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Aliens Expanded Writer & Director Talks Universal Appeal of Aliens

Ian Nathan, the writer and director of the upcoming Aliens Expanded documentary, is talking the universal appeal of Aliens in a new video uploaded to the CreatorVC YouTube channel. Check it out below!

At CREATORVC, our next project will be a deep dive documentary on James Cameron’s epic 1986 sequel, ALIENS. We’re excited to bring fans of Aliens a year-long, interactive experience packed full of events that run concurrently alongside the production of the documentary. Our mission is to harness the passion of the ALIENS fandom and deliver an extraordinary collaborative entertainment experience

Nathan is very well regarded amongst the film journalist community as not only a former editor and executive editor of the Empire magazine, but also as the author of Alien Vault and Ridley Scott: A Retrospective, and the upcoming James Cameron: A Retrospective. Keep an eye out for more information on Aliens Expanded!

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