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UGO Interviews Sanaa Lathan

UnderGroundOnline have published a new interview with Sanaa Lathan where she talks about her time on AvP and what she will be doing in the future.

How much did you work with actual actors playing aliens as opposed to CGI?
Sanaa: One of the things that Paul prides himself on is that everything isn’t CGI. He did a lot of scenes with me and the actual creature in the room with me. I think that makes for a scarier end product because I think the audience can tell when it’s computer generated. There were a lot of times when I was working with Tom Woodruff who was in the Alien suit and had been for all the movies. For the Predator we had a seven-foot-four ex-basketball player in the suit.

She goes on to discuss how she became involved in AvP and she mentions she saw the film last week but generally, most of the questions asked by UGO seem to be pointless. Thanks to Izzet for the news.

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Comments: 4
  1. Saint Sinner
    Or worse Cazador, the Collector's Club Exclusive is Lex, which I hope to God it isn't. I was really hoping it'd be Gill or one of the ancient Predators.
  2. El Demonio Cazador
    Well I'm an action figure collector so I found interesting that she mentioned her own Lex action figure, that means that McFarlane has a 2nd wave of figures coming out, I wonder if they'll include new aliens of preds.... And another interesting point is that she said she SAW the movie last week, which means it's finished... I don't believe none of that unfinished movie crap....
  3. G-Dog
    Are you serious? some of those questions had nothing to do with AVP, Then again, they were interviewing the actor about herself, not the movie right?? Dumbass didn't even ask about any info from the final version that she saw that week she was talking about. People's reactions if there were any besides herself. shame.........
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