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Hot Toys’ Ancient Predator Review

I remember when McFarlanes was the talk of the town, but now it seems Hot Toys are taking over as the prime Alien vs Predator figure makers. recently posted up a review for Hot Toys’ new figure, the Ancient Predator:

20070305 Hot Toys' Ancient Predator Review

“The Predators look phenomenal. Judging them as poseable model kits or action figures, they are probably the most detailed and arguably the most accurate representation of the characters. HT doesn’t compromise here – you get every little detail done almost perfectly, from the Alien’s transparent dome to the fibre-like material under the Predators’ lenses.”

The rest of the review gives details on posabilty and build, as well as plenty of pictures. Be sure to check out the review.

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  1. Demonio Cazador
    McFarlane's are good for 15 bucks, but Hot toys are waaaaayyyy much better, I'm actually seeling my McFarlane collections soon, With Hot toys the quality and attention to detail is simply the best I have ever seen! Aside from life size busts and statues, I believe this are the best Alien/Predator collectibles.
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