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Posted by Darkness on February 6, 2010 (Updated: 25-Mar-2023)

To help cover the costs of keeping AvPGalaxy alive you can become an AvPGalaxy subscriber as a way of supporting the site. It costs $10 for a year and you get a few features. Or you can get a lifetime subscription for a one-off $100 fee.

Aside from supporting AvPGalaxy with the annual running costs you get:

  • Completely advertisement-free.
  • Boosts PM storage to 1000 messages.
  • Includes a private board on the forum for Subscribers.
  • Sneak peaks and testing of new features being added to AvPGalaxy.
  • Access to new Alien, Predator, Marine and Giger themes on the forum.
  • You will get a shiny new badge above your avatar and your name in the online users list will be a different colour to let people know you’re a Subscriber.

To become a subscriber, you must already be registered on the site. Once logged in, go to your profile, click Paid Subscriptions under Actions and follow the instructions. We accept Paypal. You only pay for one year. If you don’t want to continue subscribing, simply don’t do anything. If you do, go through the subscription process again.


Alternatively, if you just want to donate some money to the site to help with running costs, follow the link below.

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