for the PS3 or 360 version and the game is awesome because you played it.....then thats the time to start having high hopes and being happy as a fan! Until then, it's safe to asume that everything is gonna be raped to death and everything that is Alien and Predator is going to suck harder than the last product. I have zero faith in this franchise, zero faith for the people incharge in it, until I see gold then I'll be the first one to start cheering, until then I have zero faith in Gearbox and SEGA.
  14. davidwa
    there are far 2 many ww2 games and just a few aliens games do the right thing and bring Aliens CM out. just kant wait since heard about this game to come out. I say get the Game out if u want 2 give us loyal fans a new game and sumthing else 2 chat about
  15. Bio Mech Hunter
    Oh, for the love of all that is good and holy! PLEASE DON'T CANCEL ALIENS! *cries*  This has been in the pipe for what seems like an eternity. They've kept us rabid fans on baited breath for so long. If they can this project, you can bet there are going to be quite a few PISSED fans out there. To say the least.  Let's not forget they canned the original PS2 Aliens: Colonial Marines game, too. And yes, fans were pissed.
  16. Griffith
    this can't be cancelled i mean c'mon all that work for nothing? it doesn't make any sense merchandising hasn't been done yet but seriously the gameplay the graphics the concept artwork and all the f**king things that makes the colonial marines a TRUE and most expected game because i'm a freakin hardcore fan of the USCMC..SERIOUSLY THIS CAN'T BE CANCELLED...  and if it's cancelled no one surprises if tomorrow you hear about a psycho/maniac with a flamethrower burning the shit out of gearbox because that will be me    >:(  
  17. AwBrasil
  18. xor_ew
    F**k!    >:(   I hope they'll get solution for this problem and they'll try to understand that "WE" need this game more than anything! I was sure my dreams of perfect Aliens game will come true... :/
  19. predalien-hybrid
    Ofcourse Brothers in Arms Hells Highway did terribly. The WW2 thing has been done to death. Sci Fi games like Halo, Gears of War and Dead Space do well so why wouldn't an Aliens Game do well? After all Alien started the whole soldier vs monster theme.
  20. RakaiThwei
    Considering the recession which the USA is suffering, it's no surprise that the gaming industry has also suffered as well as the other companies as well. I'm not sure if Europe is in a recession, but I can say that for the US, things aren't looking so good.   Because of this recession, times are tough. Money is tight, nobody is doing any spending, and it affects everyone. Employees are being laid off left and right in all companies. Budgets are being cut.   All for the sake to save money til the recession ends.   It affects everyone, and unfortunately, ALIENS: CM has been affected.
  21. YAUTJA
    this is bulls**t! they shouldnt rely on the response of a game like bros in arms to determine wether or not to continue making has a much bigger fan base than any WW2 shooter! so why the doubts? it will do great.
  22. Hell-Scorpion
    I doubt they're going to cancel this. It seems they already bet alittle too much on this horse and the race has started. The only people I know of who fund unbelieveably large sums of money on somthing and then say 'Nah, F@#k it" is the US Gov, and Military R&D departments.
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