An effects artist’s dream project: Predator mandibles, cloaking and a bear fight

Started by ace3g, Aug 30, 2022, 10:26:56 PM

An effects artist’s dream project: Predator mandibles, cloaking and a bear fight (Read 362 times)


QuoteAs principal VFX vendor, MPC also crafted the Predator in digital form, as well as many of the related effects such as cloaking, glitching and green blood. The studio further realized several CG animals for the film, including a bear that at one point battles the alien.

Here, befores & afters dives into MPC's visual effects on Prey with visual effects supervisor Chris Uyede.

b&a: What was your methodology for asset builds on the film?

Chris Uyede: We did build a full 3D Predator and we started by using scan data and photography of the animatronic suit built by StudioADI. That design had been established by the production designer and director ahead of time. So, we started by replicating the animatronic suit and then worked up areas that could be enhanced through articulation of things that are hard to do in practical effects. Practical effects are always going to be additive, so we worked on the Predator's hands, for example, to make them a bit thinner and worked on their articulation, as well as doing some detailing work for the face, removing any seams, et cetera.

We had CG versions of the Predator for a lot of the shots that featured the suit. This was done to support augmentations like seam cleanup, blood tracking, and the Predator is also covered in these metallic scars, so we did a lot of augmentation there.


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