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AvPG Reviews Fast Track to Heaven & Prey

I’ve just uploaded two new reviews. The first is of Aliens – Fast Track to Heaven, a comic novella written and drawn by Liam Sharp and one of Aliens vs. Predator – Prey, the Steve and Stephani  Perry adaption of the original AvP comic series by Randy Stradley:

“From the moment I saw the Giger-esque style Alien on the cover I got the sense that this would feel like “Alien”. Sharp carries that feeling throughout the book, using Nostromo looking spacesuits, an old beatdown looking space station and Director’s Cut style cocoons to maintain that distinctively looking “Alien” feel.

26082013_01 AvPG Reviews Fast Track to Heaven & Prey

Be sure to check out my full review of Aliens – Fast Track to Heaven and AvP – Prey. You can find other reviews and articles in our articles section! Feel free to let us know what you think of the reviews.

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Comments: 11
  1. DC
    I'm really glad they harkened back to the atmosphere and merchandise of Alien as opposed to Aliens. It's all Aliens now days. Aliens: Colonial Marines, Aliens vs. Predator, and so on and so forth . . .
  2. saintssinphony
    I read Fast Track to Heaven last night and I totally thought I had missing pages or something.  The ending of the book is very abrupt.  I think another 10 pages could have really helped the story tremendously.  I love the artwork though, really good atmosphere.  I loved the throwback spacesuits also.  I just wish it would have been longer.  Great review Hicks, I think it was spot on.

  3. Xenoscream
    I really like the look of Sharp's artwork. Funny that he seemed to get so much spot on and then kind of failed with the Alien itself. 38 pages certainly doesn't sound like enough to flesh out a decent Alien story... I hope we do get another good one eventually.
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