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Posted by Corporal Hicks on December 23, 2012 (Updated: 22-Jun-2015)

Here’s a list of all the interviews that have been done by AvPGalaxy. The interviews are split into five sections: Films, Games, Literature, Fan Films and Other Interviews. The list is then sorted by most recent first down to oldest.


Joseph Pepe (Interview by Corporal Hicks on 14/11/10)
About concept art for AvP/ AvP Requiem and Predators.
“Mike Broom had done some sketches of the Berserkers with the jawbone and tusks on them that Nimrod really liked and I had to keep the tusks and jawbone in mind when I was asked to take a pass at the Berserker helmet. But I also went back to the original film for reference. If it’s not broken, I say don’t fix it.”

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Michael Broom (Interview by Ikarop on 08/09/10)
About concept art for AvP Requiem and Predators.
“I’d heard that Robert Rodriguez was involved in ‘Predators’ and I was pretty sure KNB would be approached about the show. One day when I was over there, doing some artwork for Greg Nicotero, and I mentioned that I was really interested if it came in. A few weeks later he called me to get started.”

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Brian Steele (Interview by Corporal Hicks on 04/08/10)
About playing the Predator in Predators.
“It was always on my mind that each Predator had to be it’s own character. It had to be identifiable and it’s performance should stand on it’s own. I felt the script lent itself to the Berserker getting the most character development. I wish the others had the time he had to develop over the film.”

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Lance Henrikson (Interview by AvPGalaxy on 08/12/09)
About his character in the films and in the upcoming AvP game. Via SEGA.
“I have a sort of attitude of gratitude about all this. I’ve been in so many of these movies. I’m just so happy I had a shot at doing all this. You never know where it’s going to go so the fact that I’m still here and still involved, I’m really grateful.”

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