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AvPG Interviews Bug Hunt Developer

Moosh, one of the people behind the drive to create further content for Aliens: Colonial Marines, recently interviewed Dave Flamburis formerly of Demiurge Studios, the team responsible for the Bug Hunt add-on:

“Without passionate fans and player-advocates like you, Melissa, there is no market. This is why we do what we do and, more important, who we do it for. It’s a win win. When you think about it, passionate players and passionate developers are one and the same. We’re all parts of the same game. Same goes for working with Gearbox. They really trusted us and never stopped our momentum. That’s even more rare. I learned so much from them over the years. They’re super altruistic. More so than folks give them credit for, you know?”

Be sure to check out the entire interview in our interview section. I’d like to thank Moosh for taking the time to conduct this interview.

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