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Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshots

If you’ve been over the Game Informer website lately, you might have noticed some funky little banners in the top hand right of the header:

20080217_03 Aliens Colonial Marines Screenshots

These are three extremely cropped and small in game images. But not only that, if you head on over to the cover story section of the Game Informer website, you’ll find a fantastic little banner showing off the underside of the Face-Hugger and a profile shot of the Aliens. What ya waiting for? Go check it out!

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  1. konradski
    id wait for more dev shots guys before getting too exited  as stuff like this is usually leaked all over the web .yet i see nada on either eastern european site,s nor the asian ones  if its alpha . where are screenies to go with it even doom 3 had more stuff nicked from it before it even hit the web as id,s next title from concept art to models. ive seen that many maya mock ups of pulse rifle i somtimes wonder   jesus didnt acid glow have one up a long long time ago in avp days
  2. boythatkills
    I don't see a video of the pulse rifle. When you click on the unlimited thing it is just a bigger screenshot of what you already see with some douche holding an airsoft pulse rifle behind it.
  3. Nosferatus
    hmm....looks good...not breathtaking but ok......... and since I am just a stupid "predator funboy" I am A LOT more interested in AVP 3 game   :-*  
  4. jasonlotr
    Finally, I've gotten sick of Aliens with Predators.  I thought that the alien story was good with out intervening with predators.  The game looks pretty good, I'm glad they're not making up their own cheap story.  It is good that they have a solid story to stick with.    :)  
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