NECA Alien Egg & Facehugger

Release Date: September 2013
Manufacturer: NECA
RRP: US $24.99 | UK £31.95

NECA released a light-up Alien Egg and launching Facehugger in September 2013. The egg has a LED light inside and a little switch at the back which launches the Facehugger into the air.

Official Description

This 4.5″ tall Alien Egg is an incredibly detailed recreation of the mysterious eggs from the Alien films. Closed, the egg glows with an eerie green light… but press the button concealed on the back and launch a rubbery Facehugger high into the air! Frighten your friends, your neighbors or your household pets. An incredible new item from the Aliens franchise!


Alien Egg Packaging Alien Egg Packaging
Alien Egg Alien Egg
Alien Egg Alien Egg
Alien Egg Alien Egg
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