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Hot Toys Reveals 1/6 Scale Alien Warrior Figure

With the 30th Anniversary of Aliens this month, the legendary Hong Kong manufacturer Hot Toys have last week revealed a new figure in their line-up – an Alien Warrior, based around the ridged head xenomorphs from James Cameron’s Aliens. Standing at 35cm high, the figure comes with an extendable inner jaw, xenomorph blood parts and a bendable tail as well as a special diorama stand. Its newly crafted body perfectly replicates the intricate details of the Xenomorph Warriors from the movie.

hot-toys-warrior-06 Hot Toys Reveals 1/6 Scale Alien Warrior Figure

The Alien Warrior will be first available at the Toy Sapiens shop in Tokyo, Japan on April 26th – the date of the Aliens 30th Anniversary and then the figure will start shipping some time in the third quarter of 2016. The figure can be preordered for $249.99 (£175) from Sideshow Collectibles. Stay tuned soon as Hot Toys will finally announce their 1/6 Scale Ripley figure on April 26th too.

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  1. Gamblor
    I do find it odd they kind of did away with their limited edition policy. Watch the values on the original HT Alien Warrior drop to the ground.

    And those were around $140, I don't see why they're charging $240 at this point.
  2. Darkness
    They are expensive but I think the quality is far beyond what you'd get with the likes of NECA though yeah, the 1/4 Scale Xeno is pretty damn impressive.

    Quote from: PVTDukeMorrison on Apr 05, 2016, 01:01:00 AM
    Not gonna lie I was never one to buy figures or anything like that but I would probably buy this (On sale though, that's a lot of money), looks very nice

    They unfortunately don't go on sale, they just get discontinued after a couple of years and it costs even more to find one.
    Though rather pricey that is a wicked figure. quick question, whether or not Neill Blomkamp gets to make his Aliens Sequel dream project Which design do you reckon he'd have gone with for the Xenomorphs?

    the translucent dome of the original Xenomorph Drone in Ridley Scott's Alien or the rigged head warrior from James Cameron's Aliens?

    I'd of thought he'd go with the latter seeing as Aliens its his favourite film. Heck I'm curious if they'll attempt to explain the two different castes and full function of their colony in a future movie, I doubt they would though.

    Supposedly James Cameron claims the dome was removed because it would constantly break and it would reflecting and mess up the lighting, so they simplified the look and went work more quick and sudden shots of the creature attacking.

    Another explanation he claims is the warrior variation is due to the drone having lived for a duration of weeks and its reached full maturity unlike the Original Alien who was only one the Nostromo ship for under 24 hours. If thats the case then how were the Xenomorphs in AVP smooth headed drones when in AVP R they're rigged headed? A reason perhaps is that the Predators have genetically altered the Xenomorph to have an execrated growth life cycle so they could have their hunt sooner or something. Probably isn't too smart to ponder the plot holes of AVP too much.

    Supposedly there's a whole article detailing the topic on AVP Wikea or xenopedia or something.
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