NECA Aliens Series 1

Release Date: April 2013
Manufacturer: NECA
Includes: Corporal Hicks, Private Hudson, Xenomorph Warrior

NECA Aliens Series 1 is the first set of action figures from NECA based on the Aliens franchise. They were first released in April 2013 and features the 7″ figures of Corporal Hicks and Private Hudson as well as a 9″ tall Xenomorph Warrior. A two-pack was later released compromising of Corporal Hicks vs a battle-damaged Xenomorph Warrior.

Official Description

The long awaited re-launch of our Aliens product line celebrates the 1986 James Cameron classic with a brand new version of the Alien Warrior and for the first time ever – two of the Colonial Marines! Hicks and Hudson stand nearly 7″ tall and feature over 30 points of articulation!! The marines include signature weapons including the pulse rifle, shotgun, welder, motion tracker, and shoulder lamp. Incredibly detailed and photo realistic portrait sculpts are sure to impress. Last but not least is the all-new Aliens Warrior which stands over 9″ tall and has over 30 points of articulation including a bendable tail, hinged jaw, and sliding inner mouth. This version of the Warrior features the brown costume highlights and a glossy wet appearance.

It’s The Aliens 7″ Figure – Hicks vs Battle Damaged Blue Warrior 2-Pack. This special edition 2-pack features an all new version of Hicks, sporting a brand new aggressive combat head sculpt, helmet, and headset along with pulse rifle, shotgun, motion detector, shoulder lamp, welding torch and more. The Aliens Warrior includes an exclusive “shotgunned” head reflecting the shotgun blast damage he takes in combat with Hicks. Both figures feature over 30 points of articulation and are unique to this set and available nowhere else.

NECA Aliens Series 1 Gallery

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