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New Predator Novel On The Way

We should all know of the two up-and-coming Aliens novels from DH Press, but so far we only know of the one Predator novel. Well, not anymore, we’ve got a third Predator novel to look forward to:

“The book is tentatively entitled Turnabout, and that’s pretty much all I can tell you until it’s a little further along, except that if you like Stephen Hunter’s character Bob Lee “The Nailer” Swagger — from Hunter’s books (not the movie version, Shooter), you might have a fun time with the Predator book …”

To be written by Steve and Stephani Perry, the legendary authors who started off the original Aliens novel line and created the popular Yautja culture. Turnabout will probably be released sometime next year. You can check out Steve Perry’s blog here. Thanks to Hicks at AXP.

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