NECA Aliens Series 13

Release Date: October 2018
Manufacturer: NECA
Figures: Sgt. Apone, Scorpion Alien, Snake Alien

NECA Aliens Series 13 is the thirteenth wave of NECA figures based on the Aliens license that was released in October 2018. This series is very much based on the old Kenner figures from the early 90’s and continues from Series 10 when NECA released the Queen Facehugger, Gorilla Alien and Mantis Alien. Series 13 features Sgt. Apone with a bionic arm and grenades, the Scorpion Alien with over 30 points of articulation and lastly the Snake Alien with a 12″ long tail.

Official Description

Series 13 in NECA’s bestselling Aliens line is dedicated to the classic Kenner Expanded Universe Aliens of the early 1990s! Taking inspiration from those designs, our team has transformed these Kenner classics into modern versions with all of today’s detail and articulation.

It includes the long-awaited debut of Space Marine Sgt. Apone as well as the frequently requested Snake Alien and Scorpion Alien.

Space Marine Sgt. Apone stands approximately 7” tall and features an extraordinary bio-mechanical right arm and heavy-duty grenades on his back. The figure is highly articulated and comes with a rifle accessory. Snake Alien feature a 12″ long bendable tail and ball-jointed fingers for attacking its unlucky prey. Scorpion Alien has over 30 points of articulation. Both highly detailed figures measure over 9” tall. The clamshell packaging is an homage to the classic Kenner art, featuring custom illustrations and a color palette reminiscent of the toy shelves of the early ’90s.

NECA Aliens Series 13 Gallery

Apone Apone
Apone Apone
Apone Apone
Apone Apone
Apone Apone
Scorpion Alien Scorpion Alien
Scorpion Alien Scorpion Alien
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