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AvPG Reviews Out of the Shadows

I have just uploaded a review for Tim Lebbon and Titan’s latest Alien novel, Out of the Shadows. Released earlier this year in January, Out of the Shadows takes place prior to Aliens and takes the controversial idea of bringing Ripley into the foray:

“It was nice to see story elements where encounters with the Alien truly take their toll – something I don’t think we see quite enough – and it all built up towards the big red button moment in a logical and believable way. However, despite how well Tim Lebbon wrote Ripley and how much I enjoyed getting inside her head, I really don’t see why Ripley’s character had to be included. The plot would not have lost much without her.”

It isn’t all doom-and-gloom however, as Tim managed to craft some great new characters and write a really enjoyable story. You can find more of my thoughts in our review section. Beware minor spoilers

Tim Lebbon also took the time to sit down and answer some of our questions in a follow-up interview: “They wanted the story set between the first two films, suggested that the android we all know and love had inserted himself into the shuttle’s computer, and also mentioned the necessity that Ripley could not remember what happens to her in this book.” Beware significant spoilers!

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