Predator: If It Bleeds - New Predator Anthology

Started by Corporal Hicks, Aug 02, 2016, 03:47:44 PM

Predator: If It Bleeds - New Predator Anthology (Read 117,153 times)


Well, sorry you feel that way because the complicated back history is what makes them more interesting and compelling to me than xenomorphs and why I wanted to explore further details.


That's cool. I just prefer the notion of intergalactic samurai warriors. Bloody, cold and utterly mysterious. I also think the books tend to overplay the 'honour' aspect and exaggerate just how sporting the Predators really are. I don't mind a bit of Predator mythology, but I'd rather their actions infer their intentions and leave it largely up to the reader's interpretation as opposed to having it all spelled out and explained to us. But that's just me. I know the Yautja culture has its fans.

May Blood Pave My Way Home was enjoyable. Well-written characters in this one. I particularly liked the exchange between Pope and Private Steve at the beginning. The idea of the Preds hunting with the Indians to learn from them was also a nice touch.



In May Blood Pave My Way Home, were the human-sized predators midgets or children?

Even the teen preds in AvP 2004 were much larger than humans.


Read "Rematch"...not a fan at all. The predators are portrayed as extemely human-like and on top of that, they're too easily dispatched and as a result, come across as really weak.

I read predator stories hoping that my fave intergalactic hunter gets a chance to shine...either surviving or doing a lot of damage before falling. I don't read predator stories to read about how some old dude is awesome at shooting predators. It severely undercuts the power of the creature in my view.



I read all the graphic novel collections, all the novels, all the screenplays I could find, and rewatched the movies multiple times, including 2 AvP movies and 6 AvP novels. There are anthropomorphic aspects of the Predators portrayed all over the place. Some Predators are more ruthless, some more sporting, some more compassionate, some better at strategy, some not, some more emotional, some unemotional, etc. And I like that. But when it comes to an anthology, I needed that. If every story was what you describe, 17 stories would blend into one and it would be redundancy. Variety is the salvation of an anthology, and so exploring the aspects is key.

That said, I could not disagree with your assessment of said story more vehemently. But I would never expect every story to appeal to every reader either.


Bryan, not sure who you're replying to at this point...

This is just my feedback as a long-term fan (have been a fan since the 90s).

I'm OK with predators having human qualities...after all,  they are intelligent tool-folk, just like us. I feel in Rematch, they're portrayed as TOO human. It's really an issue of degree, not of principle...and of course, this is based on my personal taste.

I greatly enjoyed Steve's novel AvP Prey. The predators in that are quite anthropomorphic and I'm totally fine with that. I think Rematch takes that a step too far by introducing what (to me) reads like a loving predator couple out on a romantic hunting safari.

Based on Turnabout, I also knew immediately that old man Sloane was going to easily out-maneuvre the predator couple. To me, it's really bad two predators feel utterly outmatched by a human with a gun.

That's just me. As an unabashed predator fan, I like it when my fave alien hunter is portrayed as...well...somewhat alien and  extremely formidable (but not invulnerable of course).

I think Jeff Vandermeer's novel Predator South China Sea perfectly delivers the experience I want from predator fiction. Not surr if you've read it, but most people on this forum think it's the best predator novel out there.


Agreed about South China Sea. The Pred depicted there is highly formidable.



I was replying to happypred. And Turnabout is my favorite of the novels. I just think a variety of creatures is perfectly valid and interesting. Plus a prepared human facing a prrdator again has advantages. I read all the novels. There are several predators like you describe in this book though.


Enjoyed Stormblood. Nice setting for a Predator story.

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: TheBATMAN on Oct 25, 2017, 07:09:08 AM
Enjoyed Stormblood. Nice setting for a Predator story.

Really unique setting! And the concept of
the Predator being on Earth to hunt something other than humans was a really refreshing idea, I thought!

There's a huge variety of shorts in If It Bleeds and that was something I really loved.

Keep those competition entries coming! You stand a chance to win a bookplate signed by Bryan, Holly Roberds, Peter Wacks, and David Boop!


Quote from: BryanThomasS on Oct 25, 2017, 05:18:01 AM
I was replying to happypred. And Turnabout is my favorite of the novels. I just think a variety of creatures is perfectly valid and interesting. Plus a prepared human facing a prrdator again has advantages. I read all the novels. There are several predators like you describe in this book though.

Ah, well...then it boils down to taste.

I thought Turnabout was so-so, but South China Sea was far superior.

As a fan, I can only tell you what works for me and what doesn't. Rematch failed for me and was my least favourite pick of the bunch. Maybe some other folks really like that type of story (I guess you'd be an example).


QuoteAh, well...then it boils down to taste. [/font]

Definitely. And nothing wrong with that. I appreciate the input because it will be kept in mind as I seek to do more in this universe.  My own story likely has a creature more to your taste.


What a breath of fresh air "if it bleeds" is. Books in the Alien/Predator universe have been disappointing to say the least. Out of the shadows, Sea of sorrows and River of pain were awful. The rage war trilogy was a good science fiction story, a laughable Alien v Predator story.
Aliens Bug hunt was a joke.....right?
And Alien covenant origins was the worst thing i have ever read. Period.
So i didn't hold out much hope for If it bleeds. Imagine my surprise when i got to the end and bloody enjoyed the whole thing. Skelds keep, Three sparks and The pilot being particular favourites. I absolutely loved Tim Lebbons Devil Dogs. It had better predator stuff in it than the entire Rage War trilogy.
When it comes to the Predator i think show, don't tell works better. Im not a fan of predators with stupid sounding names talking about being unblooded or the thrill of the hunt. The whole Yautja thing has never worked for me. I like my Predator ruthless and mysterious. However, if a book is going to go down the Yautja route, at least give me some blood and guts, violent predators,  interesting and varied settings and some good human characters. Im happy to say if it bleeds does just that.
We need more talent like this in books for the xenomorph side of things because i am sick and tired of the alien being nothing more than a cannon fodder space bug.
Predator if it bleeds is awesome. Anyone else think stonewalls last stand was reminiscent of "hell come a walkin"? Possibly my favourite Predator comic.



Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Please also post your review at Amazon and B and N to help sell the book. Good sales means I can make more.



Ok so post a picture of your book anywhere but the store, even without yourself in it to win a signed bookplate. Surely we have more takers.

Corporal Hicks

Everyone who has entered will receive a copy but we'll relaunch the competition shortly with Bryan's details above.

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