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Three Comic/Novel Reviews

Been a long time since I’ve made a site update post. Anyway, Hicks has done three new literature-related reviews. Firstly, a review of Predator Omnibus Volume 1 which scored 3/5. He also reviewed the novels Predator: Flesh and Blood which scored 4.7/5 and Aliens: Steel Egg which he didn’t like so much. That one scored 2/5.

There’s lots of Fan Art Updates. Thanks to redalert51, Tundro, PredatrHuntr, kirisute and many others for the additions.

In other news, german fan site has been resurrected. There’s a new flash site on there now as well as the old news section.

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  1. Harry72
    Thx Darkness for the announcement. The next siteupdates are already in progress and will be done in the next days. I will complete the gamesection and the english comicsection with the Darkhorse Comics.  And a big thx to Hicks for the great reviews.    :P  
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