NECA Aliens Series 9

Release Date: September 2016
Manufacturer: NECA
Figures: Albino Alien, Frost, Vasquez

NECA Aliens Series 9 is the ninth wave of NECA figures based on the Aliens license released in September 2016. The series is focused on James Cameron’s Aliens and features Pvt. Vasquez, Pvt. Frost and an Albino Alien.  It’s very accurate to Jenette Goldstein’s character in the movie with the same graffiti on her chest – “El riesgo siempre vive” meaning “the risk always lives”. Her accessories include her iconic smartgun, headgear and shoulder lamp.

Also joining Vasquez in Series 9 is another member of her squad – Pvt. Frost – based on Ricco Ross’s likeness. Frost’s accessories include a removable helmet, ammo bag, M240 Flamethrower and a pistol. The Albino Xenomorph featured in James Cameron’s original screenplay for Aliens which describes small albino ‘Drones’ helping the Queen and moving her eggs in the hive. Instead of an inner mouth, they have a excreting probe which they use to create hive resin. It also appeared in Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of the film.

Official Description

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Aliens with three extraordinary action figure debuts! Series 9 includes the first-ever Private Vasquez and Private Frost figures with authorized likenesses, as well as an Albino Alien concept figure based on the original James Cameron screenplay. Private Jenette Vasquez is one of the most requested action figures of all time and features the likeness of Jenette Goldstein. Her Marine gear is completely faithful to the movie, from the hand-painted mottos to the detailed headgear and shoulder lamp. Vasquez has over 30 points of articulation and comes with a smartgun with fully articulated harness, plus a blast effect that attaches to the muzzle.

Private Ricco Frost – known as “Frosty” to his fellow Marines – comes to action figure form for the first time with the likeness of actor Ricco Ross. His detailed body armor features the same personalized touches as in the movie, and he’s packed with accessories: removable helmet, ammo bag, M240 Flamethrower, and pistol that fits in a functioning holster. Pvt. Frost has over 25 points of articulation. The Albino Alien is our first concept figure from the 1986 movie. It was inspired by the original James Cameron screenplay, which describes an albino version of the Xenomorph that has an excreting probe in place of the usual second inner mouth. The Albino Alien has over 30 points of articulation and features a bendable mouth probe and a frightening new color scheme. All figures stand approximately 7” tall (Albino Alien is over 9” tall) and come in 30th Anniversary clamshell packaging.

NECA Aliens Series 9 Gallery

neca-aliens-series-9-albino-drone-001 neca-aliens-series-9-albino-drone-001
Albino Alien Albino Alien
Albino Alien Albino Alien
Albino Alien Albino Alien
neca-aliens-series-9-frost-001 neca-aliens-series-9-frost-001
Frost Frost
Frost Frost
Frost Frost
Frost Frost
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