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AvPR Hot Toys Figures

As we found out a while ago, Hot Toys are making AvPR figures too. got a first look at them including an interview with Hot Toys about them.

20071124 AvPR Hot Toys Figures

They’re also considering making a 1:6 scale Alien Queen (from Aliens) figure and they have plans to release Predator 1 figures including character figures. Check out for pictures of the new Alien, Predator and Hybrid figures which go on sale in 2008. Thanks to ONEYE for the news.

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  1. zen
    In day 1 (first half hour) i introduce the towns people. At night the preds show up. In day 2 the preds watch the humans. At night they hunt. In day 3 the town is put on alert and some people disappear. At night the aliens get let loose!. Day 4:Mostly dialogue with some action. Day 5:EVERYONE FIGHTS FOR THERE LIVES INCLUDING THE PREDATORS!!!!!!!!   :o     ;D  .
  2. Deco
    Nomad:  I honestly have no quams with the route the Alien Life Cycle is taking. I think with expanding franchises such as Aliens and Predator, things need to become more complex in order for the viewers to want to know more - otherwise the fanbase would disappear. I just take it for what it is really.    ;)    ZEN:  Sounds good my friend. I havent gotten that far as yet. Im meeting with my screenwriting mentor this week to run with some themes and talk around the treatment. I have a concept that is complete in itself but the problem with any creative medium is that the form constantly changes. Shaping a story around these changes so that it improves the quality is the real challenge! I have decided to exclude a hybrid from my story. I will be writing it as an independantsequel/ prequel to all movies to date except AVP-R (so anything that happens in AVP-R will no be referenced in my story. The only thing I took from AVP was Alexas Character. My story is more dialogue based, very Predator-esque, huge conspiracy focusing on the lives of the characters from the original movies. There are literally no Alien/Predator battles until the third act of the script. There are some human action scenes throughout the script but hell is literally unleashed in act 3 where I have come up with some incredible imagery.
  3. Serious 101
    Although the Pred looks sweet (little to skinny)  None of these are worth what they want i would rather save my damn money for an x-box 360 or something that is not easilt broken or lost    :'(  
  4. zen
    Nomad:Befor A3 came out a lot of comics just used the human type drone because they did'nt know that the aliens did what they did,neither did any alien fan.There were a few comics that spiced things up,but nobody realy cared.Then when they did the runner in A3 comics started putting in there own hybrids and the idea caught on from there.Now everyone try's to put in there own twist on the aliens for one reason or another,and you'r right,people should'nt bitch and piss and mone because someone decided to use something from the comics or to change a little bit of the alien anatomy,from all that i've see'n none of what anyone in AVPR is doing conflicts with the 4 alien movies!.O.K.,i was probably going somewhere with this,but i sorta hit a dead end   :-[     :D  .
  5. zen
    Deco:I'm still sick,but i'm a lot better then what i was on thursday,so my head is no longer spinning.THANKS!!   :D  .I finnished the drawing,and i have to say it looks awesome!.i just need to redraw it to another peace of paper so there is'nt as many erase lines and it will be more smoothed out.When the people at ADI are finnished with it i'll probably crap my pants when i see it!.I've also started on a predator who's the semi-main star(i've decided for 3-5 preds and 50 aliens or so),i just need to finnish the legs and he'll be done.Ya know that comic in the unrated AVP set?.it kinda looks like the one in the swamp with it's hair in a pony(roughly).Yesterday i started work on that scene with the alien.I'ts about a minute long so far,but once its done it'll be 3-4 minutes long and it will be very very cool!.You'll love it!!!   ;D  How far have you gotten?.Scene 12 act 7 or something like that?   :)  .
  6. Nomad
    Deco, I agree. But what I was trying to say is that originally the theory of alien life cicle was different and more simple. Now we have absolutely redesighned and more complicated version of it. And in some of the future movies it wil be changed again. That is why it is wrong for people to say that the movie or comix is bad if it was changed from previous one. And what do you think?
  7. Deco
    hi NOMAD  The thing with the comics is that they arent the definitive full stop to things. I must say I think that there is no real answer to the meat of this question!   :)  
  8. Nomad
    Toys look nice, but I dont like idea with them being an action figures.   :(    Zen, do you remember discussions about original aliens, queen facehugers etc. Finaly we all desided that all the aliens are hybryds and the queen facehuger looks like the original facehuger... Well it appears we were wrong     ???   I just read 5 very first AvP comix, and it shows that originally, before the Alien 3, human aliens bursted from snakes, monkeys, lisardoids and even rinos      ???   WTF!!! And queen fasehuger all cowered with spikes. Damn it sucks, it appears that now we have totaly different conseption of alien life cycle. If you dont bellive me read the damn, but still the best, comix! P.S. zen, I wish you all the best with your story     ;D  
  9. Deco
    Zen:  Not to worry, I hope you are feeling better. Setup sounds nice, I hope things are coming along nicely for you. Have you started your concept drawings for your hybrid yet?
  10. zen
    Deco:Sorry i did'nt respond to the last comment you left for me,i got very ill and the mere thought of looking at the keybourd made me wanna hurl.My story is in america in a small town that started back in the 50's.As the town grew people wanted more things like a diner,a police station and many other places,and a whole bunch of people go to the bar every friday to relax after a hard weeks work.It also takes place smetime between 2009 and 2014   ;D  .
    they cost betwen $120 and $160 for recent released toys, if you whant a celtic pred you'r in big trouble because this things get a lot more expencive!!!
  12. REYALS
    Prepare to give your money to HotToys.... again! They need to bring the f'n prices down on these things. Not everyone that is a fan of these two franchises are made of money.   These are awesome fig's, but too damn expensive.   :-\     >:(  
  13. MAD-REX
    I want to know when these things go on Pre-sale. They all look sweet! I wonder just how different this Alien warrior will be from the Aliens 1/6th one made before my Hot Toys.
  14. ShadowPred
    The alien actually looks more biomechanical than the ones from the movie itself, and look the shoulders are also at the right length, too bad that's not the way they're going to be in AVPR    :(  
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